LoL Map Changes in Season 14

The Summoner’s Rift has undergone some exciting changes in Season 14 of League of Legends. After over 5 years without major updates, Riot has implemented impactful modifications to the layout and objectives of the map. These changes aim to address long-standing issues with gameplay imbalance across sides, increase diversity in viable champion picks, and freshen up macro decision-making.

We’ll explore the details of the map updates and Riot’s goals behind them. The lanes have been altered to limit early jungle gank dominance, opening up options for more immobile mid-lane mages and safer split-pushing top laners. Objective placements encourage more dynamic team fighting and reduce the snowballing potential for individual laners. There’s a lot to unpack, so let’s dive in and analyze how LoL Season 14 map evolves will affect your ranked climbs and pro play metas alike. With new terrain to master, Season 14 promises engaging new gameplay and strategy on the Rift.

LoL Map Changes in Top, Bot, Mid, and Jungle

The Summoner’s Rift has undergone impactful updates in Season 14, with significant modifications made to the top and bottom sides of the map. After over 5 years without major changes.

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Top Lane

Starting in the top lane, Riot has made changes focused on reducing early jungle influence and gank dominance. The lane brush has been moved closer to the river, providing more safety for top laners and enabling more 1v1-focused gameplay in the early levels. To further discourage early ganking, Herald spawn timing has been delayed, preventing the objective from demolishing top lane towers and invalidating matchups. The new Voidgrub objective has also been added to give top laners more agency in utilizing early leads for team success. Overall, the top side should now better allow for split pushers and fragile champions to find openings.

Bot Lane

Bottom lane has undergone visual changes for parity across sides, with brush and entrance positions mirrored. A new gank path was added via the red jungle, though river brush positioning helps offset this risk. Riot will likely be monitoring bot lane closely for balance given the increased gank exposure. Beyond laning, dragon and baron pits have been updated with more dynamic walls and terrain. This aims to enable multi-angle contests and reduce dependence on single chokepoints.

With innovative new terrain and layouts, LoL map changes in Season 14 promise deep and engaging gameplay changes across the map.

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Mid Lane

The mid-lane has also received impactful modifications in Season 14. Riot’s goal with these changes was to open up the viability of immobile mage picks by making the lane safer from early jungle ganks. To accomplish this, the position of the lane brushes has been adjusted further back from the river. This gives mid-laners more time to react to river threats. 

Additionally, new sideways jungle paths have been added near blue and red buffs. These provide safer roam routes to connect with the side lanes and jungle. With roaming being integral for many mid-lane champions, these new paths enable mobility for risky picks without requiring as much vulnerable river movement. Overall, the changes aim to broaden mid-lane champion diversity, especially for fragile control mages who have struggled into assassins and gank-focused junglers.


The jungle has also seen adjustments, with Riot modifying terrain geometry around major objectives. The goals here were to open up more angles of attack for contesting dragons and barons and move away from dependence on single chokepoints. By adding more walls and entry paths to these pits, team fights around epic monsters can unfold in more dynamic ways. Teams will need to master navigating the new layouts and brush in order to successfully take or steal these key objectives.

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With intelligent updates to the lanes, jungle, and objectives, Riot shows a commitment to evolving League of Legends gameplay in Season 14 and beyond. The Summoner’s Rift changes promise new strategic depth through improved side balance, champion diversity, and macro play. There’s a lot for summoners to explore and master on the updated map. Though initially controversial, thoughtful iterations over time could cement the layout adjustments as long-term positives.

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