Top 9 Best LoL Mage Champions In Season 13

Mages are a popular champion class in League of Legends, known for their immense magical power and ability to deal damage from range. With over 150 champions in League, there are plenty of mages to choose from. But which ones stand out as the best in Season 13? In this article, we count down the top 9 mage champions based on their overall power, viability in the meta, and potential to carry games. Whether you’re a seasoned mid-laner or just want to try out a new mage, this list has you covered. The champions on this list have the damage, crowd control, and utility to dominate team fights and snowball leads. Read on for our picks for the top 9 best LoL mage champions in Season 13!

What Are Mages?

In League of Legends, mages are a subclass of champions that deal magic damage from range using their abilities. What defines a mage is their kits revolve around augmented magical abilities rather than auto-attacks. Mages excel at inflicting burst damage, crowd control effects, and area-of-effect spells to destroy multiple enemies at once.

Unlike auto-attack-focused marksmen, mages look to unleash combos of their spells to unleash high amounts of ability power-scaling damage on opponents. They tend to have a long range of their abilities, allowing them to stay safe while bombarding enemies from a distance. Mages also tend to have crowd control effects like stuns, slows, roots, or knock-ups to lock enemies down.

Strong wave clear is another common mage trait, allowing them to quickly clear minion waves to siege turrets and control the lane phase. Most mages scale incredibly well into the late game once they complete a few core damage items, becoming nearly unstoppable forces in the right hands. While vulnerable up close, proper positioning allows mages to influence team fights from afar with their high-damage nukes.

In team comps, mages provide magical damage to complement physical damage dealers like marksmen and fighters. They can fulfill roles like burst damage dealers, crowd control lockdown, zone control, sieging, and more. Mastering a mage’s abilities and knowing their power spikes is crucial to dominating on these ranged carry champions. For those looking to blow up enemies from range, mages are the perfect choice.

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Viktor, The Machine Herald

Coming in at the #9 spot is the machine-augmented mage Viktor, the herald of a glorious evolution. Once feared as one of the most dominant late-game carries, Viktor still packs a potent punch with his upgraded laser and gravity field. Viktor’s unique hextech kit revolves around his iconic Hex Core item, which can augment one of his basic abilities to give it an extra effect and raw AP power. Starting with his Q – Siphon Power, Viktor blasts enemies with an empowered auto-attack missile, gaining a shield. This allows him to bully opponents early in lane while shielding return damage.

His bread and butter ability is E – Death Ray, which fires a laser beam that does insane damage in a line. Upgrading it with the Hex Core makes the laser much thicker and faster, decimating anyone caught in its path. Viktor’s W – Gravity Field drops a zone on the ground that slows and stuns any enemies unlucky enough to stand in its area of effect. Shutting down divers and kiting back assassins.

Finally, his R – Chaos Storm allows Viktor to summon a stormcloud that drops beams of magic from the sky onto enemies below it, delivering deadly damage in team fights. Viktor shines in the mid to late game once his Hex Core is fully upgraded and his Death Ray has its maximum range and speed. With strong poke, area control, and one-shot potential, a mastered Viktor remains a formidable pick. Just be wary of his weaker early game before his augmentations come online. But once he scales up with AP items, Viktor will machine-gun down entire teams who disrespect his laser.

Vex, The Gloomist

Making her doom and gloom debut in Season 13, the creepily charming yordle mage Vex has rapidly established herself as one of the most dominant mid-lane picks in solo queue. Bringing plenty of shadowy spells and slice-of-life sass, Vex has proven she can go toe-to-toe with the best.

Her passive Doom ‘n Gloom grants bonus damage to her next basic attack after hitting enemies with abilities. This allows her to dish out threatening poke in lane. Vex’s main damage comes from her Q – Mistral Bolt, firing out a sinister wave of dark energy that damages all enemies hit. To catch opponents off guard, she utilizes her tricky E – Looming Darkness, allowing her to summon a damaging and slowing zone that applies Gloom to enemies.

Vex’s signature W – Personal Space fears enemies who dare get too close, punishing melee champions for entering her comfort zone. But her real team fight-winning power comes from her ultimate, Shadow Surge. This allows Vex to channel massively increased range and power on her abilities for a short duration. A well-placed Shadow Surge can decimate clumped-up enemies from screens away.

With oppressive poke, long-range one-shot potential, and AoE crowd control to disrupt team fights, a skilled Vex can dictate the entire pace of battle. Despite being new to the Rift, Vex has quickly cemented herself as a formidable threat. So don’t be surprised to face plenty of terrifying yordle-sized shadows rising up the ranks in Season 13.

Annie, The Dark Child

Coming in hot at number 7 is the iconic child mage Annie, who enjoys burning enemies to a crisp with her beloved teddy bear Tibbers. Despite her youthful looks, Annie has remained a formidable pick ever since League’s early days, bringing reliable firepower and burst potential. Her standard combos are easy to pick up, yet hard to master. Annie’s Q, Disintegrate, tosses out a damaging firebolt, refunding mana and reducing cooldown if it lands the killing blow on a minion or monster. To stun foes, Annie stacks up her passive Pyromania by casting spells, unleashing a fiery immobilizing blast on her next attack.

Nothing hurts quite like getting caught by Annie’s dreaded W, Incinerate, a targeted cone blast that deals bonus damage. For mobility and chasing down targets, Annie uses her E –  Molten Shield, gaining a temporary movement speed boost and damaging enemies who attack her while it’s active. But her most iconic move is undoubtedly summoning Tibbers with her ultimate. Summon: Tibbers calls down a ferocious fire-breathing teddy bear that mauls enemies, stunning them on arrival and dealing AOE burn damage.

A well-executed Tibbers stun into a full Pyromania-powered combo can melt even the beefiest targets. While simple to pick up, Annie requires proper management of her Pyromania stacks and aggressive use of Tibbers to make plays. Annie is considered a fiery staple amongst League’s most popular mages. No champion strikes fear quite like a Teddy Bear flaming at full charge onto the battlefield.

Zilean, The Chronokeeper

Coming in at number six is the chronomancer Zilean, twisting time on the Rift to disrupt enemies and empower allies. Zilean’s unique kit revolves around manipulating cooldowns to control the pace of battle. His innate passive, Time in a Bottle, allows him to grant massive experience to his allies. With his Q – Time Bomb, Zilean places bombs on allies or enemies that explode for area damage after a delay. Landing double bombs causes a powerful stun, making Time Bomb excellent for trading in lane.

Zilean’s W – Rewind is a crucial ability, allowing him to reset the cooldowns of his basic abilities, enabling more bombs and speed-ups. His E – Time Warp speeds up allies to engage or chase down enemies, or slows foes to kite them back. But Zilean’s iconic move is his ultimate Chronoshift. This ability allows Zilean to place a resurrection on an ally, reviving them on the spot if they take lethal damage. Clutch revives on his carries can completely turn around team fights.

A master Zilean can dictate the entire flow of battle with properly timed bombs, speed-ups, slows, and revives. His double bombs deliver threatening burst damage when combined with AP items. Meanwhile, max cooldown reduction allows Zilean to constantly reset spells and have Chronoshift ready for crucial moments. With game-changing utility and damage, Zilean warps time itself to climb into our list of top LoL mage champions this season.

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Cassiopeia, The Serpent’s Embrace

Slithering her way into the #5 position is the deadly Gorgon mage, Cassiopeia. With her poisonous spells and petrifying gaze, Cassiopeia brings potent sustained damage and disruption to the Rift. Cassiopeia’s unique playstyle involves utilizing her E – Twin Fang to constantly apply high poison damage. Noxious Blast and her W – Miasma dish out AoE poison effects, whittling away grouped-up enemies.

To lock targets down, Cassiopeia can channel her ultimate Petrifying Gaze, turning enemies to stone if they face her. Weaving in auto attacks with insane DPS in late game. She excels at melting tankier comps with her damaged poisons. With the survivability from her passive Serpentine Grace, Cassiopeia dances around teamfights dishing out constant poison damage.

A perfectly executed ultimate can turn an entire fight in Cassiopeia’s favor by petrifying multiple threats. Fighting in close quarters and constant repositioning with Q and E makes Cassiopeia a mechanical challenge to master. But with precision movement and ability spamming, she brings some of the highest sustained damage of any mage. A scary pre-rework power pick, Cassiopeia remains one of the most lethal mages for solo carrying with her toxins.

Karthus, The Deathsinger

Death comes for all when the grim reaper Karthus takes the Rift. With his powerful area of effect spells, Karthus brings destruction to team fights even beyond the grave. His innate passive, Death Defied, allows him to continue casting spells after dying, encouraging risky aggressive plays to maximize damage. Karthus wields powerful area damage with his Q – Lay Waste, crunching enemies under summoned tombs of earth.

To soften up grouped-up foes, Karthus surrounds himself in his E – Defile, constantly shredding nearby enemies for heavy magic damage over time. His signature ability is his global ultimate Requiem, allowing him to blast the entire map with magic damage from the sky. Even from far away, Karthus can finish off low-health enemies or join team fights anywhere with Requiem’s long-range rain of death.

Backed up by massive scaling and damage from his core Liandry’s Anguish build, Karthus brings devastation to lengthy team fights. Even if he dies, Karthus’ passive lets him drain every ounce of damage from his abilities. With excellent area control and the ever-looming threat of his ultimate, Karthus brings the pain from beyond to firmly establish his place amongst League’s top mage demolishers.

Anivia, The Cryophoenix

Gliding into #3 is the Cryophoenix Anivia, an avian mage wielding the power of ice and rebirth. Anivia brings excellent zone control, wave clear, and disruption with her frosty kit. Her W – Crystallize summons an enormous wall of ice, blocking paths and slowing enemies. For area control, she summons her R – Glacial Storm, creating a constant blizzard that does damage over time. Landing her Q – Flash Frost root sets up combos with her E – Frostbite nuke.

Anivia’s iconic passive Rebirth lets her resurrect into egg form when killed, turning lost fights back around. In lane, she excels at clearing waves quickly and then harassing with E. In fights, she can divide enemies with Crystallize walls and bombard them with persistent damage from Glacial Storm. Anivia scales extremely well into late game, especially once she completes core items like Liandry’s.

A master Anivia knows how to precisely place walls and storms to dictate engagements in her favor. With excellent utility and some of the highest AOE and sustained damage outputs around, Anivia firmly establishes her worthiness of a top 3 mid-lane mage spot. Enemies must tread carefully around the Cryophoenix lest they be frozen solid and shattered by her icy wrath.

Veigar, The Tiny Master of Evil

Striking fear into the hearts of mages everywhere is the tiny master of evil, Veigar. With his phenomenal scaling and burst potential, a fed Veigar becomes an absolute force of darkness in the late game. Veigar accumulates AP infinitely with his passive Phenomenal Evil Power by last hitting minions with spells. With enough stacks, his AP hits astronomical levels. Veigar dominates lanes with his Q – Baleful Strike, blasting enemies with magic missiles to farm both minions and champions.

For zoning and disruption, Veigar cages enemies inside his E – Event Horizon, a stunning edge wall that prevents them from escaping. Darkness rises when Veigar deletes health bars with his W – Dark Matter, dropping a massive blast from the sky that overwhelms opponents with raw power. To execute low-health targets, Veigar unleashes the full force of his magic with his R – Primordial Burst, nuking enemies for massive AP-scaling damage.

Getting caught in an Event Horizon cage usually signals doom as Veigar unleashes his full combo. A stacked Veigar essentially becomes a walking nuke, able to delete squishes instantly. Despite his short size, Veigar’s magic knows no bounds, establishing him as one of the most feared burst mages in League. Those who challenge the Tiny Master of Evil often meet nothing but grey screens.

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Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox

Claiming the crown for the #1 spot on our list of top mages is the ever-graceful fox mage Ahri. With her potent blend of mobility, tricky charm skill-shots, and raw magical power, Ahri has firmly cemented herself as one of League’s most versatile and deadly mages. Her unique hybrid playstyle blends mage abilities with assassin-like mobility for flexible approaches to picking off targets. Ahri can whip her Q – Orb of Deception in a line, dealing damage both ways and allowing her to harass from a distance. To lock enemies down, she enchants them with her E – Charm, forcing them to walk harmlessly toward her while their teammates can only watch in horror.

Ahri’s greatest asset is her elusive R – Spirit Rush, granting her three swift dashes on a short cooldown. This allows her to dart around team fights, dodging enemy skill shots and setting up the perfect angle to charm priority targets. Weaving in auto attacks between abilities triggers her passive, amplifying her damage for deadly burst potential. Ahri’s itemization is also versatile – she can build high AP for raw damage, or lethality items for devastating poke. With enough CDR, Ahri constantly has spells available to barrage enemies and avoid retaliation.

Top Ahri players know precisely when to aggressively land charms on key targets and when to kite back with Spirit Rush, whittling down foes until the perfect opportunity arises. With skill expression rewarding veterans and forgiving beginners, high outplay potential, and flexible builds, Ahri easily claims the #1 mage spot for carrying games in style and claiming the spotlight at all elos. All shall adore her charm on the Rift!


And there you have it – our picks for the top 9 best LoL mage champions you should try out for climbing and carrying games in League of Legends Season 13. These mages all have the damage, crowd control, and playmaking potential to hard-carry games when mastered. Their abilities to burst down opponents, disrupt team fights, and seize objectives can single-handedly swing games in your favor.

Whether you love obliterating enemies from afar or disabling divers up close, you’re sure to find a mage on this list that suits your playstyle. So get out on the Rift and start unleashing some magical destruction with these fantastically fun picks! With great power comes great responsibility – show your enemies the true meaning of 1v9 with these top-tier mages.

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