Best Jungle Champions to Dominate In Patch 13.24

The jungle role in League of Legends is home to some of the most impactful and game-changing champions. With strong ganking, objective control, and late-game scaling, the right jungle pick can truly carry a game. In patch 13.24, only a few champions stand out as the top-tier picks for climbing the solo queue ladder in the current meta.

Our Best Jungle Champions list features Rammus as the number one choice with his Powerball engages and Defense Ball Curl making him a dominating ganker and the highest win-rate jungle pick in low elo. Nocturne comes next; recent buffs make him a lethal initiator, thanks to his Paranoia and early gank potential.

Briar efficiently clears, ganks relentlessly, and flanks carry targets with her versatile darkin kit. Jungle veteran Fiddlesticks controls games through his iconic Crowstorm team-fight zoning and lightning-fast clearing. Finally, Ivern unlocks ally carries with Daisy knock-ups and Shielding courtesy of his supportive jungle style and fantastic objective control.

Rammus, The Armordillo

With a win rate of 53.4%, Rammus dominates games through his ganking and tankiness. His Q – Powerball allows him to roll toward enemies at high speed for an engaging knock-up. With his W – Defensive Ball Curl, Rammus takes reduced damage and returns damage to attackers, making him deceptively difficult to duel.

In team fights and ganks, Rammus can taunt targets with his E – Frenzying Taunt, forcing them to basic attack him while he dishes out damage. His R – Soaring Slam deals AOE magic damage around him. With these abilities in his arsenal, Rammus is a supreme ganking threat.

Ideal builds include full tank with items like Thornmail, Abyssal Mask, Jak’Sho, and Anathema’s Chains. This makes him an unstoppable initiator. Alternately, AP focuses his R magic damage for nuking squishies. Popular runes are Aftershock for engaging fights and Triumph for Health restoration.

In lower elo, Rammus thrives due to less coordinated teams. He power farms the jungle quickly and then appears in lanes for frequent ganks. Teams struggle to peel him off key targets once he rolls in. Around major objectives, winning team fights is virtually guaranteed through his crowd control lockdown.

Helpful tips include timing ganks when allies have CC ready for chained crowd control. Powerball briefly from fog of war then Defensive Ball Curl before taunting targets. Clever use of vision denial keeps the enemy guessing where Rammus will strike next. Mastering his engage combos will have enemies surrendering from the lobby.

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Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare

Boasting a win rate of 52.9%, Nocturne dominates games through his lethal ganks and diving potential. His Q – Duskbringer deals damage in a line while passively granting movement speed and attack damage. This helps him rapidly clear camps early on.

His W – Shroud of Darkness grants a spell shield allowing him to block enemy crowd control during ganks or team fights. Once his R – Paranoia is unlocked at level 6, Nocturne excels at flying onto enemy carries and securing kills in side lanes.

In fights, his E – Unspeakable Horror fears targets while passively healing himself, enhancing his survivability and disruption. Overall, his kit makes him a living nightmare for squishy champions once the map goes dark.

Core items include Stridebreaker, Black Cleaver, and Death’s Dance for sustaining through his all-ins. Assassin builds with Duskblade also work for bursting isolated targets. Lethal Tempo or Conqueror round out devastating rune choices.

In low elo, Nocturne dominates due to his unrelenting pick potential. Teams struggle to react as he swiftly deletes carries who overextend. With Paranoia up, dragons, barons, and tower dives come easily. He also splits effectively due to his dueling power.

Useful tips include timing his R during the enemy’s crucial skill shots for maximum surprise factor. Weaving in auto attacks between spells utilizes his attack speed from passive and Q. Going full assassin and cleaning up team fights is often easier than initiation. Overall, Nocturne is a flexible jungle carry perfect for low-coordination games.

Briar, The Restrained Hunger

Briar brings the pain as a dominant new jungle force in patch 13.24, boasting a formidable 52.7% win rate even in her launch week. What makes this Darkin diva so deadly?

It starts with her Q – Head Rush, leaping to an enemy champion and stunning them while shattering their armor. She maintains tempo clearing camps with her W – Blood Frenzy, gaining attack speed to relentlessly shred monsters and heal with each chop.

Speaking of sustain, Briar’s passiveCrimson Curse allows her to chomp down on marked enemies, dealing percent health damage while providing a chunky heal. Paired with some attack speed, she conquers her camps quickly and finishes unnervingly close to full health.

But Briar truly takes over games quickly, thanks to her E – Chilling Scream. She charges up an empowered wail, damaging and slowing enemies in a wide area around her. Fully charged, her scream knocks back and stuns foes against terrain for a terrifying engagement.

Once she unlocks her R – Certain Death, your team becomes her prey for a hemomania-fueled execution dash. She suppresses her target’s allies in fear upon arrival and gains massive combat stats to chase her marked victim to the very ends of the earth.

Items like Trinity Force or Divine Sunderer provide sheen damage after her frequent spells. Resistance items like Death’s Dance and Black Cleaver complement her drain tanking and let her wade into the heart of battle.

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Fiddlesticks, The Ancient Fear

The master of fear himself, Fiddlesticks, lurks unseen with a 51.1% win rate, ready to harvest the souls of the unwary in patch 13.24’s low ELO brackets. What renders this sinister scarecrow so consistently terrifying after all these years?

His passive – A Harmless Scarecrow lets him tap into paranoia itself, obscuring his position from wary vision wards. Such creeping uncertainty sets the stage for his Q – Terrify, a targeted fear perfect for singling out stranded carries. Sometimes the unseen dread it inspires can be the most terrifying of all.

Once his W – Bountiful Harvest begins channeling onto a helpless target, their nightmares truly manifest. This chilling tether saps away health faster than lost hopes and dying dreams. Yet where Fiddlesticks truly separates himself lies in his E – Reap. With it, he slashes an area with its scythe, reducing the speed of all foes struck and silencing enemies hit in the center.

His R- Crowstorm lets him teleport to the targeted area, summoning an assembly of cawing crows that damages all enemy units in the area. For up to 5 seconds entire teams stand petrified, rooted in place by soul-baring fright whilst their health bars plummet under endless beaks. Controlling major objectives becomes child’s play.

Standard builds focus on raw ability power with Rocketbelt, Zhonyas, and Rabadon’s Deathcap providing oppressive burst potential. His early lead means low ELO games end mercifully quickly, with 20-minute surrenders abounding under the weight of his soul-crushing domination.

Ivern, The Green Father

Rounding out our list of the Best Jungle Champions in patch 13.24 is the forest guardian himself – Ivern, the Green Father. Maintaining a steady 51.1% win rate, what makes this tree-loving pacifist break into the rift’s top jungle tier?

It starts with Ivern’s passive – Friend of the Forest. Instead of traditionally attacking camps, Ivern creates magical groves on jungle camps, when it’s fully grown he frees the monsters to receive gold and experience. 

Speaking of ganks, Ivern’s Q – Rootcaller represents potent crowd control for early skirmishes, embedding enemies in vines upon being triggered. Later team fights see even more impact from his E – Triggerseed shield that soaks up damage on diving allies before exploding to slow surrounding threats.

Topping off his ganking potential lies his spider-tanking ultimate – Daisy! Upon summoning her with R – Daisy!, Ivern calls down his Sentinel friend to charge enemies, knocking up victims repeatedly as she pounds enemies into the ground. Securing early dragons and towers comes easily alongside her.

For items, Ivern doubles down on keeping allies alive with Moonstone Renewer, Redemption, and Mikael’s Blessing. The buffed healing and shielding turn his entire team monstrously difficult to take down. Combined with the early leads his jungle innovation enables, Ivern simply out-sustains opponents in skirmish after skirmish as he marches toward victory.

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In conclusion, the jungle role has immense potential to control and swing games in your favor if you master the right champions. In patch 13.24, Rammus, Nocturne, Briar, Fiddlesticks, and Ivern stand above the rest for carrying games and climbing the ranks.

Leverage their strengths like tankiness, surprise ganks, sustain, iconic ultimates, and enabling allies to become a true jungle terror. With practice, you’ll have low ELO enemies pleading surrender before 20 minutes.

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