All We Know About the Newest Champion in LoL

Riot Games has teased the arrival of an exciting new champion coming to League of Legends in the near future. While details are still scarce, we know this new addition to the champion roster will be a dragon who is ready to take on the Rift. As the next marksman AD carry champion, players can expect unique dragon-themed abilities focused on offense and damage dealing. 

Though this champion’s name and full origin remain a mystery for now, their prideful personality and magical draconic powers are sure to make them a fun and fiery addition to the bot lane. 

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Riot Games’ Champion Roadmap

Riot Games has been steadily releasing a series of new and exciting champions over the past several months. It all started with Naafiri, the assassin mid-laner introduced in patch 13.14. Next came Hwei, the storm-wielding mid-lane mage added in patch 13.24. Now, Riot has teased the third upcoming champion to join the ranks in 2024 – a young, dragon hatching from their egg.

This new dragon champion, whose name remains a secret for now, will be the next marksman AD carry released with patch 14.2 based on Riot’s champion roadmap. Though still in their egg, we know they will have a prideful, slightly arrogant personality and powerful magical dragon abilities focused on dealing damage. As Riot’s teases have indicated, this new bot lane marksman will be cute yet fierce, bringing fiery draconic energy to the Rift.

With patch 14.2 slated as the second update of the 2024 season, League of Legends players won’t have to wait too long to welcome this baby dragon into the champion roster. Their unique theme and damage-focused kit is sure to make them a popular pick amongst ADC mains when they finally claw their way out of their egg later this season. Stay tuned for more details on abilities, backstory, and name as Riot prepares this cocky magical hatchling for their League debut.

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While details remain scarce for now, Riot‘s teasers of this upcoming dragon marksman have certainly built hype and speculation within the League of Legends community. Their damage-focused kit and fiery personality seem primed to shake up the meta upon their arrival. 

However, until Riot reveals more concrete details about this champion’s name, backstory, and abilities, their full impact remains a mystery. Unfortunately, these limited teases are the only information available so far regarding the newest champion in LoL. Players eagerly await further updates as this fierce baby dragon nears their debut.

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