When Does Season 14 Begin in League of Legends?

The new season is almost here for League of Legends fans! Riot Games has recently announced details about League of Legends Season 14, including when it will begin and some of the changes coming to the game. Players are eager to start the climb through the ranks again with a fresh start.

This season brings new champion updates, balance changes, and potential shifts in optimal team compositions. While the full scope of changes is yet to be finalized, Riot has hinted at some of the updates coming our way soon.

As the new season start date approaches, the community is abuzz with speculation about how the League of Legends competitive landscape may change this time around. Which champions and playstyles will dominate the new season? How will the rankings shuffle with a fresh start? We’ll soon find out once League of Legends Season 14 officially begins. This article will cover all the critical details you need to know leading up to the big day.

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Season 13 End Date

In a surprise decision, Riot Games has opted to extend the ongoing 2023 ranked season/split all the way through January 2024 rather than concluding it in November 2023 as originally planned. This schedule change stems from Riot’s desire to make the ranked experience more engaging and meaningful across the entire 12-month period. In previous years, Riot noticed issues with ranked player retention and motivation halfway through seasons, with many either quitting ranked modes or switching to smurf accounts after hitting plateaus. 

By incorporating November and December into the current season and transitioning to a three-four-month split format in 2024, Riot believes these ranked dropoffs will be significantly reduced. The mid-2023 reset helped improve year-round engagement, but expanding through the end of the year aims to further disincentivize smurfing and prevent the ranked ladder from stagnating.

According to Riot, having more splits will also provide additional opportunities to implement major gameplay updates and balance changes without interrupting ongoing climbs mid-season. Moreover, Riot highlighted that some hardcore ranked players will appreciate being able to play ranked League of Legends year-round with fewer interruptions. 

With all these benefits in mind, Season 13 will now extend into early 2024 rather than concluding in November 2023. Specifically, the end date for Season 13 is January 3, 2024. All in all, Riot is hopeful that avoiding ranked downtime and stretching Season 13 into the new year will keep the competitive experience dynamic and entertaining across all 12 months.

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Season 14 Start Date

With the extension of Season 13 into early 2024, players are eager to learn exactly when the next season of League of Legends will kick off. Riot has now confirmed that Season 14 will commence on January 9, 2024, with the release of patch 14.1. This patch will contain all of the major gameplay updates and system changes that Riot has been working on.

Historically, these impactful changes were tested and implemented during the “preseason” period in November and December. However, Riot has decided to eliminate the preseason altogether going forward. Through analytics, Riot discovered that engagement and interest in the game drastically dropped during the preseason months. Many players would take a break from League entirely, only to return when the new season launched. Riot now believes it is better to have these big changes aligned directly with the start of ranked play. By removing the preseason downtime, every player can experience the new gameplay together when Season 14 goes live.

While risky, Riot feels launching changes alongside the ranked reset creates a more fair and exciting experience. It also allows competitive play to begin immediately with the major gameplay shifts already in place. 

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The countdown is on for the launch of League of Legends Season 14. With the extension of Season 13 into the new year, Riot has made some major changes to the League calendar and rollout of gameplay updates. On January 9, 2024, expect the ranked ladder to reset and for sweeping balance shifts to hit the rift. Patch 14.1 will usher in the next generation of League, for better or worse. 

While risky, Riot believes synchronizing gameplay changes with the ranked reset will make for a more engaging and competitive experience. No more preseason downtime – just huge updates and immediate ranked chaos. Some champions will rise, others will fall, and new playstyles may emerge. One thing is certain: Season 14 is poised to change League of Legends in a big way. Buckle up summoners, as we’re in for an exciting ride. The new season is just weeks away!

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