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What is MMR in League of Legends?

MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating. Essentially, this is a hidden rating behind your rank or LP. Your level of skill will determine how high you rank or how much further down on the list your account appears. Ranking is determined by an ELO system that was originally used for chess. If you play ranked League of Legends games, then you’ve probably been placed in one of the main tiers such as Bronze, Gold, or Diamond. This is your rank, but it doesn’t show your actual MMR.

So how do you use our MMR Checker? Just select your region and type your Summoner Name into the text field and hit enter. After a few seconds, your LoL MMR will be displayed.

Resetting your MMR

Since your matchmaking rank is tied to your account, the only real way to reset it is by starting a new account. This typically means you’d have to level up a brand new account and collect all of the champions all over again. However, LoL Script makes it easy by selling ranked-ready LoL Accounts that let you jump right into the action!

League Points

Standard ranked games give League Points (LP) which helps dictate your rank (Silver, Gold, etc). Upon winning, ranked games will award a certain amount of LP points to the winners. LP is an easy way to get a rough idea of your MMR by simply seeing which league you’re in. League Points also impact your MMR during ranked games. Higher MMR players will typically receive more points than lower MMR players, so having a high MMR can be beneficial.

What goes into my MMR score?

Your LoL MMR score is primarily calculated based on your game history. After each game, your MMR will either increase or decrease depending on whether you won or lost. Something to keep in mind is that not all games are created equal, meaning that one game may reward you with a higher LoL MMR and another can give you less LoL MMR. Unfortunately, there’s no good way to track this unless you check your MMR after each game.

How do I manually check my MMR?

If you don’t want to check your MMR via our MMR calculator, there’s another way to do so manually. Simply go through your LoL Match History and find the rankings of the players you played with. Should they rank higher than you, then you can assume that your MMR is higher. If they are low in rank, then you can assume that your MMR is on the lower end.

What is a high/average/low LoL MMR?

When you win a ranked game, you will receive a certain amount of LP based on your MMR. This can give you a rough idea of how your MMR compares to other players in similar rankings.

These aren’t firm numbers, but give you an idea of how you’re ranking:

  • Above 25 LP – Your current MMR is higher than the other players of your rank and you will most likely skip a division.
  • Between 15-20 LP – Your MMR is average compared to other players. This is where most of the players are located. This is called the normal MMR.
  • Less than 15 LP – Your current MMR is lower than the League’s average. You will have to improve it in order to start getting more LP.

Myth - I lose MMR When I Duo

Some people believe that when you duo with a player who has a lower MMR than yours, you automatically lower your own MMR. However, this is NOT the case! The only way you can lose MMR is if you lose a ranked match. However, your LP awarded may be impacted by duo queuing with a player who has a lower MMR than you do.

Most frequently asked questions about LOL MMR

What Is the Difference between ELO and MMR?

ELO is a score that represents your current number of points for the ongoing season. MMR, on the other hand, reflects your overall skill level and stays consistent from one season to another. ELO scores do not transfer to the next season.

Why Should I Check My MMR?

There are many different ways to measure your skills as a League of Legends player, but one that is often looked at is the rating you have in the game. Using our League of Legends MMR checker you can quickly access your own MMR to see where you rank overall.

What Are the Ranks in League of Legends?

There are 9 skill brackets in League of Legends, ranging from “Iron” to “Challenger”.

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger

Competition gets tougher the higher you climb, but it becomes less common. Out of all brackets, Silver has the most players in it.