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LoL Script is the first League of Legends script ever created. We are providing the most reliable lol hack experience for the past 3 years with all champions included.

Always updated and undetected, 0 risks for your main lol account. Use the latest league scripting software to win all your ranked games.

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Unlike our competitors, our lol scripts work with all resolutions and computers. We are not just an orbwalker but also offer a variety of fully customizable features with an unbeatable performance ! Learn more about scripting in League of Legends.

Our League of Legends scripts have been developed in partnership with high-elo players and an experienced developer team. LoL Script gives you basic tips, improves your in-game mechanics and makes you visually aware of dangerous situations. Our League script will support you in every game situation. It provides a quick and easy way to track everything from spell cooldowns to jungle spawns and an entirely new way to play League of Legends.

It can provide the support and guidance you need to improve your skills and build your best LoL MMR! !

Best LoL Hack features

This feature dodges all spells and skills of champions casted at you. It's called evade and it's automatic.
Calculates the trajectory of enemy champions, it's easy to damage them with spells. Much easier to predict their position.
Our orbwalking software farms for you ! Last hits and spells are casted while you move. You can tweak all options to make it perfect with your own playstyle.
Target Selecting
You can set the priority of targets for the scripting part, in which champion order your spells and skills will be directed.
All champions have their own combos. LoL Script knows them for you and picks the logic of the gameplay you need. It also uses Auto Heal, Auto Smite, Auto Ignite etc.
Includes all visual features, drawings on your screen for noticed wards, attack radius of various champions and minions, movement of enemies on the mini-map and many other little details.

Any other script is a scam

LoL Script fakes
Detected by Riot Games (banned after few games)
Fake features, viruses, keyloggers
Only few champions logics
Payments only in crypto
Slow FPS when playing ranked
Works on few computer brands
LoL Script
Undetected (only reports affected)
All features included (Dodge, OrbWalking...)
All champions included
Payment secured using Paypal & Stripe
Maximum perfomances with all drawings in Ultra
Works on all computers and screens (144hz, 240hz, ...)


Is scripting in League of Legends illegal ?
If you don't want to get banned, you have to use the best lol script ever. With a reliable anti-cheat bypass and awesome features.

With our LoL hack software, you will predict all spells and use the best combos at your enemies but also Auto Smite, Auto Heal, Auto Ignite at any elo.

Using our League of Legends hack is safe, it has been updated for the past 3 years and all our customers know they are using the safest lol scripts ever made.
Why use a League of Legends hack?
To win all your games. It makes you a better player. Why us? Because other league scripts won't allow you to dodge spells. We are also the safest method.

League of Legends scripting also improves all your mechanics by providing you more focus on macro. The script does everything better so you can think about the game vision.

It's also easy to setup on your computer, we provide all the instructions and guide you through the installation. You can also ask for any help on our Discord.
Are League of legends hacks detected ?
Our league of legends cheat has a reliable anti-cheat bypass. No detections ever. Only high-elo players may report you. Visit leagueofbans.com for more information !
Can I see scripting in action?
Yes ! Watch league of legends scripting gameplay from our social media. We upload many content of our LoL Script on Youtube & Tiktok.

Check out our Discord for gameplays to see it live.