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What Is Devilscript?

The best external League of Legends Script 2022

DevilScript is a completely external League of Legends Script. The LoL script runs separately from the game client, which allows users to use it without risking their LoL account. Our LoL Script has been undetected for over 3 years thanks to our advanced anti-anti-cheat technology.

Unlike our competition, we offer support for all resolutions and allow users to play with free camera while kiting. We are not just an orbwalker, but also offer a variety of fully external features with an unbeatable performance! Learn more about Scripting in League of Legends.

The League of Legends script was developed in partnership with high-elo players and an experienced developer team. DevilScript gives you basic tips, improves your in-game mechanics, and makes you visually aware of dangerous situations!

Our League script will support you in every game situation. It provides a quick and easy way to track everything from spell cooldowns to jungle spawns. Devilscript provides an entirely new way to play League of Legends. It can provide the support and guidance you need to improve your skills and build your LoL MMR!

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league of legends script Features

The Lol Script is mainly an Orbwalker, but has a few Awareness features

Orbwalker (With Free Camera)

Our Orbwalker allows you to get the most out of your spells and attacks. The script prioritizes low HP opponents and then simply focuses on the closest to your own champion. Devilscript’s Orbwalker has an optimized kiting formula down to the millisecond, so you’re always ahead of your opponents.

Enemytracker (Last Seen with move Radius)

Enemytrack ensures that you never lose sight of your opponents. A movement radius is displayed on the minimap as soon as an enemy champion is no longer visible. The Enemytracker will then show where the opponent might be in the meantime.

Jungle / Inhib / Baron / Drake timer

Automatically tracked timers for jungle camps, baron, and much more! Timers are displayed on your minimap, giving you all the information you need. Make the right decisions and improve your winrate!

Manual Spell & Item Tracker

A customized tracking solution for spells and items. The Devilscript interface overlays the images of enemy champions, summoner spells and items. By clicking on these icons, an estimated cooldown timer will begin. There’s also an option to turn on an additional warning sound. This makes it quick and easy to track any big cooldowns so you can control the teamfights.

Aheadness Tracker (Calculated Teamgold)

Track your teams and your opponent's gold through this simple tool. The gold of both teams is estimated based on their items. This is a great way to check to see if you are lagging behind and need to start farming.

Auto Heal / Auto Barrier / Auto Pot

DevilScript will be able to judge whether you should heal yourself or not based on the damage you have received over time. This tool also includes the option for automatic activation of healing potions.

DevilScript Pricing

The licenses are prepaid, no automatic subscriptions or anything like that!

What is a League of legends script?

A League of Legends script is software that supports you throughout the game. It can provide you with the perfect advantage to help improve your gameplay and increase your winrate.  That means you’ll be able to achieve more with less effort. With a little money, you’ll be able to take your League of Legends skills to a new level and reach new ranks!

What is an external lol script?

Most scripts operate by directly interacting with the programming of the game. However, this makes it easy to be identified and banned for cheating. Devilscript is different.

Devilscript takes a screenshot of the screen. The pixels from the image are then scanned. And instead of interacting directly with League of Legends, all interactions are emulated via mouse and keyboard. This means that no reading or writing is done from the memory. This is one of many reasons why DevilScript is undetected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly these questions are asked again and again

We are the inventors of fully external League of Legends scripts.


Our first tool was written in Java. We called it Moonwalker in the beginning, but the name was changed to SpaceGlider. When we decided to develop the software further we realized that Java wasn’t suitable for this.


Therefore the LoL script was rewritten in C# and brought to the market as SpaceSharp. However, the performance is still the limiting factor, which is why we decided to rewrite the software again and this time natively in C++.


Actually we wanted to keep the name “Space”, which is why the script was originally called SpacePlus (because of C++) but the current LoL script stands out so much that we wanted a completely new name for it.


Now the software is called DevilScript!

Orbwalking is a form of kiting that utilizes animation canceling for optimal damage and movement. It originally got its name from Warcraft 3 DotA but is now an integral part of League of Legends as well. Orbwalking is an advanced technique that many professional and high elo players use. It takes a considerable amount of practice and training to learn.


Devilscript’s Orbwalker simplifies the process by automating many of the controls. That means you won’t have to spend hundreds of hours practicing the technique.

First of all you should check the tutorial and if all hotkeys are set. Normally this happens automatically, but only if you follow the dialogs of the tool.


Try the following things:

  1. Set Champ Only Kiting to Space instead of X
    Reason: Often the X key is bound somewhere else in lol (e.g. Attack Move). This disturbs the input.
  2. make sure that the rangeindicator is displayed, recheck the ingame Hotkey Menu -> "Show advanced Player Stats" is set to F7
    Reason: Our tool calculates the attack range based on the pixels of the range indicator. If no attack range is given there can be deviations. Normally the range indicator is displayed with the F7-key. Our tool automatically holds the F7-key for you.
  3. Restart DevilScript
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Contact us on WhatsApp, we can search for the problem via Anydesk or Teamviewer

There are 2 ways you can get your license:

  1. You will receive an email within a few minutes
  2. Navigate to "My Account" -> "My Orders" in our shop

This means that our payment provider wants to verify the payment. This usually takes about 3 days.


However, we can release the license manually. Just contact us in WhatsApp, then you will get your software immediately.

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