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What is Devilscript?

the best external league of legends script 2021


DevilScript is a completely external League of Legends Script / LoL Script made for scripters who want an advantage without risking their account. Our LoL Script has been Undetected for over 3 Years thanks to our advanced anti-anti-cheat technology.

Unlike our competition, we offer support for all resolutions and allow users to play with free camera while kiting. We are not just an orbwalker, but offer all sorts of fully external features with an unbeatable performance! Learn more about Scripting in League of Legends

The League of Legends script was developed together with high-elo players and an experienced developer team. DevilScript gives you basic tips, improves your ingame mechanics and makes you visually aware of dangerous situations!

lol script pricing


The licenses are prepaid, no automatic subscriptions or anything like that!

30 Days License

For Devil Script
  • 100% Undetected
  • Instant Access
  • Incl. All Features
  • Fast Support

Credit Card, Google Pay and Other Local  Paymentoptions

+5€ Fees

Lifetime License

For Devil Script
  • 100% Undetected
  • Instant Access
  • Incl. All Features
  • Fast Support

Credit Card, Google Pay and Other Local  Paymentoptions

+5€ Fees

frequently asked questions


We are the inventors of fully external League of Legends scripts.

Our first tool was written in Java. We called it Moonwalker in the beginning, but the name was changed to SpaceGlider. When we decided to develop the software further we realized that Java is not really suitable for this.

Therefore the LoL script was rewritten in C# and brought to the market as SpaceSharp. However, the performance is still the limiting factor, which is why we decided to rewrite the software again and this time natively in C++.

Actually we wanted to keep the name “Space”, which is why the script was originally called SpacePlus (because of C++) but the current LoL script stands out so much that we wanted a completely new name for it.

Now the software is called DevilScript! 😈

We have 2 stores.

1. official store (shop.interlogy.de)
2. PayPal Shop (reseller.interlogy.de)

Depending on which site you have purchased from, you can simply click on “My Account” and log in. Normally you are logged in directly after payment. If not, you can simply use the data you entered during payment to log in.

Afterwards you can view your license key under “My Orders”.

Where you want to buy is up to you.
Both are managed by us.
So you will get your license either way.

At the official store our account is directly deposited.
At the PayPal store we have to sell through a reseller account, so we have higher fees.

Since the official store is cheaper, we recommend it!
But if you don’t mind, you can of course also buy in the PayPal store.

A screenshot of the screen is taken.
The pixels from the image are evaluated.
All interactions are emulated via mouse and keyboard.
This means that no reading or writing is done from the memory.
That’s why we are always Undetected 🙂

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