Top 3 Best Marksman In League of Legends Season 12

The marksman role has been through a lot in the recent years, from normal marksman being so bad that they were outshone by mages in the botlane. Marksmans in the current meta are in a good state. You don’t need to run Ziggs bot to be impactful anymore. We’re here to provide the Top 3 Best Marksman In League of Legends Season 12 so you can hard carry in the bot lane.

The marksman class is usually filled with ADC’s (attack damage carries). These ADC’s are able to carry games solo once they reach the most deciding parts of the game — mid-late game teamfights. 

The TP changes in patch 12.1 was perfect for bot lane, because now there won’t be a party botlane pre 6. With the mid lane assassins going TP, ignite putting tons of pressure on the botlane. Or the top laner TP’ing botlane from their boring lane to impact the map. These changes hinder other lanes but benefit bot lane tremendously. Giving bot lane more breathing room and a higher chance to reach their spike easier and faster. 

Most of the changes have been really good for the role, but to be impactul you need to be able to buy your expensive items through enough cs and gold. The games last longer now as well, meaning it gives the marksman time to get items and more chances to snowball and carry.

And now since enchanter supports are in a really good spot, it complements the marksman and especially the hyper carrying late game scaling ADCs.

What are Marksmans in League of Legends?

Marksmen are ranged champions whose power revolves around their basic attacks. Using their range to their advantage doing continuous damage from afar. This allows them to kill just about anyone if they have enough damage and they’re able to kite back and stay away from the enemy.

The marksman’s weaknesses is that they are very vulnerable to burst damage. Once you get on top of them they’re one of the easiest classes to delete. 

Not everyone can be effective in this class as it needs skill to avoid, dodge and kite enemy abilities. These champions tend to have low mobility and are vulnerable if you have a bad position. With this in mind you need some level of high mechanics to kite the enemies and not die for free as you are the team’s central DPS dealer. 

If you don’t aquire this skill then you’ll be the easiest target to kill. To win more games you either need to sink thousands of hours into attack moving effectively. Or you could download our undetected script to orb walk with ease, and you could play like your favorite pro player now. 

The nerfs to Jinx and Zeri have shaken up the top marksmen. With all that out the way, we’re here to introduce the Top 3 best Marksman in Season 12 – Patch 12.5b.

3. Jhin

Jhin kills as an art, using his gun as a paintbrush… make sure he isn’t using your teammates blood to paint on his canvas.

He is one of the ADC’s that hasn’t been hit with a huge nerf in the past few months making his position climb up the ladder as the top marksman to play in season 12. But what makes Jhin so great? He provides an insane amount of damage especially with his 4 bullet passive “Whisper”– the last bullet deleting enemies in the later stages of the game.

Jhin the virtuoso is able to adapt to any game and meta being viable in any scenario mainly because he isn’t reliant on supports as much as other ADCs.

But playing Jhin isn’t all sunshines and rainbows. While Jhin can provide immense amounts of pressure in lane and broken amounts of damage in the teamfights, he does require a lot of practice. You need to get used to hitting skillshots like his Curtain calls ultimate and Deadly flourish “W”. The number one thing to make Jhin as effective as possible is to have great kiting because he has no escapes. The only mobility in his kit is the small amount of movespeed gained from his passive.

Build and Runes:

2. Twitch

Twitch is an attack speed heavy sewer rat coming out of the shadows unleashing all his power on any unfortunate foe. The other attack speed champions have fallen off the top marksman’s list in the current patch. Making room for Twitch to make it onto the Top 3 best marksman in season 12.

Twitch is easy to kill if you can get onto him, since he has no escapes or ways to push enemies away like Vaynes Condemn for example. So knowing limits and positioning is essential but once you reach the later stages of the game he is devastating. Popping out of his stealth – spacegliding dealing broken amounts of damage while being untouchable. 

Space gliding does need skill and was popularized by the famous Rat IRL. Insane challenger players can pull of spacegliding because of the skills combined with the hours they put into the game. Instead of pouring your life to spaceglide and orb walk we offer undetected scripts here. 

The current meta favors Twitch because it’s an enchanter heavy meta. The pick rate for support champions like Lulu, Yummi, Janna have skyrocketed in the current season. These champions paired with Twitch makes an unstoppable combo at 2 items+. Twitch has the best chemistry with the enchanter supports, making him one of the strongest marksman in League of Legends season 12.

Build and Runes:

1. Vayne

Vayne the night hunter is a merciless auto attack late game hyper carry that slays anyone in her path with her daunting crossbow. She makes it to the number 1 spot as the strongest marksman in season 12 because all the changes work best with her.

The new lethal tempo changes are perfect for Vayne, gaining attack speed for each stack. And even more important, lethal tempo now gives extra range too. This change pushed her over the edge, as now she has no clear weakness like she did before. The current season has solved her biggest problem. 

Like Twitch the enchanter support meta makes Vayne incredibly strong. They’re both amplified because of the enchanter supports, but Vayne isn’t as reliant as Twitch is to these supports. 

If Vayne uses her ultimate Final hour correctly she can duel just about anyone. Because of the short invisibility and movement it provides which is unlike any other adc’s playstyle. The Twitch has stealth but that can only be used once to either surprise the enemy or to escape. It cannot be used mid-fight to amplify fighting power and unpredictability like how Vayne uses it. 

Also Vayne has other abilities like condemn which further helps her solo dueling capabilities. Making her the best League of Legends marksman in season 12.

Build and Runes:


This is a list of the best marksman in the current Season 12, patch 12.5b. The meta constantly shifts especially in the bot lane so look out for more updates to see any changes to the lists so you can be kept up-to-date. We hope you learnt something and you should apply the knowledge into your current games to either ban out the champions or to pick them up. If you aren’t confident in your mechanics then we offer undetected scripts that does the orb walking for you… Don’t you want spaceglide your way to the highest ranks?

Another option could be the botted accounts we offer so you don’t affect your main accounts MMR while you practice these champions.


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