The Best Mid Lane Champions to One Trick in League of Legends in Season 12

Carrying while playing a plethora of champions is everyone’s dream… but you aren’t a pro player and unless you sink your life into League of Legends it’s almost always more worth focusing on a select few champions for maximum value. In this article, we’re going to go through the best mid lane champions to one trick in League of Legends season 12.

What is a One-trick?

A one-trick is a player in League of Legends who has mastered one champion to a high level. They get all the mechanics, and combos down almost intuitively. But most importantly they understand all the matchups, small advanced tricks, and limits at all stages of the game.

This not only allows them to focus on the game state more intensely for better macro but it also increases the chances of winning lane because of the deep understanding they have of this specific champion and their matchups. There are a bunch of champions when once one-tricked it unlocks a new level that normal players cant achieve. We’re going to go through the best mid lane champions to one trick this season.


The deadly mid lane assassin darts around almost seamlessly killing enemies as if she’s on a stroll in the park.

The reset mechanic built into her kit makes her seem easy and busted. But don’t be fooled – Katarina is known as a one-trick champion for a reason, not just anyone can pick her up…

She’s one of the easiest champions to shut down, but that isn’t all – her laning phase is one of the worst in the whole game. Katarina does well into a select few champions and in the current meta, these champions are really good lowering Katarina’s laning even more than it originally was.

But once you understand you’re damage, with every item and what runes and items to run into certain matchups or team compositions – you’ll do much better which is why you need to sink a lot of time into her. The knowledge is necessary so that Katarina can work into any scenario.

This isn’t the only thing challenging about Katarina because she’s mechanically intensive as well. One slip-up could lead to her demise. Don’t feel discouraged, because once you understand Katarina’s limits and combos you’ll carry most of your games while dopamine enters your brain on every reset you get. Why do you think Katarina has so many one tricks? She’s just so rewarding to play…

Katarina build and runes:


Qiyana is one of the few assassins who can dive into the enemies without having to worry about getting one shot. Simply because her kit allows her to either stall for her team in grass form Q, or she could use her ultimate to CC and damage all the enemies if “Supreme Display of Talent” is used correctly. That’s a big if – since pulling that off requires a lot of patience and skill.

Qiyana’s kit and combos may seem relatively simple, but in terms of actually pulling them off, it’s really difficult. You have to see her combos in slow-motion when watching a master Qiyana player. Qiyana has an uncapped skill ceiling because an ultimate could’ve been used from a different angle or a combo could always be done faster.

If you don’t one trick Qiyana then your combo game will be really weak and you’d use the wrong elements almost always. But to be a huge thorn in the enemy’s side with one of the biggest ultimates in the game put time into Qiyana. You’ll get better judgment and unlock a lethal amount of damage before you know it.

Don’t give up too early, since Qiyana may seem lackluster at the start, but she’s a whole new champion once played more often – which is why we recommend you one trick her.

Qiyana build and runes:


Not everyone has an unlimited amount of time to spare on league. We all have lives outside of the game… which is why one-tricking not only saves you time it also skyrockets you past divisions which you would’ve been stuck on if you were to have a plethora of champions in your pool. We also offer the best-botted accounts, so you don’t affect your MMR poorly while practicing these champions.