The Best Mid-Lane Champions to One Trick in League of Legends in Season 13

With over 150 champions in League of Legends, it can be overwhelming trying to master them all. While versatility is useful, most players find more success by specializing in just a few champions. This allows you to truly excel with your champion pool, rather than spreading yourself thin across too many options.

In this article, we’ll explore the top mid-lane champions worth one tricking in Season 13. We’ll analyze their kits, power spikes, and carry potential. Whether you’re new to the mid-lane or a seasoned veteran, dedicating yourself to these potent picks is your best bet for climbing the ranks.

From mages with massive team fight impact to slippery assassins that can single-handedly win games, these champions have the tools to hard-carry games once mastered. By committing the time to learn their intricate mechanics and nuances, you’ll have an edge over those who switch champions every game.

What Is A One-Trick?

Before diving into the best mid-lane champions to one-trick, it’s important to understand what exactly a one-trick is in League of Legends. A one-trick player, also called an OTP (one-trick pony), is someone who plays and masters a single champion above all others. They focus extensively on learning everything about their chosen champion inside and out.

One-tricking a champion provides several advantages. You’ll know your champion’s matchups, power spikes, mechanics, and limits better than anyone else. You can play your champion competently in any team composition or against any opponent. Your micro and macro decision-making will improve faster by removing the need to constantly re-learn new kits. Overall, one-tricking accelerates your mastery and allows you to climb ranks quickly.

However, being a one-trick isn’t all upside. Having such a narrow pool can be problematic if your champion is picked or banned. You’ll need at least a backup option ready. One-tricks also tend to have less knowledge about other champions and the game as a whole. Still, the benefits often outweigh the downsides if your goal is to maximize skill on a specific champ.

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Katarina, The Sinister Blade

First up on our list of lethal mid-lane champions to one-trick is the Queen of Pentakills herself – Katarina. With her iconic spinning blades and acrobatic moves, this high-octane assassin encapsulates the pinnacle of mechanical outplay potential. However, behind the fancy footwork lies immense complexity in mastering her unique playstyle.

The crux of Katarina’s kit revolves around Voracity – her passive that allows her to rapidly reset abilities upon dagger pickups. This gives her unrivaled snowball power when she gets rolling. Her abilities like Bouncing Blade and Preparation lay the groundwork, littering the battlefield with sinister daggers. At the opportune moment, she can Shunpo to a target and channel Death Lotus, throwing daggers in a dizzying tempest that shreds anyone nearby.

But orchestrating the perfect team fight massacre requires expert precision in ability combos, positioning, and decision-making. Knowing when to dive in versus escape, proper dagger setups, and split-second execution of combos takes countless games to internalize. The road to one-trick mastery is long, but delivering Pentakill after Pentakill makes it all worthwhile.

Core items for snowballing on Katarina include Hextech Rocketbelt for gap-closing burst and Nashor’s Tooth to synergize with her passive. Rabadon’s Deathcap and Void Staff round out her build for nuking squishes. Check out Katarina’s recommended item builds for more options.

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Qiyana, Empress of the Elements

For mid-laners seeking a high-skill cap assassin, look no further than Qiyana, the Empress of the Elements. She is considered one of the best mid-lane champions, her unique ability to control grass, rock, and water elements makes Qiyana one of the most versatile yet challenging champions to master.

With her passive Royal Privilege, auto-attacking after using an ability marks enemies with an element, enabling Qiyana to proc additional damage. Her Q – Elemental Wrath slashes with her ring blade, while her W – Terrashape allows her to dash to a location and enchants her weapon with an element. Her bread-and-butter damage comes from E – Audacity, allows her to dash to an enemy, and damage them.

To succeed on Qiyana requires immense game knowledge – knowing which walls give which elements, and tracking enemy marks to maximize her carry potential. For those seeking an extremely high-skill cap assassin, Qiyana delivers one of the steepest learning curves in League. But conquering her element-weaving playstyle provides immense outplay potential that is truly unmatched.

Key items on Qiyana include Duskblade mythic for added burst and target access. Mobility boots help her roam and Elemental Drakes like Cloud Dragon further boost her speed. Check out Qiyana’s recommended builds for more.

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Mastering a champion takes time and dedication, but the payoff of one-trick expertise is immense. Katarina and Qiyana represent just a taste of the potential that awaits those committed to perfecting the craft of a single champion.

While mechanically intensive assassins may not be for everyone, the core principles of one-tricking remain the same across all champions. Focus on truly understanding your champion inside and out, and you will unlock their maximum potential.

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