A Journey Through League of Legends’ World Championship Victors

A Journey Through League of Legends’ World Championship Victors

Once a year, the best League of Legends teams from around the globe convene to compete for the supreme honor: the World Championship title. Through intense competition and high-level gameplay, they battle to etch their names into the history books. Only the most talented and coordinated squads can survive and thrive on League’s biggest stage. Over the years, dynasties have risen and fallen, legends have been made and broken, and new champions have staked their claim as the best in the world. From Fnatic to T1 to EDG, some of the greatest franchises and players in League have earned the right to call themselves League of Legends World Champions.

It’s a history of intense competition, razor-sharp gameplay, and the pinnacle of achievement in League of Legends esports. These are the elite teams that became Kings of the Rift and etched their names into League history forever. So let’s jump in and revisit the highest level of League of Legends play over the years by recounting the journeys of every World Champion team.

Fnatic – Season 1 (2011)

In 2011, League of Legends was still in its infancy as an esport. But the game’s inaugural World Championship marked the beginning of a new era in competitive gaming. That year, a European squad known as Fnatic etched their name in the history books when they conquered the world’s best on the fields of justice.

Despite being considered underdogs, Fnatic showcased tremendous teamwork, coordination, and skill throughout the tournament. Led by legends like xPeke, Cyanide, and Lamia, they orchestrated calculated attacks and overcame fierce opponents. After dominating the European scene all year long, they set their sights on the global stage.

When the dust settled in the finals against “against All authority”, it was Fnatic who hoisted the summoner’s cup. That victorious moment cemented Fnatic as the first-ever League of Legends World Champions. It was a watershed moment for the esport, setting the bar for the competition and fandom to come. More importantly, it established Europe as a force to be reckoned with in League’s early days.

Though 13 years have passed, Fnatic’s historic championship run will never be forgotten. It marked the beginning of their dynasty and set the stage for the intense Worlds clashes fans witness today. Reliving those pioneering moments reminds us just how far competitive League has come.

To honor their legacy as the inaugural World Champions, Riot Games immortalized Fnatic with their own set of in-game skins in 2014. The “FNATIC 2011 World Championship Team Set” featured skins for five of Fnatic’s signature champions from that tournament – Corki, Gragas, Janna, Jarvan IV, and Karthus. These skins allowed players everywhere to celebrate Fnatic’s historic triumph and connect to that original Worlds moment. Though the roster and meta have evolved, seeing those iconic skins is a reminder of where it all began and the five pioneers who first conquered League’s highest peak. It was a fitting tribute to the team that started it all and a symbolic representation of their eternal place in League of Legends history.

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Taipei Assassins – Season 2 (2012)

In 2012, a fierce new contender emerged from Taiwan to shock the world. Calling themselves the Taipei Assassins, this young team combined aggression and coordination to dismantle their opponents. With rising stars like Bebe and Toyz, they announced their arrival on the global stage at Season 2 Worlds.

After dominating their region, the Assassins entered Worlds with quiet confidence. But no one expected this dark horse to gallop all the way to the finals. Using signature champions like Ezreal and Orianna, they orchestrated precise team fights and took down elite squads. Even the mighty Korean team Azubu Frost fell victim to their calculated chaos.

When the dust settled, the Assassins stood victorious in the Los Angeles Galen Center, earning Taiwan’s first-ever Worlds title. Their pioneering playstyle and individual brilliance redefined how the game could be played. For the first time, the West realized the East was not to be underestimated. The Assassins’ historic win marked the opening of a new era of competition in League of Legends. Years later, their lightning-fast gameplay and dominating run still echo through the annals of professional play.

To celebrate Taiwan’s trailblazing World Champions, Riot Games immortalized the Taipei Assassins with their own set of skins. The “TPA 2012 World Championship Team Set” included skins for Dr. Mundo, Ezreal, Nunu, Orianna, and Shen – champions that defined their aggressive yet calculated playstyle. 

SKT T1 – Season 3 (2013)

In 2013, a new dynasty was born on League of Legends’ biggest stage. Emerging from Korea came the team that would redefine excellence in professional play – SK Telecom T1. Led by the prodigal Faker, they unleashed a clinical yet creative style upon the world at Season 3 Worlds.

With an arsenal of star players like Piglet and Impact, they dismantled opponents with surgical precision. Their impeccable team fighting and coordination reached heights fans had never witnessed. One by one, elite teams fell to SKT’s calculated dominance as they blitzed through the bracket. It all culminated in a one-sided finals sweep of China’s Royal Club to crown them champions.

SKT’s innovation and immaculate execution ushered in a new era of League of Legends. Their championship marked the beginning of Korean prominence and set the gold standard that all future champions would be measured by. Faker and company had just won the first of many illustrious titles to come.

To honor their breakthrough season, Riot Games immortalized SKT’s original roster with their own set of skins in 2013. The first-ever team skins went to Jax, Lee Sin, Vayne, Zed, and Zyra – champions that defined their versatile yet punishing playstyle. It was a fitting tribute to the dawning of League’s greatest dynasty.

Samsung White – 2014 World Championship

The 2014 League of Legends World Championship bore witness to one of the most dominant tournament runs in history. Hailing from Korea was Samsung White, a superteam that took the competition by storm and ushered in a new era of League. Powered by Korean superstars like imp, Mata, and Dandy, they demolished opponents with overwhelming aggression and unmatched team fighting.

Samsung White’s competitive genius was on full display throughout the tournament. They punished even the slightest mistakes and turned games in an instant. When they reached the finals against Star Horn Royal Club, the Chinese squad stood no chance against White’s relentless onslaught. With a clinical 3-1 sweep, Samsung White staked their claim as the undisputed kings of League.

Their creative vision and nearly flawless execution set the benchmark for what excellence looked like in competitive play. To celebrate White’s historic run, Riot immortalized the roster with skins for Rengar, Singed, Talon, Thresh, and Twitch in 2014. These champions encapsulated White’s fiery playstyle and innovative approach to the game. Though their reign was short, Samsung White’s legacy continues to inspire greatness at the highest levels of League of Legends.

SKT T1 – 2015 World Championship

The greatest dynasty in League of Legends history etched their names in the record books once again in 2015. SK Telecom T1, led by the undisputed king of League, Faker, reclaimed the Summoner’s Cup at the 2015 World Championship. After heartbreaking playoff exits earlier that year, SKT entered Worlds with vengeance and dismantled their opponents in a clinical fashion.

With an upgraded roster featuring rising stars like Marin and Bang, they executed flawless early games and team fighting to sweep the likes of Origen and Flash Wolves. When they faced off against rival KOO Tigers in the finals, it was no contest as SKT exerted their dominance for a second World title.

To celebrate the repeat, Riot released skins for Alistar, Elise, Kalista, Renekton, Rize, and Azir – champions that defined SKT’s calculated dominance. However, fans cried out for recognition of substitute mid-laner Easyhoon, prompting Riot to expand the skins to six members going forward. Regardless, the skins immortalized SKT’s sustained excellence and cemented them as the undisputed greatest League dynasty thus far.

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SKT T1 – 2016 World Championship

The name SK Telecom T1 became synonymous with greatness in 2016 as they ascended to a League of Legends three-peat. SKT entered Worlds facing questions about declining dominance, but they answered in signature fashion by taking the Summoner’s Cup once again. Led by Faker‘s prodigious mid-play and coach Kkoma‘s masterful guidance, they swept aside Samsung Galaxy in a decisive final to make history.

Their clinical playstyle and veteran poise allowed them to outmaneuver elite opponents all tournament long. Each series saw SKT slow down opponent momentum and retaliate with signature team fighting prowess. Winning Worlds for a third time etched Faker and SKT’s names into the record books, likely forever.

To celebrate their historic three-peat, Riot released skins for Ekko, Jhin, Nami, Olaf, Syndra, and Zac – champions emblematic of SKT’s versatile dominance. A Guardian skin was also made for coach Kkoma, highlighting his integral role in shaping SKT’s dynasty. The skins cemented 2016 as the year Korea’s greatest esports organization ascended to legendary status in League of Legends history.

Samsung Galaxy – 2017 World Championship

After years of being denied by SK Telecom T1, their sibling rivals Samsung Galaxy finally earned their long-awaited moment in the sun at the 2017 Worlds. With SKT faltering, the door was open for Samsung to take the throne, and they did so in spectacular fashion.

Led by star bot laner Ruler, Samsung Galaxy executed meticulous early games before out-team fighting opponents in the late game. Their clinical coordination allowed them to gain steady advantages against elite squads like Longzhu Gaming and Team WE. By finals time, not even SKT could match Samsung’s poise as they crushed their rivals 3-0.

At long last, Samsung Galaxy stood atop the world as champions. Their strategic dominance ended SKT’s dynasty and opened a new era in competitive League. To commemorate their crowning achievement, Samsung’s roster earned skins for Ezreal, Gnar, Jarvan IV, Rakan, Taliyah, and Xayah – champions that defined their versatile play style. 

Invictus Gaming – 2018 World Championship

A new dynasty emerged in 2018 as Invictus Gaming ascended to the pinnacle of League of Legends. Representing the LPL, iG dazzled fans with their high-octane playstyle led by superstar rookie JackeyLove. Their aggressive early games and lightning team fighting allowed them to bulldoze elite opponents like KT Rolster and Fnatic at Worlds.

In a heated finals clash with Europe’s Fnatic, Invictus Gaming displayed their prolific talent to conquer the world stage. Their 3-0 sweep capped off a dominant tournament run that ushered in the era of the LPL.

To celebrate their historic achievement, iG’s talented roster received their own set of skins in 2018. The skins for Camille, Fiora, Irelia, Kai’Sa, Leblanc, and Rakan embodied iG’s flashy carries and aggressive champions. With swaggering confidence, Invictus Gaming claimed the Summoner’s Cup and declared the dawn of their new dynasty for the LPL.

FunPlus Phoenix – 2019 World Championship

A new powerhouse emerged from China’s LPL in 2019 as FunPlus Phoenix shocked the world by becoming League of Legends World Champions. Led by charismatic mid-laner Doinb, FPX played with fearless aggression to overcome elite squads. They made their mark early by demolishing favorites G2 Esports in the Finals.

Behind Doinb‘s creative mid-picks and Tian‘s jungle dominance, FPX dismantled opponents all tournament long. Not even Europe’s G2 could contain them in the finals as FPX claimed the trophy for China with a commanding 3-0 sweep. Their Worlds run established the LPL’s supremacy and ushered in an era dominated by mechanical brilliance.

To celebrate their first Worlds title, FPX’s standout roster received their own set of commemorative skins in 2019. Thresh, Vayne, Malphite, Lee Sin, and Gangplank embodied FPX’s punishing playstyle and highlighted each player’s signature. When they return to base, the players’ names are etched into the Rift itself – a fitting tribute to their eternal place in League history.

DAMWON Gaming – 2020 World Championship

The age-old dynasty of the LCK came roaring back in 2020 as DAMWON Gaming conquered the Worlds stage. Representing a new era of the Korean League, DAMWON dazzled led by jungler Canyon. They stomped both LPL and LEC squads in quick succession, showcasing a dominance not seen since SKT’s prime.

Behind ShowMaker‘s bold mid-plays and Ghost‘s marksman brilliance, DAMWON swept Suning 3-1 in the finals to reclaim Korea’s throne. Their clinical execution and coordination marked the LCK’s glorious return to the pinnacle of League of Legends.

To commemorate their historic Worlds run, DAMWON’s standout roster received skins for Kennen, Nidalee, Twisted Fate, Jhin, and Leona. DAMWON’s victory signaled that the age of Korean LoL supremacy had returned in emphatic fashion.

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EDward Gaming – 2021 World Championship

The LPL reclaimed the throne in 2021 as EDward Gaming soared to the pinnacle of League of Legends after years of faltering short. Led by veteran shot-caller Meiko, EDG finally unlocked their potential by playing through botlane star Viper. Their superior mid-jungle coordination allowed them to take down elite LCK and LEC squads.

In a hotly anticipated finals against rivals DWG KIA, EDG prevented another Korean title by winning a tightly contested five-game series. It was a crowning moment years in the making for EDG’s stars like Viper and Meiko. Their clinical poise under pressure demonstrated the LPL’s continued dominance.

To celebrate their long-awaited Worlds triumph, EDG’s standout roster finally earned their own skins in 2021. Graves, Zoe, Viego, Yuumi, and Aphelios represented EDG’s versatile carry potential and highlighted their individual flair. After years of waiting, EDG’s dragons finally rose in 2021 to reclaim China’s throne atop League of Legends.

DRX – 2022 World Championship

After an arduous playoff gauntlet just to qualify, DRX embarked on a magical Worlds run that culminated in the ultimate glory. Led by veteran marksman Deft, DRX played fearlessly and coordinated impeccably around their star-studded roster. They upset tournament favorites like Gen.G and T1 in thrilling five-game series along the way.

By the time they reached the finals against T1, DRX were playing at their peak. Their relentless aggression overwhelmed their opponents to deliver a historic 3-2 Worlds victory. Having clawed through playoffs just to make Worlds, DRX’s incredible triumph against all odds wrote one of League’s greatest underdog stories.

In honor of their hard-fought journey to the ultimate prize, DRX’s standout roster earned their own Worlds skins in 2022. Aatrox, Kindred, Maokai, Akali, Caitlyn, and Ashe represented DRX’s versatile carries and defined their punishing team fight style. Their white and blue color scheme immortalized DRX’s remarkable peak after finally putting all the pieces together on League’s grandest stage.


The Road to Glory stands as a testament to the highest level of competition League of Legends has to offer. Every year, the game’s elite clash on the Worlds stage, fueled by a burning desire to etch their names into history. Over the past decade, iconic organizations and players have risen to claim the supreme honor.

The skins that immortalize every winning roster serve as lasting reminders of their triumph. By equipping those skins, players everywhere can channel the energy of those historic Worlds moments. Though the rosters and metas change, the pursuit of greatness on League’s biggest stage remains eternal.

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