LoL Vision Score, What is it? And How to Improve it?

Vision control is a critical element of success in League of Legends. Having vision of the map allows teams to track the enemy’s movements, secure objectives, and set up plays. One of the main ways players contribute to vision control is through placing and clearing wards. 

Vision score allows players to track how much they are investing in vision, both through warding and denying enemy vision. Players with high vision scores are directly contributing to their team’s ability to control the map and gain advantages. The vision score system provides incentives for this often underappreciated aspect of the game.

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What is LoL Vision Score?

The fog of war is a defining feature of League of Legends. Without vision over the map, it’s impossible to track the enemy team’s movements, control objectives, or set up successful ganks. Lifting the fog of war requires diligent, coordinated vision control. Enter the vision score system.

Vision score provides players with a new metric for quantifying their contributions to the vision game. Previously, the countless wards placed and cleared over a match would go uncounted. Now, each ward placed or destroyed contributes points to a player’s vision score. More points are awarded for wards that survive longer untouched, or for clearing wards that have lasted longer unseen.

The vision score metric provides invaluable feedback on your contribution to map visibility and control. Players with consistently high vision scores lead the charge in lighting up the battlefield. Their diligent warding and clearing of enemy wards generate vision dominance that propels the team to victory. 

On the other flip side, low vision scores indicate areas for improvement. With some focused effort on buying and placing pink wards, denying enemy vision, and upgrading trinkets, you can start raising that score. Incremental improvements in your personal vision impact will compound into wins. 

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How to get a high Vision Score in LoL?

Make sure you are warding high-traffic hot spots like river, tribush, and the pits near dragon and baron. Placing wards in these locations will maximize both your vision coverage and vision score, as they are frequented by both teams. Additionally, try to time your warding of objectives 1-2 minutes before they spawn. This gives your team plenty of advanced warning and control.

Once you can, upgrading your trinket should be a top priority. The enhanced support item provides more warding charges and increases your vision range substantially. This equates to more vision score. Also, purchase and place control wards whenever they are off cooldown, rather than saving them for specific situations.

Using your oracle lens aggressively to clear out enemy wards, especially deeper ones, will net you points while denying the opponents vision. Make sure you are rotating wards as objectives approach, rather than letting soon-to-expire wards linger. New wards generate more vision score.

Try to keep track of where the enemy support is warding, and make it a point to clear out their vision using orcale lens. This will score you points while denying them vision. Avoid overlapping your team’s wards, and instead spread them out methodically to achieve maximum coverage and vision scoring.

Review your warding placements and timing after each match, and think about how you can optimize your vision strategy for even higher scores next game. Every little bit contributes to lifting the fog of war!

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In closing, embrace vision score as an opportunity, not a judgment. Use it to learn, experiment, and reflect on improving your vision impact over time. The fog of war is an imposing challenge, but with dedicated teamwork and vision control, you will find a path forward. The next time you are lost in the dark, remember the illuminating power of vision score to guide your way.

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