Top Three League Twitch streamers in 2022

This article will show you the top League twitch streamers in 2022. League of Legends is a multiple online battle arena game that was released in 2009 by RIOT games. It had enormous potential back in the time, and it is living that same potential today, with 100 million playing it as of today! The game offers adrenaline and lots of thrill either from watching or playing it. The top League Twitch streamers are here to help you learn more about the game.

You need to use lots of tactics to destroy the Nexus, the final goal to win the game. You can choose from 140 champions available on variety of roles to accomplish this goal. League of Legends is a professional game, and there are lots of professionals and streamers who are playing it on a high level. Here are the top League Twitch streamers on the Twitch platform in 2022 who are bringing us lots of joy and excitement, as well as fun!

3. TFBlade

​Also known as The First Blade, the former Rank 1 in NA is absolutely crushing the streams! As one of the top League Twitch Streamers, he is playing the top lane, with different mains which include Jax and Irelia as his main champions. Apart from reaching Rank 1 in NA, he also managed to accomplish this feat in different servers, such as EUW, EUNE, LAN and Turkey 2. Of course, the challenge in the latter were lower because we all know NA is one of the most competitive servers apart from Korea, yet this does not diminish his success!

He had a short stint in the professional aspect of the game, playing for Team Liquid academy in 2019, as he managed to Team Liquid substitute top-laner, but he did not manage very well, and he quit in 2020 when he focused 100% on the streaming activity. 

​For those who follow TFBlade, they know what kind of an enthusiastic player he is. His cursing is also present, but mostly when the plays are too close or when he is being constantly ganked without any support from his team. It is worth mentioning that his behavior did take a downfall when he made comments about Korea solo queueing, which turned out bad for him because he was removed from League Partner Program in June 2021.

​Currently, he is playing on Korean server on an account known as JAJA DIFF, where he is climbing the ladder successfully with 1.2M followers and around 10-15k current watchers of his stream. His biggest strengths are his farming and his 1v1 duels where he ends up as a winner most of the time, according to

2. Faker

​It goes without saying- FAKER FAKER, PLAYMAKER! There is not a single League player in the world that has not heard of one of the top League Twitch streamers player in the game- Faker. The Korean player has managed to win worlds with SK T1 three times, making it the most successful team in the game.

Lee Sang-hyeok is a South-Korean League player that joined SK T1 in 2013 and is still sticking with the team, even through thick and thin! We all know SK took a downfall in 2018 when SKT was last place, but the team made some tweaks and changes which brought them glory again and brought them at the top of the competitive scene!

​Faker is playing the mid-lane, and he is streaming from his second account known as “hide on bush” on the Korean server. Known as one of the best strategists in the game, Faker chose to bring this knowledge online- on Twitch and stream all his flashy plays and strategies for his fans. And he does have fans, a lot of them! His stream is being followed by 3.8M players, with around 30-35k currently watching his stream.

His quick thinking, his ability to watch all the map so quickly and judge a situation to a perfection, as well as his shot-making abilities have brought him the honor of being one of the top League Twitch streamers most popular, if not the most popular Twitch streamer in 2022. Faker barely speaks English, which is why there is a subtitle on his Twitch stream focusing his non-Korean speaking fans (which, as we said, are a LOT).

1. tyler1

​Is there any Twitch follower that does not know BIG T? Tyler1 is the most popular League player with more than 5M followers that are following his stream. Tyler1 is always followed by controversies by his behavior, and he is the most infamous player in the League. He got banned from League in 2016 up until 2018 and he earned the nickname as the most toxic player that has played the League.

Up until 2018, tyler1 is working on his reformation as a better player and even his twitch bio says: most REFORMED player Na. Tyler was an ADC player before his ban, as he was maining Draven almost to perfection. But, his behavior, grieving and giving up has not done any good to his reputation as he was losing most of the games due to his fault. One time he was delivered a support role, where he picked Lulu and he gave up after 8 minutes because it did not fit his style during team-fights.

​Tyler was a streamer for T1 from 2020 up until 2022, when he left this role. He is mostly known by advising his fans to not donate any money on Twitch, as he has enough earnings just by subscribers and followers alone. His reactions on stream and his passion for the game have brought him enormous number of fans, and although he has diminished these reactions he still has some “aces up in his sleeves”.

But, in 2022 tyler1 is mastering the support lane as his most played champions are Pyke, Karma and Nautilus. He took the Support Challenge and he achieved Challenger by playing support. His most infamous reaction is when he received a $1000 donation, and instead of reacting as any other streamer would (excitement, graciousness, thankfulness), he calmly refunded it and said he will not accept such donations. 

​All of this has brought tyler1 the title of the most famous League streamer on Twitch. Big T is his nickname, and he is making our days more enjoyable by putting in 12+ hours of streaming. He is currently playing by two nicknames, such as: COOKIEMONSTER123 and MAMMOTHMAN65. 


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