League of Legends: Season 13 Honor and Victorious Skins

With every new season of League of Legends comes an opportunity for dedicated players to earn unique in-game rewards. Two of the most coveted skins players can receive are the Honor Level 5 and Victorious skins. The Victorious skin is awarded to players who climb the ranks in the annual Ranked system, while the Honor Level 5 skin is given to those who consistently showcase positive behavior and sportsmanship.

The Ranked and Honor systems give dedicated League of Legends players something to strive for each season. Both the Honor Level 5 and Victorious skins represent achievements to celebrate. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the requirements and rewards players can look forward to in Season 13.

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Season 13 Victorious Skin

The Victorious skin is awarded to League of Legends players at the end of each ranked season based on their final tier. To be eligible, players must reach at least Honor Level 2 and acquire enough Split Points. Those below Gold need 1,600 Split Points, while those in Gold or above need only 80 Split Points.

Split Points are earned by playing ranked games – each win is worth 10 Points and each loss is worth 6 Points. The more you play, the more Points you can accumulate. But climbing to at least Gold demonstrates skill and commitment, making it the primary threshold for the Victorious skin.

The Victorious Skin itself depicts a popular champion deemed “victorious” that year. For Season 13, the chosen champion is Tryndamere. There are also chromas in the colors of the ranked tiers, so hitting Gold would earn you the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron chromas. The higher you rank, the more chromas you obtain.

An exciting bonus is that if you don’t already own the champion, you’ll receive him for free along with the skin! This makes the ranked grind worthwhile even for players without large champion pools.

In summary, dedicated ranked players striving for Gold this season and meeting the Honor and Split Point requirements will be awarded the prestigious Victorious Tryndamere ranked skin to commemorate their Season 13 accomplishments. 

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Season 13 Level 5 Honor Skin

The Honor Level 5 skin is incredibly rare and prestigious, as the only way to obtain it is to end the season with the maximum Honor level. Honor Level 5 requires consistent sportsmanlike behavior, teamwork, and receiving honorable opponent votes. Players with penalties like chat restrictions or bans will be ineligible.

Because of the season requirement and difficult behavior standards, the Level 5 Honor skin is hands-down the rarest skin that League of Legends offers. For Season 13, the chosen champion is Akshan and the skin is titled “Three Honors Akshan.

This elusive skin will be released in patch 14.2, giving qualifying players a shiny new toy to show off in their next season’s matches. Since Three Honors Akshan is only unlockable through Honor Level 5, it will likely be seldom seen in-game.

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The Victorious Tryndamere ranked skin and Three Honors Akshan honor level 5 skin give League of Legends players something to strive for each season beyond just grinding the ranked ladder. Obtaining these prestigious skins shows true dedication, skill, and sportsmanship. For those who put in the hard work all season long, the Victorious Tryndamere and Three Honors Akshan skins will serve as badges of honor in Season 13 and beyond. Though difficult to obtain, these unique rewards motivate the League community to reach new heights and demonstrate the positive values at the heart of the game.

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