Top 5 Best Assassins In League of Legends Season 12

Ever felt like this season wasn’t the best for the assassin class? You aren’t the only one, it seems like all the other categories are better in Season 12. But when played correctly assassins can still become overly oppressive. We are here to provide you with the Top 5 Best Assassins In League of Legends patch 12.5b so you can finally take control of your games.

What are assassins in League of Legends?

Assassins in League of Legends are the most despised group of champions causing players in all ranks to seethe out their mouths. Either taking over the game or being the reason for the team’s loss. Assassins are high-risk, high-reward style champions, with an orbit for inexperienced players to first time because of how fun veterans make them look. Creating a stigma around these champions.

But when played correctly they become the savior of a team and the bane of the enemies existence. We understand how much more fun ranked is than normals, so to keep your MMR unaffected from first-timing or learning a new champion you can buy the best-botted accounts here instead. So without further ado, let’s introduce the Top 5 Best Assassins In Season 12 – Patch 12.5b.

5. Evelynn

Evelynn tango dances across the whole map, one-tapping anyone that dares to step up past their tower. With camouflage and one of the most broken executes (Last Caress) in the game, she causes real meltdowns from the sheer pressure she brings. Demon Shade allows her to go unnoticed anywhere…is she in your lane or on the opposite side of the map? You’ll never know. So you’re forced to play safe until you spot her somewhere on the map, or pay the consequences of your heedlessness…

Evelynn is an elusive figure played in the jungle that can assassinate anyone she chooses, coming onto the backline with ease. One of the main reasons she is so broken is because stealth is an overpowered mechanic since vision is one of the most important tools in MOBAS. You could place control wards down, but they’re easy to avoid and only give you a false sense of security until you see Evelynn appear out of nowhere ripping you apart in a few short seconds.

Evelynn requires phenomenal macro. If played with good macro, Evelynn can suffocate the team – almost feeling like she’s everywhere and anywhere. If you play her with poor macro then unfortunately she becomes useless. Not being as forgiving as the other assassins on this list.

4. Kassadin

Kassadin the cosmic walker doesn’t have the typical traits of an assassin. Every second the game progresses, the more likely it is for Kassadin to take over the game — he’s a literal ticking time bomb!

The usual game plan is to survive the early game, as Kassadin pre-6 isn’t the best. His passive reduces the magic damage he receives by 10%, making it easier to survive AP matchups. Also, using his Null sphere to farm safely, ensuring he reaches his late-game power spike.

Once you know the matchups and limits, you’re able to play an aggressive early game. This speeds up the time to get to his level 16 immense power spike. The win rate then skyrockets to 80%, becoming an almost guaranteed win. Why? Because of his Riftwalk ability being a glorified flash at an almost instant timer – doing broken amounts of damage at the same time. What an overloaded ultimate ability… This is the single reason he made it into the assassin category. The sheer damage, play style, and tempo change Riftwalker brings puts him into the assassin class.

3. Katarina

Katarina slicing anyone in her path – make sure your team doesn’t get in her way…

The AoE she provides is unmatched, with her daggers and Death Lotus ultimate, all able to burst anyone daring enough to come close to her. This is why Katarina is one of the few champions that can face roll and still manage to pick up a Penta kill. Her mobility and outplay potential are out of this world. Making her one of the most fun champions to play, blinking across the whole map, resetting off every kill.

Katarina’s a mid laner that sometimes struggles in lane… No problem, she can simply roam bot lane and pick up a double kill. Katarina only needs to take advantage of one opening in lane or team fight to start a deadly snowball.

Riot took away Katarina’s core item in Season 11 causing uproar in the Katarina community. Gunblade was perfectly designed for her playstyle, so it was a loss that every Katarina player felt in their hearts. And while all the Katarina mains were mourning, Riot sent a “balance” gift, giving Katarina’s abilities on-hit effects. What were they thinking? this is the most broken Katarina’s ever been – she’s able to go AP, AD, hybrid, on-hit builds. Making her versatile and more busted than she’s ever been.

2. Kha’zix

Kha’zix is a monstrous bug that manages to dominate and squish his opponents. “Kill. Consume. Adapt.” This quote from Kha’zix is a great summary of what makes him so good…

He can kill with ease due to his passive Unseen Threat, providing extra damage to isolated targets. He consumes his targets and once he has enough kills and XP, Kha’zix can upgrade his abilities. Making him a real pain to deal with because he can be useful in all scenarios. If he has fallen behind he can upgrade W and go bruiser bringing a lot of utility to the team. Or he could go the more popular full glass-cannon assassin style Kha’zix and evolve his Q and E – diving headfirst to get kills.

As you could already tell, Kha’zix is more situational and useful than the other assassins. With a dash, invisibility and claws that sink deep into the enemies, he’s the assassin that has it all.

1. Zed

His weakest shadows are enough to defeat anyone on the rift. Yes, you guessed – it’s Zed. An ADC’s natural-born nightmare. Zed stands above everyone, sitting comfortably on his throne as the number 1 strongest assassin in season 12.

Zed is a popular mid laner and viable jungler. He has an endless amount of possibilities, and once mastered he is one of, if not the flashiest champion to play. Zed’s also able to all-in and pop back instantly one-shotting anyone he chooses with his Death Mark.

If you hit your abilities and time your Razor Shuriken  correctly to when the enemy goes in for farm, you can abuse them pre 6. But once you reach level 6 and unlock your Death Mark the game turns into a heavy Zed-favored matchup.

The kryptonite to Zed is stasis items like Zhonyas and Stopwatch, completely negating the pop damage on Death Mark. If he uses shadows efficiently you can triple Shuriken them out of stasis – killing them or doing an immense amount of damage. When mastered these stasis items won’t give you too much trouble.


We hope you got the inspiration to learn and pick up some of the champions on this list. You won’t regret spending time on these assassins as all of them have a high-skill-ceiling, so the learning is endless. We make the learning process faster and more fun by allowing you to face try-hard ranked players while not affecting your mains MMR – with our cheap, lifetime guarantee League of Legends Smurf Accounts. What are you waiting for? Give these champions a spin in the ranked ladder!


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