League of Legends: Fastest Way to Get Blue Essence

When the Essence Emporium opens up, players get excited to earn as much Blue Essence as they can. Blue Essence is the currency used to unlock new champions, exclusive Emporium Shop stuff, and other cool items. While there are many ways to get Blue Essence, some methods are much faster and more efficient than others. 

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What is Blue Essence?

Blue Essence is the main currency in League of Legends. You can earn Blue Essence by leveling up your account, completing missions, or opening Champion Capsules that you get from leveling up. Unlike Riot Points, which you have to purchase with real money, Blue Essence is earned through playing the game. You use Blue Essence to get new champions, customize your rune pages, and grab special items during events like the Essence Emporium.

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How to Get Blue Essence?

There are several ways to earn Blue Essence in League of Legends. One of the quickest methods is disenchanting champion shards you don’t need. These shards can be obtained from opening champion capsules or hextech chests. Each shard has a different Blue Essence value based on the champion’s rarity. The multi-disenchant option allows you to quickly break down multiple unwanted shards at once.

Also, playing games and leveling up your account is another way to accumulate Blue Essence. As you gain levels, you’ll receive champion capsules containing a small Blue Essence payout.  

Seasonal events like the current MSI Empyrean 2024 celebration also provide opportunities to stock up on Blue Essence. Reaching certain event milestones awards set amounts, and any event tokens earned can be directly converted into Blue Essence at a rate of 10 BE per token.

Finally, if you’ve amassed Mythic Essence currency from loot sources, you can trade it in for a decent Blue Essence sum, with each Mythic Essence being worth 150 BE.

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While there are numerous methods to earn Blue Essence in League of Legends, some strategies are undoubtedly more efficient than others. Disenchanting unwanted champion shards, leveling up your account, participating in seasonal events, and exchanging Mythic Essence are among the fastest ways to accumulate this valuable currency. By prioritizing these approaches, you can stock Blue Essence and unlock champions and other coveted items you desire, without wasting time on slower methods. 

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