How to get Masterwork Chests in League of Legends?

Masterwork Chests are one of the many ways to unlock cosmetic rewards in League of Legends. These special chests contain random champion skins and have become highly sought after by many players. 

We’ll explain everything you need to know about Masterwork Chests – what they are, how to get them, and whether they’re really worth the effort. By the end, you’ll have all the information needed to start accumulating these prizes for your collection. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

What are Masterwork Chests?

Masterwork Chests are loot boxes in League of Legends that contain random cosmetic rewards. When opened, Masterwork Chests have a chance to drop the following items:

  • Skin Shard70% chance to get a random skin shard, including ultimate and mythic skins. These shards can be used to redeem a permanent skin.
  • Ward Skin Shard + Orange Essence10% chance to get a random ward skin shard plus some orange essence.
  • Emote10% chance to unlock a random emote.
  • Orange Essence10% chance to get a small amount of orange essence (used for crafting).
  • Mythic EssenceSmall chance to get mythic essence, a rare crafting material for prestige and hextech skins.

In addition to random contents, Masterwork Chests also reward specific milestones when leveling up:

  • Level 5 – Random skin shard or 5 mythic essence
  • Level 10 – 5 Mythic essence
  • Level 15 – Random 975 RP skin shard or 5 mythic essence
  • Level 20 – 5 Mythic essence
  • Level 25 – Random 1350 RP skin shard or 10 mythic essence

These milestones allow you to unlock guaranteed rewards in addition to the items from opening each Masterwork Chest. The milestones can be earned up to two times as you progress through the levels.

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How to get Masterwork Chests?

There are multiple ways to earn Masterwork chests. Ranked Rewards (by gaining specific Split points):

  • League of Legends has a “Splits” system for rankings, where progress resets twice per season.
  • Earning enough split points will award Masterwork Chests and Keys. The more split points you get, the more rewards you’ll earn

Purchasing from Store:

  • You can buy Masterwork Chests directly from the in-game store. They are sold individually for 165 RP each.
  • Special bundles are often available that offer multiple chests at discounted RP prices.
  • Sales and promotions may also offer temporary discounts on Masterwork Chests.

LoL Pass:

  • Active event passes like Lunar Revel Pass, Worlds Pass, etc.
  • Leveling up your event pass award chests at specific milestones.

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Are Masterwork Chests Worth it? 

Are Masterwork Chests Worth it? A question most League of Legends players ask. Whether Masterwork Chests are worth it or not ultimately comes down to each player’s preferences and priorities. For skin collectors, Masterwork Chests provide opportunities to unlock new skins at a discounted rate compared to directly buying them which appeals to collectors looking to expand their collections. 

The chance to get skin shards for expensive or rare skins is also exciting for collectors since landing a high-value skin for only 165 RP is very worth it. Additionally, the randomness creates fun anticipation and hoping to get lucky draws from the chests which provides thrill and appeal for collectors.

However, for more casual players, the value depends on how much they care about skins and cosmetics. Players satisfied with just using the free skins may not find chests worthwhile. Casual players are also less likely to accumulate large amounts of orange essence needed to redeem skin shards from their chests. Furthermore, the chest rewards 

may not align with champions they actually play and use skins for.

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In conclusion, Masterwork Chests are an exciting way for League of Legends players to unlock new cosmetics and skin shards for their collections. These special loot boxes contain random champion skins, wards, emotes, orange essence, and mythic essence. Masterwork Chests can be obtained through ranked play, store purchases, and event passes.

The contents of the chests are randomized but provide collectors and skin enthusiasts the chance to gain expensive and rare skins at a heavily discounted rate compared to buying them directly. For these players who love cosmetics, the thrill of potentially getting an ultimate or mythic skin shard makes Masterwork Chests extremely worth the effort.

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