League of Legends: How to Get Mythic Essence

Mythic essence is one of the rarest and most coveted currencies in League of Legends. Introduced in early 2022, Mythic Essence allows players to unlock exclusive mythic content in the game, including prestigious Hextech, Icons, Chromas, and prestige skins. Let’s take a close look at this unique currency – what mythic essence is, the different ways to obtain it, and what players can currently redeem it for in the mythic shop.

With new mythic skins and content being added over time, mythic essence is only going to become more important for LoL players looking to collect special cosmetics and show off their dedication to the game. Read on to learn everything you need to know about using mythic essence to unlock LoL’s most elite rewards! 

What is LoL Mythic Essence?

So what exactly is mythic essence? At its core, it is simply a premium currency earned through certain milestones, capsules, chests, and leveling up. Ten mythic essences are equivalent to one old gemstone. When a player collects enough mythic essence, they can spend it to craft various cosmetic items in the mythic shop.

The mythic shop is where players can redeem their mythic essence. It offers a rotating stock of prestige skins, chromas, ward skins, emotes, and more. To unlock a mythic skin, players need 100-200 mythic essence. Other cosmetics require less essence to craft. The mythic shop refreshes with new content every couple months.

For dedicated League players, mythic essence is incredibly valuable. It provides a way for players to work towards specific goals like unlocking a favorite prestige skin. The rarity also makes mythic essence feel more prestigious and exciting to earn. While obtaining large amounts requires serious grinding or luck, the payoff of crafting a mythic shop exclusive is huge for collectors and mains.

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How to Get Mythic Essence

There are a variety of ways for League of Legends players to obtain mythic essence. The most consistent source is through the leveling system – you can get 10 mythic essence every 50 levels after reaching level 150. Hextech and Masterwork chests also have a small chance to drop either 5 or 10 essence when opened. 

The Masterwork and Loot Milestone systems will grant essence as well upon hitting certain thresholds for chests/capsules opened during events. For example, opening 25 Masterwork chests will award 10 mythic essence. During events, buying the pass can give 25 essence, with some events awarding more. You can also directly purchase 125 mythic essence for 2200 event tokens if you need a boost. 

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Current LoL Mythic Shop

The LoL Mythic Shop offers a variety of items that include wards, chromas, skins, and more! Each one of them rotates every couple months. 

Prestige Pulsefire Thresh

Available for 200 Mythic Essence

Prestige Conqueror jax

Available for 150 Mythic Essence

Prestige Project Zed

Available for 150 Mythic Essence

Prestige Empyrean K’Sante

Available for 125 Mythic Essence

Crystalis Motus Ashe

Available for 100 Mythic Essence 

Reclaimed Chroma + Icon also available for 40 Mythic Essence

“Oops, Did I Do That?” Emote available for 25 Mythic Essence

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Hextech Alistar

Available for 100 Mythic Essence 

Hextech Malzahar

Available for 100 Mythic Essence


As you’ve learned, Mythic Essence is a unique currency in League of Legends allowing you to unlock exclusive and coveted cosmetic items in the Mythic Shop. From prestigious skins to chromas and emotes, acquiring enough Mythic Essence opens doors to truly showcase your dedication and love for the game.

With more Mythic content becoming available over time, this system only becomes more enticing for dedicated players. So, keep collecting, crafting, and showcasing your unique style with LoL’s most elite rewards!

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