League of Legends Orange Essence: Everything to Know

In the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game League of Legends, there are a few different currencies that are used to unlock champions, skins, and other in-game items. One of these currencies is called Orange Essence. LoL Orange Essence is an in-game currency that is primarily used to unlock champion skins, ward skins, summoner icons, emotes, and chromas from Hextech Crafting.

Alongside Orange Essence, there are a few other key currencies in League of Legends. Blue Essence is earned by playing matches and leveling up and is used to unlock new champions and champion mastery levels. Mythic Essence is a rare crafting material that can be used to redeem ultra-prestige skins and other high-end cosmetic items. Riot Points (RP) is a premium currency that can be purchased with real money and exchanged for items in the Riot Store.

We’ll outline the main methods for collecting LoL Orange Essence so you can redeem more of the cosmetics you want for your champions. With a few tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking sweet skins and profile customizations.

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League of Legends In Game Currencies: Orange Essence, Blue Essence, and more

Orange Essence is a precious currency in League of Legends that is used specifically to unlock cosmetic items through the game’s Hextech Crafting system. Unlike Blue Essence, Mythic Essence, or Riot Points, there is no way to directly buy Orange Essence – it must be obtained over time by breaking down unwanted skins, icons, emotes and other items from Hextech Chests and Capsules. This essence functions as “crafting dust” that empowers you to claim exactly the skins and accessories you want for your champions.

Blue Essence is earned by playing matches and leveling up. Mythic Essence is an ultra-rare material for ultimate skins. Riot Points can be purchased for real money to exchange for premium goodies in the Riot Store. But Orange Essence is unique in how it fuels the alternate Hextech economy centered around unlocking cosmetics pieces through disenchantment over long-term play. 

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How to Get Orange Essence

Orange Essence is the magical dust that converts skins, icons, emotes and more from mere potential into awesome reality within League of Legends. This crafty currency fuels Hextech Crafting, allowing you to claim the exact cosmetics you want rather than leaving it to chance. But how to get orange essence? There are three primary methods:

  1. Disenchant Cosmetics – Skins, eternals, emotes, wards, icons…if you don’t want it, you can break it down into Orange Essence for crafting. This essence salvaged from duplicate or unwanted cosmetics forms the foundation.
  2. Open Hextech Chests – You’ll occasionally find Orange Essence drops when cracking open chests earned through the Hextech Crafting system. It may not be much, but these fragments add up!
  3. Events and Passes – Many seasonal events and battle passes offer LoL Orange Essence as purchasable rewards or as part of weekly mission prize tracks. Keep an eye out!

With the right balance of disenchanting unused cosmetics, 100%ing event passes, and sheer Hextech luck, you’ll steadily accumulate enough of this magical essence to claim exactly the skins and style pieces your main champions are craving.

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Orange Essence is integral for fleshing out your cosmetics collection in League through strategic Hextech Crafting. By diligently disenchanting unwanted goods, optimizing event pass rewards, and letting chest essence accumulate over time, you’ll build up enough sparkling dust to activate the skins your champions desire. 

With some patience and the essence-farming methods outlined here, your champions will be styling on the Rift in no time. Keep an eye out for opportunities and your essence riches will grow.

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