LoL Essence Emporium Shop is Here!

Riot Games has just opened up the LoL Blue Essence Emporium Shop, and it’s packed with all sorts of exclusive stuff for you to check out. If you’ve been saving up your Blue Essence, now’s the perfect time to spend it. The shop is filled with a bunch of great items that you won’t want to miss out on. 

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What is Essence Emporium?

The Blue Essence Emporium is a special event in League of Legends that happens twice a year. During the event you can use your Blue Essence points to buy lots of stuff. Blue Essence is a type of currency that you can earn by playing games, finishing missions, or disenchanting unused champion shards. During the Essence Emporium, you can get your hands on exclusive skins, emotes, ward skins, and other items that you can’t find anywhere else. Also, while the Emporium is open, XP boosts are half off, so you can level up even faster. It’s a great chance to spend your hard-earned Blue Essence.

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When Does Essence Emporium Start?

This year, the mid-season LoL Essence Emporium is running from May 30th at 11 AM PT all the way until June 19th, 2024. That means you have plenty of time to save up your Blue Essence and get ready to shop. Keep in mind that the Essence Emporium schedule changes every year, so make sure to stay up to date and don’t miss out on this exciting event. 

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LoL Blue Essence Emporium Exclusive Items

The Blue Essence Emporium is packed up with so many items! First up, we have the Mystery Icon for just 1,500 BE. Next, we’ve got Chromas for only 2,000 BE each. These let you switch up the color scheme of your favorite champions and skins. Just keep in mind that Limited, Legacy, and Seasonal chromas aren’t included.

Mystery Minis Icon Box for 2,500 BE. Now, let’s talk about the exclusive Emporium items. The Baron Hat Poro Icon at 4,000 BE. Mystery Ward for 4,900 BE. For those who want to show off their Emporium loyalty, the Essence Collector Ward Skin at 6,000 BE. “But Why?” emote is available for 25,000 BE, “Make It Rain” will cost you 50,000 BE, and “Money Bags” can be yours for 75,000 BE.

URFWick Skin, an Emporium exclusive for 150,000 BE. And the ultimate exclusive item, the Blue Essence Banner for 250,000 BE. Remember, the available chromas change depending on when the Emporium takes place. The end-of-season Emporium has chromas launched between January and June, while the mid-season Emporium features chromas from June to December


Don’t miss out on the incredible deals and exclusive items available in the LoL Blue Essence Emporium! This bi-annual event is your chance to spend your hard-earned Blue Essence on unique skins, emotes, ward skins, and more. With the mid-season Emporium running from May 30th to June 19th, 2024, you have plenty of time to save up and grab your favorite items. 

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