LoL URF is Finally Back!

The fast-paced mayhem of Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) has finally returned to League of Legends. URF is a featured game mode that vastly increases champion abilities’ cooldown reduction, allowing players to spam abilities at a frenzied pace. With little time to breathe between intense team fights, URF tests the limits of mechanical outplays and strategic team compositions.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the chaotic fun of LoL URF. To start, we’ll explain what exactly URF mode entails and how it differs from classic League. Then, we’ll highlight some of the most potent Duo synergies that emerge when URF’s ruleset allows certain champions to push their kits to the extreme. Whether you’re a veteran looking to try out busted ability combos or a new player ready to dive into the madness, this guide will get you up to speed on League of Legends’ most hectic game mode – URF!

LoL URF: Everything to Know

Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) is a featured game mode in League of Legends that takes place on Summoner’s Rift. It massively reduces ability cooldowns and removes resource costs, allowing champions to spam their spells.

Specifically, URF grants all champions an “Awesome Buff” that provides 300 ability haste, complete removal of mana and energy costs, 60 bonus movement speed, increased attack speed, faster exp gain, 25% increased critical strike damage, and more.

The URF buff also includes some mode-specific effects to enable more over-the-top gameplay. All champions can use a “champion cannon” in the fountain to launch themselves across the map for surprise engages or flanking maneuvers. Large monster camps like Dragon and Baron spawn more frequently and offer juiced-up rewards.

There are even some special features just for URF mode. Players can join the “Golden Spatula Club” for bonus rewards each match. Club members also unlock flashy “finisher” effects to stylize their takedowns.

With action-packed team fights happening at a breakneck frequency, URF tests the very limits of League gameplay. Both veteran and novice players alike can have a blast while discovering game-breaking champion synergies.

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LoL URF Duo Synergies

While every champion sees their power surge in URF’s chaos, certain champion pairings synergize to completely demolish team fights. These deadly duos amplify each other’s strengths, abusing URF’s mechanics to reach unstoppable levels of dominance. Just the sight of these combos locking in will strike terror into the hearts of enemies. If you really want to break URF wide open and taste sweet victory, try forming one of these game-breaking partnerships

Shaco – Zed

The nonstop skirmishing and frenzied pace of URF perfectly caters to Zed and Shaco‘s lethal playstyles. Both champions thrive when constantly allowed to isolate and pick off vulnerable targets. Shaco’s ever-replenishing W – Jack in the Boxe gives him unmatched zone control, letting him effectively direct the flow of battle. By covering the battlefield in boxes, Shaco primes juicy targets for Zed to rapidly delete with his spammable shadow combos.

And if the assassins ever get in trouble, Shaco provides them an escape with Q – Deceive while Zed has plenty of shadows to retreat to. Their combined mobility makes them nearly impossible to lock down. Once their cooldowns are back up, it’s right back to executing helpless squishies. To top it off, Shaco splits nonstop with his reduced Teleport channel time to apply immense pressure across the whole map.

Very few champions, if any, can survive getting caught alone by this deadly pairing. Zed and Shaco wear down teams through psychological warfare by continuously picking off anyone who strays from the pack. Once the paranoia sets in from their threatening playstyle, objectives become free real estate. 

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Janna – Kayle

Janna’s versatile supporting abilities amplify Kayle’s already formidable power to awe-inspiring levels in URF. With her spells available at a moment’s notice, Janna becomes the perfect guardian angel to enable Kayle’s complete takeover. Janna can speed up the winged avenger for surprise engages or escapes, whip up healing tempests to recover from poke damage, and direct tailor-made shields to negate incoming bursts.

Kayle certainly attracts immense attention once she scales up and begins raining waves of righteous fire down upon her foes. But with Janna’s constant stream of utility, Kayle finds herself nearly invincible against would-be threats. She’s able to dish out her full area of effect damage unchecked, shredding through full teams while remaining untouchable.

Between Janna’s protective abilities and the range advantage from Kayle’s wings, this angelic duo has all their bases covered. Teams hoping to stop Kayle’s ascendance to hypercarry status will instead only find themselves tossed around by gale winds and seared by a blazing sword. 

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Vayne – Smolder

The new dragon champion Smolder and the Night Hunter Vayne form a fearsome marksman pairing, combining rapid mobility and melt-tank firepower. Already a formidable duelist thanks to her W – Silver Bolt‘s true damage, Vayne becomes a nightmarish threat in URF with her nonstop Tumbling and boosted attack speed. She effortlessly shreds through enemies, and Smolder ensures no tables can turn with his scorching flame barricades.

Smolder’s fiery abilities pair perfectly with Vayne’s hit-and-run playstyle, able to funnel opponents into compromising positions. A well-placed W – Achooo! from Smolder cuts off escape routes for Vayne to clean up. And if anyone tries targeting Vayne, Smolder responds with R – MMOOOMMMM! while she repositions.

Together, this marksman duo’s damage output and evasiveness reach staggering levels in URF. They can keep even the most durable champions permanently on the back foot and overwhelmed under their combined scalding offense. Teams hoping to withstand their assault will quickly learn how futile resistance is against this blazing duo threat.


With its frantic pace testing the very limits,  LoL URF offers endless opportunities for fun through its overpowered ability spamming and game-breaking champion combinations. Though the mode only comes around temporarily, you owe it to yourself to dive into at least one URF match and sample its signature chaos. 

Whether you intend to discover the next broken duo to terrorize Summoner’s Rift or just want to wildly sling spells, Ultra Rapid Fire delivers a one-of-a-kind League of Legends experience. So the next time those iconic blue buffs hit the Rift, be sure to join the madness!

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