Fire Breathing Fury: Inside the New LoL Champ Smolder

The heat is on in the bot lane, with the latest ADC champion blazing their way onto the Rift. Smolder, the Infernal Terror is LoL’s first dragon carry, bringing fiery abilities and scorching damage as Riot’s newest marksman.

Smolder’s abilities provide potent trading power with his flames, allowing him to aggressively bully opponents in lane. It bursts down squishes or shreds tanks when mastered. Smolder’s dramatic dragon form contrasts the humanoid ADCs, giving him a great visual presence in team fights.

Smolder’s Abilities

As an attack-oriented marksman, Smolder brings a versatile kit that synergizes with critical strike builds. He combines auto attack damage with several fire-based abilities to melt opponents. Smolder is designed to be easier to pick up than complex carries like Aphelios, while still rewarding mastery through proper ability usage. To play him effectively, players must weave his fiery skills between auto attacks to maximize damage.

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Smolder’s Passive, Dragon Practice, allows him to enhance his basic abilities through combat. Each time Smolder hits an enemy champion with one of his abilities or scores a minion/monster kill with Super Scorcher Breath, he gains a stack of Dragon Practice. This buff causes his three basic abilities – Fireball, Wing Buffet, and Molten Shield – to deal bonus magic damage based on the number of stacks accumulated. 

Dragon Practice incentivizes Smolder to use his abilities frequently in order to power up their damage. The passive rewards landing skill shots and securing last hits, allowing skilled Smolder players to get the most value from his kit. With enough stacks of Dragon Practice, Smolder’s fiery abilities truly live up to his name as the Infernal Terror.

Q: Super Scorcher Breath

Super Scorcher Breath is Smolder’s fireball launching ability that gains empowered effects over time. Initially, it fires a single fireball that damages and applies on-hit effects to the first enemy struck. Upon hitting any target, Smolder permanently gains a stack of Super Scorcher Breath. 

At 25 stacks, the fireball explodes on impact, damaging nearby enemies. At 125 stacks, it additionally launches flaming bolts in an arc upon colliding, dealing AoE damage. Finally, at 225 stacks, the fireball ignites the target, dealing max health-based true damage over time. If the burning target falls low enough, Super Scorcher Breath will execute them. This adds executive power to Smolder’s kit while incentivizing him to keep using the ability. The evolving effects make Super Scorcher Breath more deadly as Smolder unlocks its full draconic strength.

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Achooo! allows Smolder to channel his draconic heritage in an explosive sneeze. When activated, Smolder unleashes a mighty blast in the target direction, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies hit by the sneeze. If Smolder’s gross dragon snot impacts an enemy champion, it creates a disgusting explosion around them that damages nearby foes.

Achooo! gives Smolder a mid-range poke and wave clear by weaponizing his mucus. Players can use it to harass champions hiding behind minions or hit grouped-up enemies with the AoE blast. It provides a reliable source of damage and CC, especially useful if Super Scorcher Breath is on cooldown. Achooo! is sure to spread germs and destruction when unleashed on the Rift. Just mind your manners after using it!

E: Flap, Flap, Flap

Flap Flap Flap allows Smolder to take to the skies for a short time. When activated, he gains a burst of movement speed and the ability to fly over terrain for 1.25 seconds. While airborne, Smolder automatically peppers the nearest low-health enemy with magical bolts, firing up to a number of shots based on his critical strike chance. 

This provides a powerful execution tool, allowing Smolder to quickly finish off wounded foes. It also gives him an engage/disengage tool with the terrain-ignoring flight. Players can use Flap Flap Flap to swiftly chase down targets or make a speedy escape over walls. With his wings, Smolder gains unmatched mobility compared to other marksmen. Soaring through team fights raining draconic fire, he truly embodies the fantasy of a dragon on the attack.

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MMOOOMMMM! allows Smolder to call upon his mother’s aid in battle. When activated, Smolder shouts for Mom, prompting her to fly over and unleash a massive fiery breath in front of him. This deals physical damage and slows enemies caught in the central cone of flames. Enemies closer to the ability’s point of origin take increased damage from the searing draconic breath. 

Additionally, Smolder is healed for a portion of the damage dealt by his mother’s flames. MMOOOMMMM! provides Smolder with AoE burst damage and sustain in team fights. Players can use it to shred grouped-up enemies or give Smolder a second life by healing through the damage. The ultimate reflects Smolder’s ties to his dragon lineage and ability to channel their power on the Rift. Just hope his mom doesn’t ground him for calling on her too much!


Smolder brings the fury and firepower of dragons to the bot lane. His versatile kit blends auto attacks with fiery abilities to create a beginner-friendly, high-damage marksman. Though challenging at first, mastering his evolving powers unleashes Smolder’s true draconic potential. This hot new champ looks set to breathe new life into the ADC role, letting players immolate foes and reignite their passion for marksmen. Smolder evokes the fantasy of becoming a dragon, so get ready to let your inner beast unleash inferno on the Rift!

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