LoL Scripts: Can You Get Banned For Using League of Legends Scripts?

Scripts have become a controversial topic within the League of Legends community. Some players use scripts to try to gain an advantage. LoL scripts are programs that interact with the client to automate certain in-game actions and provide users with advantages. 

For example, some scripts allow players to land skill shots and dodge enemy abilities with inhuman reaction times and precision. Others reveal information about the map and opponents that would normally be hidden. While the exact capabilities vary, the end result is the same – script users gain significant edges over their non-cheating opponents. 

We will discuss the benefits that entice some players to use scripts, from climbing ranked ladders with ease to dominating games against legitimate players. And then provide an overview of some of the most popular scripts on the market and what exactly they do.

What Are LoL Scripts?

League of Legends scripts are third-party programs that interact with the game client to give players advantages and automate certain actions. They allow users to essentially “cheat” by doing things that would be impossible or extremely difficult to do manually.

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What Are The Advantages of Using League of Legends Scripts?

While there are many types of scripts out there that provide a wide range of different functionalities and advantages, some of the most popular and impactful can include things like:


This automatically dodges enemy skill shots that would otherwise hit the user’s champion. This makes it extremely difficult for opponents to land abilities.

Skin Changer

Allows the user to equip any skin they want, even prestige or limited-edition skins they don’t own. This is purely a cosmetic benefit.

Zoom Hack

Provides an expanded camera view of the map, allowing the user to see and target enemies from much farther away than intended. This improves map awareness.


Uses algorithms to predict enemy champion movements and improve the accuracy of the user’s skill shots. This makes dodging and juking much less effective.


Automates the user’s champion ability sequences for the fastest possible combos. Makes champions easier to play and perform combos perfectly.


Maximizes mobility and DPS by automatically attacking and moving between attacks. Allows users to kite and chase much more effectively.

Target Selector

Lets the user precisely choose an enemy champion to focus attacks and abilities on. Enables perfect focus fire without losing track of targets.


Uses items automatically at the optimal moments without the user having to press anything. Maximizes item usage effectiveness.

Anti-Cheat Bypass 

Keeps the script undetected by Riot’s anti-cheat systems. Allows the user to cheat without getting caught.

Information Overlay

Displays ability ranges, enemy positions, and other info visually on screen. Provides awareness and info the user shouldn’t have access to.

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Top League of Legends Scripts Providers

PhantomScript is currently considered one of the top scripting programs for League of Legends in 2024. PhantomScript offers many powerful features like automated combos, skill shot dodging, and map hacking that give users distinct advantages over non-cheating opponents. The script is continuously updated to avoid detection from Riot’s anti-cheat systems

PhantomScript’s prominence on script seller forums and Reddit indicates it is widely used amongst players looking to cheat. The program is a subscription service, charging monthly fees that allow continual access to script features and updates. PhantomScript remains a prime destination for those seeking to gain an edge through scripting.

ArcaneScript is another high-profile script subscription service, considered the “Best League of Legends Scripts” for 2024. It contains similar features as PhantomScript, boasting evasion, targeting, combo automation, overlays, and other capabilities that essentially allow cheating. Constant anti-cheat bypass updates are promised to users as well. and ArcaneScript have an active Discord community, demonstrating ongoing support and technological development for new script features. The service is considered cheap, running over $20 a month. Still, for unscrupulous players focused on winning at any cost, ArcaneScript offers a robust toolkit to boost your LoL Rank.

Can You Get Banned for Using LoL Scripts?

Using unauthorized third-party scripts or mods in League of Legends, is strictly prohibited by Riot Games. While some scripts promise minor gameplay advantages, utilizing them runs a very real risk of getting your account permanently banned. But you’ll unlikely get banned if you use any of the Top LoL Script Providers

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In summary, some League of Legends players are tempted to use scripts for perceived advantages. Scripts provide information that helps the user access information that other normal players don’t get to. Some websites provide these scripts for cheap monthly subscriptions such as PhantomScript and ArcaneScript.

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