League of Legends Split One End Date

The ranked season for League of Legends is divided into three major splits. The first split will be ending soon on an important date for all competitive players. This split has seen summoners grinding hard on the Rift to earn rank rewards. As the split one end date approaches, the race is heating up to lock in the highest possible rank before it closes. Players still have a limited time left to put in the games needed to climb to their dream tier before the first split concludes. 

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When Does Split One End?

Split one of the ranked League of Legends season will be ending on May 15th, 2024. As split one wraps up, players have until May 15th to get those last games and secure the Victorious Kog’Maw skin before ranked is disabled briefly. Importantly, split two will kick off immediately after on the same day, May 15th. However, there will be some major ranked changes implemented with the start of split two.

First, the updated ranked system will introduce uncapped mastery levels, removing the previous level 7 cap on champion mastery. Dedicated one-trick players can now earn infinitely high mastery scores as they perfect their champion skills. These exciting changes are slated to go live on May 15th, the same date split one conclusively ends. 

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How to Earn Victorious Kog’maw

Victorious Kog’Maw is the coveted end-of-split ranked reward. To get your hands on this exclusive skin, there are a couple key requirements you’ll need to meet. First, you must accumulate a certain number of split points from your ranked games. If your highest rank achieved is below Gold, you’ll need 1000 total split points. For Gold rank or above, the split point target is lower at only 80 points.

The second condition is having a minimum account honor level of 2. Honor tracks your positive behavior, so playing fairly and treating teammates with respect is crucial. Reach honor level 2 or higher and you’ll satisfy this part. Meet both the split point and honor level benchmarks by this split’s conclusion, and the iconic Victorious Kog’Maw skin will be granted to your account for free! 

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As the first split of the 2024 ranked season winds down, the competition is heating up for League of Legends players. The pivotal split one end date of May 15th brings finality to the opening grind, along with some major shake-ups. Ranking up before then secures split points needed for the exclusive Victorious Kog’Maw skin reward. With split two starting immediately and uncapped mastery on the way, getting those last crucial ranked wins ensures a smooth transition to the next phase. 

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