Best League of Legends Arena Combos (2024)

Playing League of Legends is all about teamwork. Sure, you need to master your champion’s abilities, but combining your powers with an ally can lead to some truly epic plays. In the LoL Arena, certain champion combos shine brighter than others. Their abilities complement each other perfectly, allowing them to demolish opponents with ease.

Vi & Veigar Combo

With a whopping 25.7% top placement rate, the Vi and Veigar combo is a force to be reckoned with in the arena. Their abilities mesh together perfectly, allowing them to lock down enemies and obliterate them in the blink of an eye.

Vi starts things off by charging forward with her Vault Breaker, shattering any resistance in her path. As she slams into her unlucky target, her Blast Shield keeps her safe from retaliation. With the enemy staggered, Veigar steps in and casts his Event Horizon, trapping them in an inescapable stun prison.

From here, the deadly duo can unleash their full might. Vi pounds the helpless foe with Denting Blows, stripping away their armor while Veigar bombards them with Dark Matter explosions. If the enemy somehow survives this onslaught, Vi finishes them off by unleashing her ultimate Cease and Desist – a devastating knockup followed by a ground-shattering slam.

Any fool caught in their crosshairs is as good as dead. With Vi’s relentless assault and Veigar’s extreme burst damage, this combo reigns supreme in the arena’s bloody battlegrounds.

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Illaoi & Lillia Combo

Boasting an impressive 24.9% top placement rate, the Illaoi and Lillia duo brings a nightmarish combination of crowd control and sustained damage to the arena. Their powers mesh perfectly, allowing them to lock down multiple targets while whittling them down over time.

The terror begins when Lillia activates her Blooming Blows, gaining a burst of movement speed to close the gap. As she dances amongst the enemy team, her Swirlseed slows their retreat while coating them in Dream Dust. Illaoi then enters the fray, using Test of Spirit to rip the spirit from one unlucky soul.

With the spirit summoned, Illaoi’s tentacles erupt from the ground, slamming into the hapless victim as well as any other enemies caught in their lengthy reach. Lillia follows up by putting the entire enemy team to sleep with her Lilting Lullaby ultimate. Those rudely awoken take massive bonus damage.

Any stragglers are swiftly dealt with by Illaoi’s Harsh Lesson leap and Leap of Faith tentacle summons. Between the unrelenting tentacle slams and Lillia’s whittling Dream-Laden damage, few can withstand this combo’s relentless onslaught of lockdown and life-draining might.

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Galio & Kayn Combo

Clocking in at an impressive 24.7% top placement rate, the Galio and Kayn duo brings unparalleled initiation power and burst damage to the arena. Their combined abilities allow them to start fights on their terms and eviscerate anyone caught in their crosshairs.

The carnage begins when Galio takes to the skies with Hero’s Entrance, shielding his allies as he selects the perfect landing spot. As he crashes down, Kayn lurks in the shadows, watching for the ideal victim using Shadow Step to maneuver into position unseen.

With Galio’s Justice Punch knocking up the first unlucky soul, Kayn seizes his moment and Umbral Trespasses into their body. After materializing from within, he unleashes a whirlwind of Reaping Slashes and Blade’s Reach lacerations – the target’s life draining away with every vicious strike.

Should the enemy team attempt to retaliate, Galio taunts them into his grasp with Shield of Durand before pummeling them with Winds of War tornadoes. Stuck in Galio’s unbreakable crowd control, the enemy can only watch helplessly as Kayn’s Darkin Scythe cuts them down one by one.

With Galio’s earth-shaking initiation and Kayn’s lethal surgical strikes, this combo dishes out more pain than most teams can handle. One perfectly coordinated assault is often all it takes to demoralize and dismantle even the fiercest of opponents.

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These three combos reign supreme in the LoL Arena for their ability to lock down enemies or burst them down in an instant. Vi and Veigar’s deadly burst, Illaoi and Lillia’s nightmarish crowd control, and Galio and Kayn’s unparalleled initiation might – each of these duos brings something truly special to the battlefield. By mastering their synergies, you’ll become an unstoppable force to be reckoned with in the arena’s bloody battlegrounds. Coordinate your abilities with your ally, and not even the fiercest opponents will be able to withstand your wrath.

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