5 Best Supports for Jinx (2024)

Jinx is a crazy, chaotic ADC who loves to blow things up. She needs a support champion who can keep her safe in lane and help her get kills. In 2024, there are 5 champions that stand to be the best supports for Jinx. Poppy, Amumu, Braum, Gragas, and Janna. These picks enable Jinx’s insane damage output and help her with their kit during the whole game.

Poppy, the Keeper of the Hammer

Poppy, the iron yordle, brings a solid 57.1% win rate when supporting Jinx. She’s considered the best support for Jinx, her kit is perfectly suited to protect and enable Jinx’s hypercarry potential. Poppy’s W ability, Steadfast Presence, gives her passive armor and magic resist that ramps up when low on health. This helps Poppy shrug off poke damage in lane. Activating Steadfast Presence grants Poppy a huge movement speed boost to quickly reposition. More importantly, it stops any enemy dashes near Poppy, slowing and grounding them – amazing for shutting down engages onto Jinx.

Her ultimate, Keeper’s Verdict, is a game-changing knockback. Poppy channels a massive hammer strike that knocks enemies she hits an incredible distance away. This lets Poppy make space for Jinx to safely dish out maximum chaos without being dove. With Steadfast Presence and Keeper’s Verdict, Poppy acts as the ultimate bodyguard for the rambunctious Jinx.

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Amumu, The Sad Mummy

With a 55.1% win rate, Amumu proves to be one of the most effective supports when paired with Jinx’s rocket-powered rampage. The Sad Mummy’s crowd control abilities are perfect for setting up kills for her.

Amumu’s Q, Bandage Toss, is a long-range stun that allows him to grapple directly onto enemy champions. This can instantly lock down targets for Jinx to unleash her damage. His W, Despair, slowly drains maximum health from nearby enemies each second – softening them up for Jinx’s executes.

But Amumu’s true power comes from his ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy. This ability surrounds Amumu in bandages that stun all enemies caught in the radius. With this massive area lockdown, Amumu can almost guarantee Jinx free-firing windows to melt entire teams caught in his mummy wrap.

Between the long-range Bandage Toss stun, Despair’s health shredding, and the huge team-fight stun-zone of his ultimate, Amumu creates constant opportunities for Jinx’s barrages to devastate the opposition.

Braum, The Heart of the Freljord

Braum stands as an impenetrable bastion for protecting his ally Jinx with a stellar 54.9% win rate. The Freljordian guardian’s kit is tailor-made for peeling for hypercarries like Jinx. Braum’s passive, Concussive Blows, allows him and Jinx to stack up slows on targets until they are stunned – setting up easy kills. His E, Unbreakable, makes Braum raise an nigh-impervious shield that blocks all incoming projectiles for several seconds. This lets Jinx fire away without fear of retaliation.

But Braum’s ultimate, Glacial Fissure, is his biggest asset for Jinx. He slams the ground, knocking up all nearby enemies and leaving a slowing fissure. This massive area lockdown enables Jinx’s full area-of-effect damage to obliterate anyone caught inside.

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Gragas, The Rabble Rouser

With a surprising 54.8% win rate, the drunken brawler Gragas emerges as an unusal but highly effective support pick for the mad bomber Jinx. Though unconventional, Gragas’ disruptive abilities create perfect windows for Jinx’s volleys.

Gragas starts the mayhem by rolling out his Q, Barrel Roll. He can manually detonate these explosive casks later, slowing grouped enemies for Jinx’s rocket barrages. His E, Body Slam, allows Gragas to quickly close distance and collide into the enemy team, stunning them briefly.

However, Gragas’ true power belongs to his ultimate, Explosive Cask. He hurls a massive, bouncing brew across the battlefield for a titanic explosion that knocks apart anyone caught inside. This large-scale displacement is a Jinx’s dream, scattering opponents for her to pick apart.

While untraditional, Gragas’ ability to disrupt enemy positioning with slows, stuns, and displacement combos perfectly with Jinx’s need to DeleteTeamFighting enemies from safety. Together, they are a demolitions duo.

Janna, The Storm’s Fury

Rounding out our best suppors for Jinx list at 53.7% win rate is Janna, the Storm’s Fury. While not an obvious pairing, Janna’s unparalleled defensive utilities make her the perfect enabler for Jinx’s glass cannon hyper carry potential.

Janna’s passive Tailwind grants allies bonus movement speed when moving towards her. This allows Jinx to kite and reposition more easily. Additionally, Janna’s Zephyr empowered autoattacks deal extra magic damage from the boosted movement speed.

Her Q, Howling Gale, creates a directional tornado that knocks back any enemies caught in its path – peeling for Jinx. But Janna’s true protective power comes from her ultimate Monsoon. She summons a massive storm that interrupts dashes and knocks back all nearby threats. The lingering winds then provide hefty healing for Jinx.

With point-and-click shielding, area-of-effect peels, healing, and unrivaled disengage tools, Janna stands as the quintessential defensive support. Her strengths cover Jinx’s weaknesses perfectly, enabling the Loose Cannon’s full damage potential with little risk. Though unassuming, Janna is a pivotal partner for Jinx’s domination.

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Poppy, Amumu, Braum, Gragas, and Janna provide the perfect tools to unlock Jinx’s full chaos potential. With their diverse kits complementing Jinx’s powerful but fragile playstyle, these supports ensure the Loose Cannon can rain down destruction while staying safe. Master their abilities, and you’ll dominate the bottom lane in 2024 with the rocket-launching mayhem machine.

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