LoL Clash Schedule (2024)

The competitive team tournament mode that took League of Legends by storm is finally making its long-awaited return – LoL Clash! Clash had been an exciting experience for both veterans of the mode and newcomers who missed out last time, Clash’s reemergence is an exciting chance to gather your closest in-game allies and test your teamwork against other premade squads. 

With coordinated strategy and communication, your team could climb through the bracket for glory, prizes, and most importantly, competitiveness. So rally up your squad and get ready to compete, because LoL Clash is here to find out which teams have what it takes to triumph when the stakes are high. This is your opportunity to shine on the big stage with your Clash crew by your side!

What is LoL Clash?

LoL Clash is a competitive team tournament mode in League of Legends that was launched on December 15th, 2017 where premade teams of 5 players compete against each other in an exciting bracket-style format.

To participate in Clash, players must join or form a full team of 5 and meet eligibility requirements like being level 30+ and ranked. Teams must purchase Clash tickets to enter the tournament.

The tournament operates in phases – first, a lock-in phase where teams confirm participation, then a scouting phase to review opponents’ profiles and stats, followed by draft pick champion selection.

Teams battle in best-of-one matches, requiring coordination and teamwork to win and advance through the bracket. Winning teams move up the bracket to earn glory, in-game rewards like banners and logos, and prizes or capsules based on final placement.

Clash provides a structured competitive environment, unlike regular League of Legends modes. Communication, drafting strategy, and in-game team play are heavily tested.

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Clash Rewards

Clash offers various rewards for teams based on their placements:


  • Winning a bracket earns a trophy themed to that tournament. The highest trophy displays on your profile and in-game at Summoner’s Rift for 2 weeks.

Victory Points & Banner Frames

  • Earning 400 VP unlocks banners that display on your profile and in-game. More wins = more VP to unlock higher level banners and frames.

First Win Bonus VP

  • Earning bonus VP on your first win each Clash day. The amount depends on your tier.

Orbs & Capsules

  • All players get a Clash orb or capsule based on wins, losses, and ticket type. Better placements mean better loot like skin shards.
  • Basic tickets provide orbs, and premium tickets provide capsules with upgraded content.

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LoL Clash Schedule

A lot of players ask When is Clash LoL? Riot Games has announced the LoL Clash Schedule for this month, and the match times for the next two Clash event weekends:

2/24/2024 – 5:45 PM GMT +2 -> 10 PM GMT+2

2/25/2024 – 5:45 PM GMT +2 -> 10 PM GMT+2

Clash matches take place on Saturdays and Sundays during these pre-set blocks of time.

Teams can choose their preferred start time within these windows when signing up their premade squad of 5 players. Make sure to coordinate schedules with teammates!

Be sure to lock down your Clash team’s availability during these upcoming event weekends. The competition will be fierce, so make sure your squad is ready to bring its A-game and take on all challengers!

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Clash’s return is exciting news for veterans eager to recreate the thrills of past tournaments and newcomers who missed out and want to experience the competitive Clash environment. In Clash, premade teams of 5 test their skills against equally matched squads in best-of-one bracket play. The stakes feel high as winners climb through the brackets for in-game rewards, glory, and ultimate bragging rights over the entire player base.

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