LoL Skin Sale: Current Weekly Skin Sale in League of Legends – Feb 5

With over a thousand skins available, it can be difficult for League of Legends players to collect looks for all their favorite champions. However, every week Riot offers discounts in their LoL Sale on selected skins to make obtaining some premium outfits more affordable. Whatever your style may be, from dark and sinister to fun and lighthearted, the weekly sales can surprise you with eye-catching looks to try out without breaking your bank account.

In this weekly recap, we will take a look at the LoL Skin Sale, individual component prices, variety of champion representation, and potential savings you can find. Sometimes sales include older legacy skins while other times newly released cosmetics see some quick price cuts. By understanding the on-sale trends, you can discover some underrated skin gems or decide to pull the trigger on coveted skins you’ve been waiting for discounts on.

La Ilusión Qiyana

One exciting skin going on sale this week is La Ilusión Qiyana, marked down from 1350 RP to 975 RP. This whimsical skin transforms the normally imposing Empress of the Elements into a charming mystic, complete with a masked fox persona and aqua colors. When she wields her elemental ring, La Ilusión Qiyana surrounds herself with hypnotic flames, dizzying winds, and stunning lightning. For any Qiyana mains looking to add a lighter personality to their champion pool or try a new take on her ability effects, this 27% discount makes La Ilusión an attractive option to pick up. The 975 RP sale price will last through the end of the week before the skin returns to normal pricing.

Cosmic Matriarch Bel’Veth

Another eye-catching skin on sale this week is Cosmic Matriarch Bel’Veth, marked down from 1350 RP to 975 RP. This celestial skin recasts the Void Empress as a cosmic overlord, with gorgeous pink and blue effects across her abilities. When she triggers Royal Maelstrom, Cosmic Matriarch Bel’Veth appears like a galaxy come to life. And her Voidings become cute mystically-powered manta rays. For Bel’Veth players that enjoy brighter colors to contrast her darker base, or want to further embrace her regal domination, this discounted variant is a great pickup while it lasts. But act quickly, as the stellar 975 RP sale price disappears when the weekly discounts end.

Empyrean Vex

Vex mains can pick up a bright new look on sale this week with Empyrean Vex, marked down from 1350 RP to 810 RP. This cheerful skin dresses the gloomy mage in a colorful outfit with flowers in her hair, backed by stunning sky and star effects on her shadow magic. When she triggers Doom ‘n Gloom, Empyrean Vex calls down rainbow stars and shooting sparks. For those who enjoy Vex’s shadowy style but want something more playful and sunny, now is the time to grab this 40% discounted skin before prices go back up. The 810 RP sale is one of the larger discounts, making Empyrean an absolute steal for collectors or anyone who enjoys its whimsical charm.

Empyrean Zac

Zac players can pick up a galactic new look this week with Empyrean Zac, marked down from 1350 RP to 810 RP. This stellar skin gives the Secret Weapon a cosmic makeover, with Zac transforming into a mass of stars and nebula gases. When he triggers Let’s Bounce, Empyrean Zac forms a shining solar corona to leap at enemies. For those looking to bring more cosmic power and radiant effects to their Elastic Slingshot plays, now’s the chance to grab this 40% off skin. At only 810 RP during the weekly sale period, Empyrean Zac is an amazing discount for collectors and Zac enthusiasts who want a bright, eye-catching variant before prices rebound.

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Star Nemesis Morgana

Morgana players can embrace cosmic power this week with the Star Nemesis Morgana skin on sale for 877 RP, down from 1350 RP. This skin envisions the Fallen Angel as an interstellar conqueror, commanding the stars with her celestial magic. When she triggers Dark Binding, starry trails follow her spell. Her Tormented Shadow morphs enemies into nebula energy. For Morgana fans seeking a powerful and mystical cosmic variant, now is the ideal time to add Star Nemesis to your collection at a 35% discount before prices revert. Whether battling for map control or chaining CC in team fights, steal the celestial show with this gorgeous skin sale.

Cosmic Destiny Nami

Nami players can ride stellar tides this week with Cosmic Destiny Nami on sale for 675 RP, marked down from 1350 RP. This skin dresses the Tidecaller as a cosmic ocean guardian, with watery abilities transformed into shimmering nebulae. When she empowers allies with Tidal Wave, brilliant ripples of stardust crash forth. For those seeking a transcendent look for Nami’s flowing kit, now is the ideal time to pick up Cosmic Destiny at half off. Whether roaming for ganks or supporting team fights, make a splash amongst the stars with this 50% discounted skin before prices return to normal.

Infernal Amumu

Amumu mains can ignite their sadness this week with Infernal Amumu on sale for 607 RP, marked down from 1350 RP. This fiery skin transforms the Sad Mummy into a blazing demonic creature, with hellish effects across his bandage abilities. When he triggers Curse of the Sad Mummy, Infernal Amumu calls down a rain of molten meteorites. For those looking to bring some heated power to their jungle ganks and team fight initiations, now is the ideal time to grab this 55% discounted skin before prices revert. Whether despairing over epic monster steals or landing game-changing ultimates, unleash Amumu’s true infernal form with this scorching sale.

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Dark Waters Diana

Diana players can embrace aquatic power this week with Dark Waters Diana on sale for 607 RP, marked down from 1350 RP. This skin immerses the Scorn of the Moon in an oceanic transformation, with abilities replaced by surging tides. When she triggers Lunar Rush, Dark Waters Diana rides a crushing wave to crash upon enemies. For those seeking a deeper dimension to Diana’s abilities, now is the ideal time to grab this 55% discounted skin before prices revert. Whether splitting the moon or splashing into team fights, make a splash with this temporarily cheap skin.

Dark Star Varus

Dark Star Varus, from its lofty 1350 RP pedestal to a mere 607 RP. This unprecedented discount has sparked a frenzy among players, igniting discussions and debates across forums and social media platforms. But beyond the excitement lies a deeper tale—one that reveals the intricate dance between value, rarity, and player desire within the virtual realm. Join us as we unravel the significance of this extraordinary sale, exploring its impact on players and the evolving landscape of in-game economies in the realm of Runeterra.

Pickpocket Twitch

Pickpocket Twitch. From its initial listing at 750 RP, this elusive skin has plummeted to a mere 300 RP during its limited-time sale—a steal by any measure. But behind the allure of discounts lies a tale of strategy, anticipation, and the ever-shifting dynamics of player demand. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of this remarkable sale, uncovering the allure of Pickpocket Twitch and the thrill of securing a bargain in the vibrant marketplace of Runeterra.

Officer VI

Officer Vi skin has undergone a remarkable transformation, shifting from its standard listing of 975 RP to an enticing 390 RP during a limited-time sale. This unprecedented markdown has sent shockwaves through the community, sparking a frenzy of activity as summoners clamor to secure this law-enforcing enforcer at a bargain price. Join us as we explore the implications of this monumental sale, unraveling the mysteries behind Officer Vi’s discounted debut and the thrill of seizing victory—both on and off the battlefield.

Arctic Ops Kennen

As the icy winds of winter sweep across the Rift, summoners are greeted with a frosty surprise—the chilling markdown of Arctic Ops Kennen. From its original price of 975 RP, this stealthy ninja skin has undergone a dramatic transformation, now available for a mere 536 RP during its limited-time sale. This unprecedented price drop has sparked a flurry of excitement among players, as they rush to add this frostbitten assassin to their collection at a fraction of the cost. Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind Arctic Ops Kennen’s discounted debut, exploring the allure of cosmetic customization in the ever-evolving world of League of Legends.

Midnight Ahri

Midnight Ahri‘s ethereal skin, cast its spell at a fraction of its original cost. Once priced at 750 RP, this enchanting attire now beckons summoners with a mesmerizing offer, available for a mere 300 RP during its limited-time sale

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Tango Evelynn

Tango Evelynn‘s alluring skin, is now available at an irresistible discount. Previously priced at 520 RP, this embodiment of charm and danger now beckons summoners with a tantalizing offer of 208 RP during its limited-time sale


Each week, LoL Skin Sale offers a curated selection of skins that receive substantial markdowns, making premium outfits more accessible to players of all backgrounds. Whether your taste leans towards the dark and sinister or the fun and lighthearted, the weekly sales consistently surprise you with eye-catching looks that won’t break the bank.

Whether you’re a collector seeking underrated gems or a savvy shopper waiting for discounts on coveted skins, understanding the trends of LoL Sale offerings can be invaluable. These sales often feature a mix of older legacy skins and newly released cosmetics, catering to a wide range of player preferences and desires.

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