A Deep Dive Into The New LoL Tank Items

The recent League of Legends Season shook up the tank meta by introducing four new powerful items tailored for frontline bruisers. Hollow Radiance, Kaenic Rookern, Trailblazer, and Unending Despair provide specialized stats and effects to address common tank needs – strong magic resistance, mobility for engagement, and sheer unkillable health sustain. 

For top lane tanks struggling to stay relevant in recent patches, these additions offer new build diversity and help them fulfill their disruptive roles. We will explore the stats, passives, ideal users, and overall impact of LoL’s newest tank items. With the right builds centered around these introductions, tanks can now stand toe-to-toe with the damage-packed carries and mages they aim to lock down.

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Hollow Radiance

Hollow Radiance is ideal for tanks that need to wade into the heart of battle against mage-heavy teams. Champions like Amumu, Galio, and Maokai who initiate fights will appreciate the combination of magic resistance and explosive reactive damage. For any tank struggling to itemize defensively against magic damage, Hollow Radiance is a strong option worth considering.

Total Cost: 2800 Gold
Item recipe: Bami’s Cinder + Spectre’s Cowl
Stats:+40 magic resistance +600 health +100% base health regeneration
Unique – Immolate: Taking or dealing damage activates this passive for 3 seconds. Deal 10 (+ 1.75% bonus health) magic damage every second to enemies within Range center 325 (+ 100% bonus size) units, with the damage being increased by 25% against minions. This executes minions that would be killed by one more tick of damage.

Unique – Desolate: Killing an enemy unit deals 20 (+ 3.5% bonus health) magic damage to enemies near them.

Kaenic Rookern

Kaenic Rookern is ideal for vanguard tanks that need to withstand high magic damage when initiating fights. Champions like Sion, Ornn, and Malphite can lead the charge and come out ahead in trades against mage opponents using this item. For any tank seeking strong magic defense, Kaenic Rookern warrants consideration.

Total Cost: 2900 Gold
Item recipe: Spectre’s Cowl + Negatron Cloak
Stats:+80 magic resistance +400 health +150% base health regeneration
Unique – Magebane: After not taking magic damage for 12 seconds, gain a Hybrid resistances icon shield that absorbs magic damage equal to 20% of maximum health until broken (Limited to 1 Kaenic Rookern).

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Trailblazer is perfect for tanks that need to cover ground quickly to land their CC abilities. Champions like Alistar, Leona, and Nautilus can boost their engage potential with the added mobility. The cooldown reduction also ensures their disruption tools will be readily available. For any tank seeking to stick to targets after initiating, Trailblazer will enable them to become more disruptive threats on the frontline.

Total Cost: 2500 Gold
Item recipe: Winged Moonplate + Chain Vest
Stats:+40 armor +200 health +5% movement speed
Unique – Lead the Way: While moving, generate 7 stacks of Momentum every 0.25 seconds, granting up to 20 bonus movement speed at 100 stacks after 3.75 seconds of moving. At maximum stacks, you leave behind a path briefly that grants 15% of your bonus movement speed to allied champions within. 

Basic attacks consume all stacks. If you are Melee role melee and at maximum stacks, your next basic attack Slow icon slows the target by 50% for 1 second (Limited to 1 Momentum item / Ranged role Ranged champions do not apply the slow.)

Unending Despair

Unending Despair is a new health-focused tank item added in Patch 14.2 that grants substantial durability. Unending Despair enables super tanks to outlast opponents in extended brawls. Champions like Dr. Mundo, Volibear, and Alistar become practically unkillable with this item’s survivability. For any juggernaut tank seeking to laugh off enemy damage, Unending Despair is the perfect fit.

Total Cost: 2800
Item recipe: Kindlegem + Chain Vest + Ruby Crystal
Stats:+10 ability haste +55 armor +400 health
Unique – Anguish: Every 7 seconds in combat with champions, deal 30 − 50 (based on level) (+ 3% bonus health) magic damage to enemy champions within 650 units and Heal power icon heal yourself equal to 250% of the post-mitigation damage dealt. Limited to 1 Unending Despair.

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The new LoL tank items in Patch 14.2 provide more diversity and strength to help top lane bruisers thrive. Hollow Radiance and Kaenic Rookern give tanks the magic resistance they need against rising mage threats. Trailblazer improves engagement potential through added mobility. And Unending Despair enables practically unkillable sustain for super tanky champions.

With more specialized items to address key LoL tank item needs, seasoned bruisers and beginners alike have new options to armor up and disrupt the backlines. Tanks can now fulfill their hardy roles and stand strong with the right itemization. For those looking to get the most out of these new tank toys, studying their unique strengths will lead to more formidable frontline play.

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