League of Legends Clash – ARAM Cup

The League of Legends Clash ARAM Cup is an exciting new tournament format pairing the popular Clash team mode with the chaotic all-random action of ARAM. For those unfamiliar, ARAM (All Random All Mid) is a game mode where players are assigned random champions and battle in one long lane. Clash allows organized teams to face off in competitive tournaments. By combining these two beloved modes, the Clash ARAM Cup promises unpredictable and entertaining matchups.

We will provide an overview of this event by explaining ARAM, Clash, the registration date, and the tournament schedule. Understanding the basics of ARAM and Clash will help you comprehend how they come together for this tournament. 


ARAM (All Random All Mid) has become one of League of Legends‘ most popular alternative game formats. The origins of ARAM can be traced back to the early days of League gameplay customization on Summoner’s Rift. Creative players began experimenting with “all mid” matches, where both teams would battle nonstop in the single middle lane. This chaotic format quickly gained a cult following in the community.

What cemented ARAM as a fixture of League was the creation of the Howling Abyss map. Unveiled in 2013, the Howling Abyss provided the first official field tailored specifically for ARAM gameplay. The one-lane structure and random champion assignment gave rise to the All Random All Mid moniker. Additional ARAM-friendly balance changes and gameplay modifications ensured the map would become a hit with players.

Dedicated ARAM queues were later implemented to make joining matches quicker and simpler compared to custom lobbies. This influx of players looking solely for ARAM games solidified the mode’s status as one of League’s marquee attractions rather than just a niche format. From humble beginnings as an improvised Summoner’s Rift variant, ARAM has cemented itself as a polished and strategically deep gameplay experience in its own right.

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League of Legends Clash

LoL Clash was introduced in 2018. Announced in May and rolled out initially on testing servers that year, Clash billed itself as the “next evolution” of League’s competitive organized play. The selling point was its structured tournaments taking place over a series of weekends. Teams could test their merit and progress through brackets against similarly skilled opponents.

Special prizes like trophies and banners added stakes and prestige to earning the LoL Clash crown each tournament. Additionally, Clash provided long-term goals through tier-based rankings and point accumulation across multiple events. The mode gave players outside of Challenger solo queue or the Academy/LCS system meaningful ranked goals to build camaraderie and measure improvement together in a team environment.

Though not without bugs and growing pains in those early months, Clash since its full release has become entrenched as League of Legends’ premier tournament system for amateur clubs. Both hardcore gamers with aspirations of ascending the competitive ranks and casual friend groups enjoy the competitive Clash structure pairing them against worthy foes. Though not as lengthy as a long-running season, LoL Clash melds the excitement of tournament brackets with reliable structure across scheduled weekends of play.

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LoL Clash ARAM Cup Date

As teams prepare to embrace the unpredictable fun of the LoL Clash ARAM Cup, key dates should be circled on calendars. Registration for the event kicks off on December 4th at 11 AM local time. This allows just under a week for squads to solidify rosters before the tournament weekend.

When the Clash ARAM Cup finally begins, the mayhem spans two days. The regional tournaments will take place on December 9th and 10th, generally running from late afternoon to early evening. Start times vary slightly but plan for 4-7 PM local time windows. Matches each day will fall within that block. Check regional schedules for precise timings.

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The LoL Clash ARAM Cup is a new tournament format that combines the popular Clash team mode with the chaotic all-random action of ARAM. ARAM, a popular alternative game format, was introduced in 2018 and offers structured tournaments over weekends. The LoL Clash ARAM Cup combines tournament brackets with tier-based rankings and point accumulation. Registration for the event starts on December 4th, with tournaments taking place on December 9th and 10th. The tournament promises unpredictable and entertaining matchups.

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