LoL Smolder: Best Supports That Synergize with Smolder

With the rise of support in League of Legends, LoL Smolder has emerged as an impactful pick in the bot lane. This fiery mage brings potent poke and sustained damage to the duo lane with his flaming abilities. To maximize Smolder’s potential, there are 3 unconventional support champions that synergize extremely well with him.

First, Tahm Kench absorbs damage, enabling Smolder’s rampages. Maokai provides ranged rooting to immobilize targets in Smolder’s burning fields, and Blitzcrank with his kit to enable Smolder. Each of these supports covers Smolder’s weaknesses and enables him to channel his sustained magic damage. By coordinating their crowd control, tankiness, and utility with Smolder’s fiery kit, they can incinerate bot lane opponents and objective fights. 

Tahm Kench, The River King

Tahm Kench’s strength comes from his ability to make allies untargetable and absorb damage meant for them. His Devour allows him to swallow an ally and transport them to safety. By spitting the saved ally out later, Tahm Kench turns ganks into advantageous counterplays. Additionally, his thick hide and self-shielding make him extremely hard to take down, allowing him to body-block skill shots.

With an AD carry that provides consistent damage, Tahm Kench truly unlocks his potential as a protector. He enables risky positioning and aggressive trades, knowing he can bail his ally out. In team fights, Tahm Kench shines by absorbing blows and locking down divers trying to reach the backline.

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Maokai, The Twisted Treant

Maokai excels at zoning bottom lane thanks to his saplings. By planting them in the brush and along the lane, he punishes enemies looking to last hit or go for trades. His snare root allows Maokai to hold enemies in place from a distance for his marksman to dish out damage. Even if flanked, Maokai’s knockback and slows can deter aggression.

In team fights, Maokai’s ultimate shines by reducing damage to allies in its radius. He can screen incoming damage and provide sustain. With the right ability sequence and build path, Maokai transforms into a sturdy warden, enabling his marksman through poke, picks, and protection. 

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Blitzcrank, The Great Steam Golem

Blitzcrank has resurged as an exciting support pick to pair with the reckless playstyle of Smolder. Blitz’s Q ability, Rocket Grab, allows him to shoot out his hand and pull the first enemy hit back to him. This gives Blitzcrank unparalleled pick potential, enabling him to yank enemies right next to a waiting Smolder to set up prime opportunities for Smolder to unleash their full burst damage combo.

Additionally, Blitzcrank’s E ability, Power Fist, causes his next attack after activation to deal double damage and knock up the target. This provides Smolder with valuable on-demand crowd control to lock down key targets caught by Rocket Grab for extended kill windows. With the added speed boost granted from Blitzcrank’s W ability, Overdrive, the duo can aggressively run down targets with eased positioning for decisive all-in kills in lane. 

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To sum up, Smolder’s impact in the bot lane is undeniable, and when paired with the right supports, his fiery abilities can ignite devastating plays. Maokai, Tahm Kench, and Blitzcrank each offer unique synergies with Smolder, covering his weaknesses and amplifying his strengths. 

From crowd control to protection and engage potential, these supports enable Smolder to unleash his full potential, dominating bot lane matchups and team fights alike. With strategic coordination and effective use of abilities, these partnerships can set the Rift ablaze, securing victories and leaving opponents scorched in their wake.

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