League of Legends: Best ADC With Zyra

With her deadly combination of snares and burst damage, Zyra is a formidable threat as a mage support. To maximize her aggressive playmaking potential in lane, she needs an ADC partner who can follow up and capitalize on her abilities. After extensive testing, five marksmen stand out as excellent complements to Zyra’s thorny power – Draven, Caitlyn, Jinx, Jhin, and Varus.

Each of these ADCs brings their own blend of early-game dominance and scaling team fights damage. Draven’s brute force gives Zyra setups to chain her crowd control. Caitlyn’s range allows her to safely deal damage in the wake of Zyra’s abilities. Jinx excels at cleanup as Zyra sows chaos in skirmishes. Jhin follows up Zyra’s snares with a deadly fourth shot. And Varus’ blight synergizes with Zyra’s poke to whittle down enemies.

Draven, The Glorious Executioner 

With his overwhelming early-game damage, Draven is an excellent match for Zyra’s aggression in the bot lane. His Spinning Axe gives Draven massive trading power that Zyra can enhance by rooting enemies as Draven catches his axe for a guaranteed double hit. Draven’s passive Adoration also enables him to snowball kills from Zyra’s snares into even bigger gold leads. 

When Draven lands Stand Aside, Zyra can follow up with her vine lasher to extend the CC duration. And Zyra’s ult knock-up combos perfectly with Draven’s Whirling Death execution nuke. By coordinating their axes, plants, and CC together, Draven and Zyra can notch early kills and develop into an overwhelming damage duo. Draven provides the upfront brute force that Zyra needs to unlock her full-lane bully potential.

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Caitlyn, The Sheriff Of Piltover

Caitlyn’s unmatched poking range synergizes extremely well with Zyra’s lane control and snares. By combining Caitlyn’s extended auto attack range with Zyra’s ability to root enemies in place, they can chunk down opponents safely. Zyra’s vine lasher also enhances Caitlyn’s Yordle Snare Trap by adding more CC to immobilized targets. 

Additionally, Caitlyn’s 90-caliber net can help peel diving enemies off of Zyra when she steps up aggressively to trade. In later fights, Zyra’s AoE knock-up sets up prime positioning for Caitlyn to unleash her Ace in the Hole snipe. Together, Caitlyn and Zyra can control and dominate lane phase before scaling into a potent poke and lockdown combo centered around amplifying Caitlyn’s range advantage.

Jinx, The Loose Cannon

Jinx’s AoE damage and follow-up potential make her an excellent match for Zyra’s explosive team-fighting presence. By chaining their crowd control together, Jinx and Zyra can set up devastating combos. Zyra’s snares keep enemies locked down for Jinx’s Flame Chompers to trigger additional CC. 

Once Jinx activates her Get Excited passive, Zyra’s plants and abilities provide peel so Jinx can run rampant in skirmishes. Their ultimates also combine powerfully – Zyra’s knockup clusters enemies together priming them for Jinx’s long-range Super Mega Death Rocket execute. Overall, Jinx and Zyra cover one another’s weaknesses and amplify each other’s AoE damage potential. Their synergy enables maximized chaos and destruction once team fights break out across the map.

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Varus, The Arrow of Retribution

Varus’ poke and blight synergize excellently with Zyra’s ranged harassment in lane. By combining Varus’ Hail of Arrows to chunk enemies with Zyra’s spells, they whittle down opponents from a distance. Zyra’s snares lock down targets for Varus to stack Blight and detonate for percent health damage. 

Their ultimates also combine devastatingly – Zyra’s knock-up roots grouped enemies in place for Varus to spread a Chain of Corruption between multiple targets. Together, Varus and Zyra can cripple and destroy unprepared enemies through layered poke. And in all-ins, they provide lockdown and amplification to secure kills. With their complementary abilities to soften up and pick off targets, Varus enables Zyra’s aggressiveness and Zyra gives Varus the setup he needs to unleash his bombardment.

Jhin, The Virtuoso

Jhin’s follow-up and long-range poke make him an excellent match for Zyra’s CC and damage. By chaining their crowd control, Jhin and Zyra can lock down and burst squishy targets. Zyra’s snares hold enemies in place for Jhin to land a free Deadly Flourish root. Her AoE knock-up also groups up foes for Jhin’s Curtain Call to pierce through multiple champions. 

With Zyra’s plants applying constant damage, Jhin is enabled to unload his fourth shot crits at full power. Overall, Jhin and Zyra’s synergy centers around layering their CC and executing low-health enemies caught by the other’s abilities. Together, they possess all the tools needed to swiftly take over bot lane and demolish team fights.

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Zyra, the thorned mage, isn’t just a support – she’s a conductor, orchestrating bot lane dominance with the right ADC partner. Choosing the best adc with Zyra unlocks her full potential, transforming her from a menacing plant mage into a suffocating force of control and damage.

But remember, mastering these duos is an art. Practice their timing, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and unleash a symphony of thorns, bullets, and chaos upon your enemies.

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