League of Legends: Best Mid Lane Champions (2024)

The mid-lane is home to some of the most impactful and game-changing champions in League of Legends. With excellent wave clear, high damage, and playmaking potential, mid-laners can control the outcome of a match. Currently, there are a few standout champions dominating the mid-lane meta.

In this article, we’ll explore The best mid lane champions based on their abilities, win rates, and core item builds. Aurelion Sol, Anivia, Cassiopeia, Kassadin, and Twisted Fate currently have some of the highest win rates and pick potential among mid-laners. Their powerful kits allow them to push waves, roam, and dish outbursts of magic damage in team fights.

Aurelion Sol, The Star Forger

Claiming the top spot on our list is Aurelion Sol with an impressive 54.2% win rate. His unique battle mage kit enables him to dominate lanes and roam with ease. Aurelion Sol’s passive, Cosmic Creator, allows him to permanently enhance his abilities by breaking down enemies into Stardust stacks. This synergy between his passive and abilities is the core of his power.

His Q, Breath of Light, dishes out high magic damage in a line while also collecting Stardust. By channeling it longer on enemy champions, Aurelion Sol ramps up his damage. His W, Astral Flight, grants him mobility to weave around the battlefield and reposition his stars. It also reduces his Q cooldown to zero during flight, letting Aurelion Sol barrage enemies with enhanced Breath of Light.

Aurelion Sol’s E, Singularity, summons a black hole that damages and drags in enemies. It generates Stardust for each second an enemy is trapped while also executing low-health foes. Finally, his ultimate, Falling Star, delivers AoE burst and crowd control. With enough Stardust, it transforms into the even more impactful The Skies Descend.

With his core items of Tear of the Goddess, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Seraph’s Embrace, and Liandry’s Torment, Aurelion Sol scales tremendously into the late game. The abundance of AP, mana, and magic penetration allows his abilities to melt teams. 

Anivia, The Cryophoenix

Anivia secures the number two spot with her 52% win rate. The Cryophoenix dominates team fights with her plethora of crowd control and high burst damage combos. Anivia’s passive, Rebirth, gives her a second life after taking fatal damage, letting her turn lost fights. 

Her Q, Flash Frost, serves as a reliable ranged poke while also stunning enemies in its explosion. Anivia’s W, Crystallize, generates an icy wall to zone enemies and control objectives. With her E, Frostbite, she delivers immense damage, doubled if the target is recently hit by her Q or R. Anivia’s ultimate, Glacial Storm, creates a hailstorm that damages and slows enemies caught in its area of effect. 

With her core items of Tear of the Goddess, Rod of Ages, Seraph’s Embrace, and Zhonya’s Hourglass, Anivia scales massively into the late game. The abundance of mana, AP, and armor makes her incredibly difficult to take down. Overall, Anivia’s versatile kit provides waveclear, burst damage, crowd control, and zone control. Her ability to lock down team fights and secure objectives lands her the number two spot for best mid laner this season. 

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Cassiopeia, The Serpent’s Embrace

With a 51.9% win rate, Cassiopeia slithers her way into the number three spot. The Serpent’s Embrace overwhelms enemies with constant poison damage and petrifying crowd control. Cassiopeia’s unique passive, Serpentine Grace, replaces boots with bonus movement speed, allowing her to build more damage.

Her Q, Noxious Blast, provides ranged poke while granting her movement speed to reposition. Cassiopeia’s W, Miasma, blankets areas in poison clouds that slow and ground enemies. Her E, Twin Fang, deals exponential damage on poisoned targets and sustains her mana.

Cassiopeia’s ultimate, Petrifying Gaze, stuns enemies facing her while slowing any facing away. With core items like Tear of the Goddess, Rod of Ages, Seraph’s Embrace, and Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, she reaches immense late-game power. Her sustained damage and area control make Cassiopeia a top-tier mid-lane mage.

Cassiopeia excels at whittling down teams with her constant poison harass. Her ability to spam Twin Fang in extended fights while avoiding damage with Serpentine Grace makes her a true terror in the hands of expert players. 

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Kassadin, The Void Walker

Coming in at #4 is Kassadin with a 51.3% win rate. The Void Walker dominates late-game team fights with his unrivaled mobility and magic damage bursts. Kassadin’s passive, Void Stone, gives him magic damage reduction and ignores unit collision for smooth movement.

His Q, Null Sphere, provides ranged poking while generating a shield against magical damage. Kassadin’s W, Nether Blade, empowers his attacks with bonus magic damage. His E, Force Pulse, charges up from nearby spell casts, unleashing a damaging slow in a cone once ready.

Kassadin’s signature R, Riftwalk, enables him to repeatedly blink around team fights, dealing increasing damage with each cast. With core items like Tear of the Goddess, Rod of Ages, Malignance, and Seraph’s Embrace, Kassadin’s damage scales exponentially.

The combination of mana, AP, and magic penetration allows him to zap around wiping enemy squishies. Kassadin’s unparalleled mobility and late-game pop-off potential earn him the #4 spot. Though struggling in the early laning phase, a veteran Kassadin player can take over the rift through stellar positioning and spell combo execution.

Twisted Fate, The Card Master

Rounding out our top 5 best mid laner list picks is AD Twisted Fate with his consistent 51% win rate. The Card Master provides global map pressure and sustained magic damage through his ability combos. Twisted Fate’s passive, Loaded Dice, grants him bonus gold on minion kills to accelerate his scaling.

His Q, Wild Cards, deals AoE damage through its spread of cards. Twisted Fate’s W, Pick a Card, empowers his next attack with bonus effects like added damage and stuns. His E, Stacked Deck, gives him faster attack speed and bonus damage every fourth hit.

Twisted Fate’s ultimate, Destiny, globally reveals all champions while enabling Gate, allowing him to teleport anywhere on the map. With core items like Kraken Slayer, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, and Rapid Firecannon, Twisted Fate shreds enemies with fast magic damage crits.

AD Twisted Fate‘s global presence and ability to quickly join fights gives his team tremendous advantages in rotations and objective control. 

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The mid lane continues to be home to some of the most impactful champions in League of Legends. Aurelion Sol, Anivia, Cassiopeia, Kassadin, and Twisted Fate have cemented themselves as top-tier picks for their damage, utility, and control.

For those looking to climb the ranks in Season 2024, mastering these mid lane champions is a tremendous asset. Their sheer game impact provides a great toolbox for carrying games. 

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