L9 – The Most Infamous LoL Club (2021)

LoL L9, or fully Low Nine is an EU west club of high-ranked players known for their exceptional gameplay, but also their toxicity. They made huge followings for themselves by trolling games, flaming other players, and even sending personal threats to their teammates. Going from trollers, flamers, and even elo boosters now they’re either professional high MMR players or streamers.

Who Created lol L9?

RATIRL and Obsess created L9. Their intentions were to troll high elo players and gain popularity over Twitter that way. Although, the pair didn’t think they would blow up on Twitter in such a short span. Selfmademan and Ap0calypse joined the club shortly after once the duo started getting more popular. They were another 2 famous SoloQ players known for their skills. It was thought for a long time that number 9 in the name stood for 9 different club members. Later they admitted that the they took the inspiration for the name from the streamer “Hail9”.

league of legends L9 In The Spotlight

It didn’t take long for them to become the most famous club in the League community. Their most popular trait was toxicity. League was a much more toxic game in its early days and they used that to their advantage. They would often troll their teammates straight from champion select by picking disco Nunu and running down the mid lane. Secondly, they flamed other players based on their race or other things they could find out about them. Perhaps the worst thing they did was send personal threats to others in real life. Such behavior would quickly go trending on Twitter attracting many new followers.

Just like with any popular figure, there was a bunch of fanboys behind them. They started replicating their behavior in an attempt to be like their idols. Low Nine took advantage of that and started selling club spots with L9 tag with them. After selling out all of the spots in the first club it didn’t take them long to multiply them and get as much money as possible. It’s rumored that the spots were selling for as much as €50 each.

Since there are 4 founding members of LoL L9, it would only seem fitting if we look into each of them separately.


We start off with perhaps the most controversial figure of the 4. He is more commonly known as Ap0 and is the most toxic member of the group. His signature champion used to be Mordekaiser, while nowadays he mostly plays Janna. During season 10 he held the first spot on the EU West Challenger ladder for more than 3 months just by playing her. He never settled for simple flame and always went for the most extreme one.

He used to send threats to other players telling them that he will break their heads. Once, he even sent blades to one of his teammates. Perhaps the most controversial part about him is his suicide threat if famous League coach LS doesn’t coach him. It’s not surprise his accounts were quickly getting permanently banned. In addition to that Riot even started banning him on the spot with accusations of purchasing accounts. To clear his name and keep his accounts safe, he recorded himself leveling them. Finally, Ap0 rarely streams and never played professionally so we don’t know more about his personal life. Whereas the times he streamed in the past he would int other players during his drunk streams. These would usually end with him puking on the floor and closing the stream.


The most famous Twitch player in EU West is RATIRL by far. He is a famous elo-booster who used to duo a lot with Ap0 in the past. The two would sometimes do drunk streams and just run down high-elo games. His exceptional skill on Twitch often attracted accusations of LoL Scripting and cheating. It certainly didn’t help his case that his next favorite champion was Xerath.

Once Rat started streaming on Twitch.tv all of this would be proven wrong . Viewers saw that he is simply extremely skilled and doesn’t use any LoL Script. Today he has a huge following behind him and is one of the largest League of Legends streamers. He often streams high-elo EUW games and occasionally some NA ones. Moreover, he managed to reach Challenger on NA server even though he was playing with 150 MS. Furthermore, he is completely reformed and rarely flames his teammates.



Aug 2017 – Oct 2017 – Movistar Riders

Feb 2018 – Apr 2018 -Penguins

May 2018 – Jan 2019 – Misfits Gaming

Oct 2018 – Jan 2019 – GamersOrigin

Jan 2019 – May 2019 – Misfits Premier

Jan 2020 – Nov 2020 – mousesports

Dec 2020 – Present – Schalke Evolution

0bsess is a big jungle talent that hard carries high-elo games. After the popularity of LoL L9 died out he determined he wants to turn to professional play. Going from a SoloQ talent to competitive play has been quite a road for him. He still didn’t have a venture in LEC and is instead playing in Europe’s national leagues. He still holds one of the top spots on the Challenger ladder and his goal is to play in LEC.


Apr 2017 – Aug 2017 – ThunderX3 Baskonia

Aug 2017 – Dec 2018 – MAD Lions

Dec 2018 – Nov 2019 – SK Gaming

Nov 2019 – May 2021 – Fnatic

May 2021 – Present – Team Vitality

More commonly known as Selfmade, he is one of the best junglers in Europe right now. Out of everyone in LoL L9, he is the one with the most competitive success. He first joined LEC with SK gaming where he instantly showed his prowess. It didn’t take long for bigger teams to notice him. Soon the team traded to Fnatic who he led to Worlds Quarterfinals in 2020.

Unlike other members, he wasn’t toxic. Nevertheless, he was as good as others if not even better. That opened him many doors in the competitive play. Currently, he plays for Team Vitality. He often streams high elo games and often picks unorthodox LoL Champions in the jungle. Zed or Rek Sai with the first item Infinity Edge would just be some of the examples.

LoL L9 Today

Today, LoL L9 is pretty much dead. The members of the club rarely speak to each other and have their own followings. Besides that they are not toxic anymore.  Instead, they focused on their careers, whether that is streaming or professional play. Fanboys who try to replicate their behavior carry on the name L9


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