Painting the Rift: An Introduction to Hwei, the Masterful Artist

Hwei opens a thrilling new creative canvas on the mid lane with his artistic array of lightning abilities and mystical paint attacks – the most diverse spell repertoire ever seen in League of Legends. By using Hwei’s abilities across his Disaster, Serenity, and Torment ability categories, Hwei players can script lethal team fight sequences with devastating finales through his signature explosive passive. 

Yet to maximize his carry potential without wasting mana, veterans must carefully navigate the cooldown gaps between his ten electric and paintbrush-based abilities, adapting their game plan to each clash’s shifting conditions. When mastering the refined choreography of Hwei’s abilities to weave, no other mid-laner can match his versatility and dynamic playmaking potential.

In this article, we’ll dive into Hwei’s abilities that provide both creative flexibility and destructive results in Hwei’s growing repertoire. Though poised to ignite the meta with his dynamic style, Hwei struggles in extended trades due to mana issues from his spammy abilities. We’ll touch on tactics to alleviate this primary weakness. With an eye for aesthetic brilliance and another for opportunistic kills, we’ll discuss how both solo queue and competitive play may need to staple a lightning rod to the ground with Hwei’s upcoming release and prepare for the creative storm headed their way.

Hwei’s Abilities

Wielding a paintbrush in one hand and a tempest of creative magic in the other, Hwei’s abilities unleash his artistic vision onto the Rift through over 10 unique spells across three core categories – Disaster, Serenity, and Torment. From blazing fireballs to crushing maws that pull enemies together, Hwei’s wide-ranging kit provides aggressive damage, utility through movement and shields, and powerful crowd control effects to lock enemies down. By mastering Hwei’s spell competition within each ability category and weaving together different combos, players can tap into his high-skill ceiling to unleash devastating signature explosions. Now let’s explore the creative chaos within Hwei’s palette.

Passive: Signature of the Visionary

Hwei’s explosive passive, Signature of the Visionary, rewards him for seamlessly flowing between different abilities rather than repeatedly casting the same spell. After damaging an enemy champion with two separate ability casts, Hwei marks the ground beneath them with his artistic signature. After a short delay, the signature detonates in an area-of-effect blast, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies.

This creates exciting gameplay moments when Hwei players set up crowd control from his Torment category, layer on damage from Disaster spells, and then watch his signature explode onto grouped-up enemies for huge burst potential. It elevates normally simple trading patterns in lane into small works of art.

However, Hwei’s passive does come with some complexity during hectic team fights. Because it only applies after separate ability casts hit enemy champs, Hwei players will need to resist mindlessly spamming a single low-cooldown spell like Devastating Fire (QQ). The payoff rewards adaptability, but overeager artists may accidentally detonate their signature too early by double-casting instead of switching to another ability after initial poke. Mastering ability sequencing unlocks Hwei’s full team fight potency.

Q: Disaster

Devastating Fire (QQ) – Hwei conjures an exploding fireball that flies in a target direction, exploding on the first enemy struck or at maximum range. The blast deals magic damage in an area around the detonation site. As a low-cooldown, bread-and-butter damage ability, Devastating Fire provides Hwei consistent, reliable poke in lane with its combination of upfront damage and post-detonation area of effect burst.

Severing Bolt (QW) – After a long delay, Hwei summons a devastating lightning blast at the target location which heavily damages enemies based on their missing health. While unreliable against healthy or grouped-up enemies, Severing Bolt allows Hwei to threaten dangerous poke from extreme distances, or finish off low health targets across the map when combined with vision tools. However, its slow travel time makes the ability easy to dodge in close quarters.

Molten Fissure (QE) – Hwei paints an expanding corridor of erupting volcanoes in the target direction. The initial explosions deal damage while lingering lava Slows and damages enemies who remain within the area of effect. Though its delayed nature makes Molten Fissure difficult to use against mobile champions, it clears minion waves extremely quickly and deals massive damage if Hwei can force enemies to stand within the magma.

By mixing and matching the tactical strengths of each Disaster spell, Hwei players choose the right painting for each situation they find themselves in, creating beautiful destruction against their foes.

W: Serenity

Fleeting Current (WQ) paints a swift river for several seconds, granting movement speed to Hwei and allies who stand in the flow. As a repositioning and roaming tool, Fleeting Current facilitates aggressive plays and expedites escapes after securing kills.

Pool of Reflection (WW) forms a protective pool at the target location, providing an immediate shield to allies with bonus shielding if they remain inside. Hwei players can negate poke damage and mitigate engage attempts by preemptively placing the pool or using it reactively to sustain allies caught in enemy crowd control effects.

Stirring Lights (WE) calls down three swirling orbs that empower Hwei’s next three attacks or ability casts, granting additional magic damage and mana refunds per strike. This ability sustains Hwei’s high mana costs from spamming spells, while also providing trading power to dominate his lane opponent. However, the short-range forces Hwei into riskier positioning to fully utilize all three charges.

Where Disaster spells fuel Hwei’s damage, Serenity allows Hwei and his team to flow across the battlefield, dictating engagements through speed and resilience. Mastering the unique benefits of Fleeting Current, Pool of Reflection, and Stirring Light expands the creative potential behind Hwei’s work.

E: Torment

Grim Visage (EQ) launches a terrifying apparition in the target direction that damages and fears the first enemy struck, causing them to flee uncontrollably. As a reliable self-peel tool, Grim Visage allows Hwei to quickly escape danger.

Gaze of the Abyss (EW) summons an Eldritch eye at the targeted location, granting vision of the area. After a delay, the eye fires at the nearest visible enemy champion, dealing damage and rooting them to inflict a longer-duration crowd control. Hwei players can use Gaze of the Abyss to scout objectives or fish for picks by rooting key targets.

Finally, Crushing Maw (EE) depicts a monstrous maw that chomps down on nearby enemies, dealing AOE damage while pulling them toward the ability’s center point. Their movement speed is also temporarily slowed immediately after the crushing fangs drag victims together. As Hwei’s hardest crowd control to land reliably, but most potentially devastating, clever casts of Crushing Maw can set up lethal multi-kill combos when combined with his explosive passive.

By mixing fears, roots, and displacements, Hwei’s Torment spells allow him to control the flow of battle, corralling battered enemies right into the effective area of his signature. Mastery over each unique form of disruption expands the creative combinations available within team fights, showcasing Hwei’s lethality as an artist.

R: Spiraling Despair

Spiraling Despair (R) exemplifies the pinnacle of Hwei’s creative prowess by literally manifesting his inner turmoil into the physical world. Upon casting, Hwei projects his despair onto a target enemy champion, afflicting them with growing anguish visualized through an orbiting aura of dark energy.

Over its duration, the swirling zone of despair expands to overwhelm additional nearby enemies, applying stacks of a powerful slow and dealing substantial sustained magic damage. Once the ability runs its full course, Spiraling Despair detonates in a burst of energy, delivering devastating damage based on each victim’s accumulated stacks.

Used properly, Spiraling Despair traps entire enemy teams within Hwei’s expanding web of anguish, allowing his allies to easily clean up slowed and damaged foes. But the ability also functions as a lethal single-target nuke, as the damage ramps up exponentially against isolated targets. It serves as his most iconic contribution during a team fight, literally painting visual representations of enemies’ impending demise across the battlefield. For maximum impact, Hwei players should use Spiraling Despair tactically against clumped-up or vulnerable high-priority threats, then admire the destructive results of his macabre masterpiece.

When Hwei shares the creative torment of his very soul, no enemy can escape the Spiraling Despair closing in around them.

Champion Release Date

Hwei, the Storm’s Muse will be storming onto the Rift with Patch 13.24, bringing creative thunder and lighting to League of Legends just in time for the holidays on December 6th, 2023.

As part of his launch, Hwei will unleash his debut skin Winterblessed Hwei, depicting the brooding artist embracing the festive snowy season. Winterblessed Hwei lightens Hwei’s normally dark and gloomy palette with a frosty blue and white winter coat, icy particles, and magical gift-wrapped brush effects across all of his abilities. This new skin will be available on launch day for 1350 RP.

Patch 13.24 also contains a series of bugfixes and quality-of-life changes, but the highlight is undoubtedly the arrival of League’s newest tempestuous painter. Between Hwei’s dynamic 10-ability kit and visually stunning skin release, Patch 13.24 looks to cap off Season 13 with vibrant and explosive new creative possibilities across Summoner’s Rift.


Through his unique 10-spell kit and stunning release skin Winterblessed Hwei, Hwei brings a creative thunderstorm of artistic destruction to League just in time for Patch 13.24. By mastering his diverse ability combos and overcoming mana constraints through clever spell rotations, Hwei players can unleash electric outplays with style. 

Though difficult to master, This moody painter’s flashy plays and signature explosive team fight moments give him huge carry potential in the hands of dedicated artists. Hwei upends the meta with creative versatility – will you harness the storm?

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