The Ultimate LoL Essence Emporium Guide

The League of Legends Essence Emporium Shop is a highly anticipated limited-time event that rolls around twice a year, allowing summoners to spend their hard-earned Blue Essence on exclusive icons, chromas, and skins that are only available during this time. During the event, you’ll be able to unlock past limited chromas, summoner icons, emotes, and more using Blue Essence rather than the usual Riot Points.

This seasonal in-game shop offers all sorts of unique content you won’t find anywhere else. The variety of options available during Emporium means you’re sure to find cosmetics to match your tastes and main champions.

It’s important to think strategically about what to spend your precious Blue Essence on during the event. Whether you’ve been saving up all year specifically for Emporium or just found yourself with a windfall of BE, make sure to scope out all the options before splurging it all in one place. Take a look at the limited summoner icons, for example, or limited-availability banner designs. 

How to Get Blue Essence?

Blue Essence (BE) is one of League of Legends’ currencies that is obtainable simply by playing the game. This versatile currency can be used to unlock champions and other helpful extras.

The most basic way to obtain BE is by leveling up. Disenchanting unused champion shards found in loot chests or capsules offers another easy avenue for BE. Convert unneeded champ shards into a quick boost of essence. The amount varies based on the champion’s worth.

Finally, one limited-time BE source is exclusive bundles tied to seasonal events or passes. The current Winterblessed 2023 Pass lets you trade Winterblessed Tokens earned through missions at a 10:1 ratio to convert them into essence. Act fast before the event ends though!

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LoL Essence Emporium Date

The next Essence Emporium shopping spree kicks off on December 13th, 2023 at 7:00 PM GMT+2 and will remain open for two full weeks. Mark your calendars because you only have until December 27th to stock up on chromas, icons, and other cosmetic goodies using your saved-up Blue Essence. 

This limited time frame means you’ll need to act fast once the shop opens to snag the most sought-after empathy skins like URFWick before it’s gone. Planning is key – scope out the unique legacy chromas and icons coming up for BE purchase and decide what to prioritize for your main champions. With the Emporium’s doors only open from December 13th through the 27th, make sure to cash in your BE during that window before the exclusive items get locked away for months once again.

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LoL Essence Emporium Shop Contents

The highly anticipated Essence Emporium shop offers summoners a bounty of cosmetics to pick up with their stored Blue Essence. Most affordably priced are the Skin Chromas, costing 2,000 BE each. These rare chromas breathe new life into older skins for champions like Twisted Fate or Annie. Icon collectors can grab Champie Icons or a Baron icon for 2,500-4,000 BE apiece.

For 6,000 BE, grab unique wards like the colorful Blue Essence Emporium Shop Ward. Emotes get exceptionally pricey but carry serious flex potential – get the exclusive Poro or Odyssey Sona emote for 25,000 to 75,000 BE. The legendary URFWick skin and The Blue Essence Emporium Banner item will run you a whopping 150,000 and 250,000 BE respectively.

The Emporium is the perfect chance to cash in your BE savings on exclusives you can’t find elsewhere. But spend wisely – once it closes, these unique cosmetics stay locked until the next reopening!

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The League of Legends Essence Emporium provides a rare opportunity to score exclusive skins, icons, chromas, banners, and more cosmetic flair. By saving up Blue Essence all year long or cashing in on unused champion shards, you can unlock amazing cosmetics during this limited-time event. 

Think strategically about what pieces will enhance your profile and main champions the most before going on a Blue Essence spending spree. After all, once the Emporium shuts down these one-of-a-kind cosmetics stay locked away until it rolls around again, so make every blue essence count!

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