Mid lane Beginner Guide: 5 Tips To Get Better Instantly

League of Legends is such a complicated game with such a high skill-ceiling. With that in mind, we have come up with a comprehensive mid lane beginner guide to help newbies get a better grasp of each lane and learn what it takes to be a great mid-laner.

The mid-lane is probably the lane with the most impact in the game. Being a strong mid-laner allows you to control the entire map and flow of the game, thus helping you climb the rank ladder and get better LoL MMR.

On the other hand, the mid-laner also carries the most responsibilities and is the one most prone to ganks. Not knowing what you’re doing can lose the game for you and for your teammates. 

With such a complex role, how do you even get started? Here are the steps you must take along with some tips and tricks that would help you get started as a beginner mid-laner in League of Legends.

Types of Mid Laner Champions

Ranged Mages

There are two main types of mid laners, the first one being mages. Mages are commonly ranged champions that rely on their abilities to make an impact. They have insane magic damage outputs and they can also provide crowd control (CC) like stuns, slows, and roots. Their range also allows them to stay at the backline and kite their opponents.

However, they are also pretty squishy and most of them lack mobility and dashes. They are easy targets for good assassins in the late game. To be a good mid laner, you must know about your champion’s strengths and weaknesses and play around them.

Melee Assassins

Assassins are the one-hit delete champions of the game. Their main objective is to kill the enemy carries and get out alive. They have the best burst damage in the game and insane mobility with their dashes and blinks. Their kits allow assassins to easily kill a squishy target and get in and out of teamfights quickly.

On the other hand, assassins are also squishy and they have a very high learning curve. Being an assassin could mean getting lots of kills or dying tons of times yourself. It’s a role that requires skill and practice to master.


Most guides will probably tell you that if you want to improve, you have to focus on last-hitting minions and farming to keep your creep score (CS) high. And we are here to tell you the exact same thing. Your CS is very important because it is your main source of income.

15 minions is mostly equivalent to a kill. Missing your last hits can hinder your improvement. So it might seem boring but last-hitting is one of the most basic and fundamental skills that you must have as a mid laner.


When you’re in a lane, trading is one of the most important skills to have. Both you and your opponent want to kill or at least deal damage to each other. Small movements will decide whether you will have a great trade or a mediocre one. 

Strategic reading is the key to deal as much damage as possible to your opponent while receiving little to no damage at all in the process.

  • Keep an eye on your cooldowns and your opponent’s as well. Get ready to trade when you have your abilities up and when your opponent uses a major one, especially their ultimate.
  •  Know your strengths and weaknesses. A ranged mage has their longer range, abilities, and CC. So they should be played at a distance from the enemy champion and you should focus on hitting them with your abilities from afar. Meanwhile an assassin heavily relies on their combo and you should be looking for opportunities to burst your opponent down.
  • Use your abilities wisely. Quality beats quantity so make sure you land those
  • One of the most powerful tips is to wait when your opponent is about to last hit a minion. In that moment you would know exactly where they would be going and they would be standing still as they attack. That is the best time to  use your abilities and trade. 


Mid lane is the center of the map and while it allows you to have more control over the objectives, it also puts the mid laner at the most risk with every other lane having easy access to them. You can be ganked by the jungler and both top and bottom lanes.

Wards are there to help you have a safety net. Not only you can benefit from warding but your entire team as well. A good place to start is by placing your wards near the opponent’s raptor camps.  After placing a ward, you should position yourself on the same side.
This gives you more protection and more time to react when an enemy tries to gank you. If they try to gank you from the opposite side, you would also have lots of time to run away as they would have to cross the entire lane to get to you.


Being the epicenter of the map, you will always be at the midst of action. Being a mid laner allows you to roam around the map and look for more opportunities. The most common mistake beginners make is roaming while the minion wave is in the middle of the lane or under their turret. 


That covers the basics of the mid lane. These are not flashy changes and improvements but if you apply


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