The Best League of Legends Settings That give an Advantage

League of Legends is a competitive game and the goal is to win. This means that players should be using any small advantage they can to maximize their chances of beating their opponents. That’s why we present the best league of legends settings that give an advantage.

The first thing a player should do as a prerequisite is set up their computer in order to optimize performance. They should check for updates and install them if necessary, delete any unnecessary programs and files, and make sure they are not running any other programs in the background.

When you start playing League of Legends, you are given default settings for everything. This may not be the best for you or fit your preferences at all. Many things aren’t binded or are just too hard to get to. What if you want more control? And what exactly do these settings do anyway? This article will explore the best league of legends settings that give you an advantage.

League of Legends is a game that can be played in multiple ways. The settings you choose will affect the gameplay, and it’s important to know what these are. Different players have different preferences for settings, but there are some that almost everyone agrees on. These are the best league of legends settings that when changed can give you much better performance.

League of Legends Settings that Give You an Advantage in Game

Every gamer has their own set of preferences and needs when playing a game. However, there are certain settings that can give you an advantage in the game. This article will go over some of the best settings for League of Legends to help you get higher frames and optimal playing which could be the difference between a kill and a death or a win and a loss.

Optimize your in-game Graphics

When playing league of legends you don’t want to be bottlenecked by outside factors and things you can’t control like ping or fps issues. These two things may be the most infuriating thing to befall a gamer. This is why it’s important to have an ethernet cable so that your ping stays stable. And important to optimize in-game graphics for your specific computer and its capabilities.

If you have a high-end computer, you will be able to enjoy smooth gameplay and high-quality graphics. But if you have a low-end computer, your gameplay will be choppy and low resolution depending on if you’re exceeding its capabilities. Lower graphics, turn off shadows, turn off anti-aliasing – all these things will lower performance. League of legends is compatible with a wide range of computers and laptops. If you have a low-end computer, you can still play the game smoothly if you optimize it.

To optimize in-game graphics:

  • Turn off shadows
  • Turn off eye-candy
  • Turn off anti-aliasing
  • Turn off vertical sync
  • Then fiddle with character quality, environmental quality, and effects quality until you reach something that is optimal for your specific computer.

Target Champions Only

These embarrassing moments are inevitable if you don’t have target champions only setting turned on. Having it available not only increases confidence it wins you more lanes and games in-turn.

To Target champions only:

  • Open options menu
  • Go to hotkeys
  • Click on “abilities and summoner spells” and scroll to target champions only
    To have it as a toggle, go to the options menu
  • Go to game
  • Under gameplay section click “treat target champions only as a toggle”

Disable your Chat

We’ve optimized your game and have given you a practical step to take to increase performance. But now there’s arguably the most important step to focus on – mental. In order to keep calm and stay focused on your games, you need to disable your chat.

You lose more games focused on chat than you realize. I’m sure you’ve heard pros say league of legends is all mental. Well, there’s some truth to that. With good mental, you win more games and have a more fun experience at the same time. Who likes getting tilted and mad? Once you disable chat you won’t have to deal with things you can’t control, like the bot-lanners bickering between themselves. This isn’t a therapy session where your words would even impact anything.

Don’t worry you can still communicate effectively with pings, I mean it’s the reason it was created. Chat isn’t needed to climb nor is it worth sacrificing mental once you’ve seen a sly comment from your jungle targeted at you it can take up to 60% of your focus away leading to a higher chance of loss and most certainly makes the game harder.

So do yourself a favor and just disable your chat.

To Disable chat:

  • Open options menu
  • Go to interface
  • Scroll down to the chat section and uncheck “show allied chat” and “show all chat”

If you want to change more settings check out this video:


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