Low ELO- tips and tricks on how to get out of it

 As a League players, almost all of us have encountered low elo. Most importantly, all of us have asked the same question: How to get out of low elo? Essentially, the elo is what the matchmaking system in League uses to determine your opponents. You cannot see it, but you can assume where you stand in this matter when it comes to your opponents and their rankings. And it is truly frustrating when you think you can do better, but your teammates decide to “troll” and to grief just because they “feel like it”.

League was not so serious in the past in punishing these players, but now the punishment system has evolved, and troll players are receiving more penalties, such as playing with low elo players, waiting for longer queues, or receiving ban. Regardless, you are still stuck here, and you think you can do better? Here are our best tips on how to get out of low elo.

Master your role

It may be different for you to hear this but being stuck in low elo may be your fault. It is not always up to your teammates to carry you or have a good game for you to win. Just because you are set on top lane does not mean that you should be stuck there the whole game, there is something called a “roam”. You know what it is, but you have not used it in the game. If your teammates are struggling in their lanes, you need to visit their lane more often for them to gain advantage.

This goes on for the mid-laner too. Many of the mid-laners are focusing just on not getting ganked and they are staying on their lane way too long. While this is happening, they are first to tell you that you are losing your lane and it is not their fault that you are losing the lane. This mindset should never be present, and you need to help instead of flaming your teammates. The difference between a win and loss may be one “gank” away.

But the most important role about roaming and ganking the enemy lanes goes to the jungler. According to www.leagueoflegends.fandom.com, the junglers’ role is the most unique one because you are the only player that is not playing full-time on a lane, but yet you need to focus on your laners in order to win. You cannot be stuck all the time in yours/enemy jungle if you cannot use the camps advantage to help your teammates gain advantage. Objectives are important but you need to focus on your lanes too.

Change your mindset

 We understand that it is hard to focus when all of your teammates are constantly getting up on your nerves with their silly plays, they are missing your calls or not even focusing on the mini map, but that is still something you can control. Instead of having the “I cannot win with this team” mindset, you should change to “I can change something in myself to win with this team” mindset. If they are constantly missing the MIA ping from you, follow up their mid laner to bot/top and have a decent 2v2 or 3v3 fight, don’t just say “Well I told you SS, you should have watched”.

Another big thing you need to change in your mindset is to never give up. Low-elo games tend to get turned around much quicker and easier, and if you focus more on the fundamental things like CSing and getting their players off guard (which should be easy because it is low-elo) you can win the game easier. We all had games when all the enemy team has been feeding but they had this Master Yi who had 15 kills and could 1v5 all of you. You need to pay attention to small details and remember that the game is not over until the Nexus comes down to 0 HP.

You should also give support and motivation to your teammates. Even if you are watching them having a hard time, you cannot flame them and tell them they should leave or quit. Give them advice on what item to buy next, allow them to come to your lane and help you with the kill/objective, make plays together to gain advantage. All these little plays will boost their confidence and their gameplay will change almost instantly!

Master one champion per lane

I know it may be boring to play the same champion all the time, but this tool is effective when it comes to low-elo standards. Yes, it may be hard for you to find a decent substitute if your favorite champ is being picked or banned, but you should always have 1-2 champs that are truly your “go-to” champs. This way, you will learn to go against different champs, learn their difficulties and learn how to make counter-plays and defeat them in lane.

As we mentioned above, always choose a champ that can easily roam/gank or focus on other lanes with their abilities. For example, Gankplank has a global ultimate which allows him to place it everywhere he needs. Twisted Fate can teleport on a half-map distance, allowing him to make a play on both lanes in a short amount of time. Ziggs, Jinx, Ezreal, they all have ultimates that allow them to help their teammates on the entire map.

And the most important thing about your champion is to always pick the right summoner spells. For example, as a top laner you want to go with teleport because it will allow you to make plays on bot/mid in matter of seconds. As a mid laner, teleport should also be one of the choices, depen


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