Top 5 Lunar New Year Skins in League of Legends

The Lunar New Year is one of the biggest in-game events in League of Legends, bringing exciting new skins that celebrate Asian culture and mythology. As we welcome the Year of the Dragon for 2024, let’s look at some of the best Lunar New Year skins released over the years. In this article, we’ll be counting down the top 5 picks for Lunar New Year skins, ranging from serpentine warriors to explosive firecrackers.

Kicking off the list at number 1 is Divine Heavenscale Lee Sin, depicting the blind monk as an azure dragon incarnate. Next is the explosive Firecracker Teemo, throwing fiery mayhem as his enemies scurry away. Slithering into 3rd place is Firecracker Sejuani, raining down blazing fireworks as she charges into battle. The runner-up spot goes to the ominous Lunar Beast Viego, consuming souls in his ruthless quest for his lost love. And taking 5th place as the best Lunar New Year skin is Prestige Firecracker Vayne, slaying foes with grace and power.

Divine Heavenscale Lee Sin Skin

The Divine Heavenscale Lee Sin skin is one of the most stunning and well-designed skins in League of Legends. Featuring a regal purple and gold color scheme, this skin transforms Lee Sin into an awe-inspiring divine warrior. The intricate patterns on his robes and armor glow with holy power, and the wings on his back give him an angelic presence on the Rift.

Everything about Divine Heavenscale Lee Sin just exudes an amazing sense of power and divinity. The animations are fluid and impactful, the model is highly detailed, and the VFX shines with radiance. For players who want to feel like they are embodying a sacred warrior on the Fields of Justice, this skin is a must-have. It’s hard to find a skin that delivers more satisfying gameplay and eye-catching effects than Divine Heavenscale Lee Sin.

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Firecracker Teemo

Ring in the Lunar New Year with a bang by picking up the Firecracker Teemo skin. This exciting skin transforms the Swift Scout into a red and gold firework, bursting with colorful flames and pyrotechnics. The vivid red and gold color scheme pops on the Rift, and the firework strapped to Teemo’s back gives him an energetic spark.

The animations and ability effects on this skin are dazzling. His Blinding Dart makes foes see spinning fireworks on impact. And his Noxious Trap explodes in a shower of red and gold sparks when triggered. Even his laugh lights up with sizzling firework effects.

Any League player looking to celebrate the Lunar New Year in style needs to add Firecracker Teemo to their skin collection. The visual and sound effects are mesmerizing, and the theme fits Teemo’s explosive, trickster gameplay perfectly. 

Firecracker Sejuani

Explode onto the Rift with the flashy Firecracker Sejuani skin! This exciting cosmetic transforms Sejuani and her boar Bristle into sizzling fireworks ready to light up the battlefield. Vivid red and gold pyrotechnics adorn Sejuani’s armor and Bristle’s bristling hide. Together they make a spectacular duo, bursting with color and energy.

From the colors to effects to textures, Firecracker Sejuani is a triumphant display. Sejuani crackles with liveliness atop Bristle, ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year by raining fireworks on her foes. The model details are exquisite, capturing the look of real pyrotechnics, while the ability VFX adds excitement and flare to her kit.

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Mythmaker Sivir

Mythmaker Sivir brings folklore and mysticism to life on the Rift. This imaginative skin transforms the Battle Mistress into a wandering storyteller, ready to weave tales and magic with her blade. Mythmaker Sivir dons a striking red and black ensemble, accented by bright white threads that evoke mystical runes.

Intricate patterns and leather textures adorn her clothes and gear, giving her the look of a well-traveled collector of myths and legends. With fluid animations and ability effects that conjure ethereal whales, wolves, and ravens, Mythmaker Sivir proves herself a spellbinding storyteller, able to enchant both allies and enemies with her words, magic, and guiding blade.

Prestige Firecracker Vayne

Ring in the Lunar New Year with a golden bang by unlocking the Prestige Edition Firecracker Vayne. This skin encapsulates all the jubilation and flair of the festival with its dazzling gold, red, and white palette. 

The ability effects explode with vibrant pyrotechnics as well. When Vayne tumbles into combat, fireworks burst forth behind her. As she Condemns enemies against the terrain, brilliant cascades of gold and red erupt from the impact. And when she activates Final Hour, fiery lanterns swirl around her.

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As we welcome the Year of the Dragon, players have an amazing assortment of Lunar New Year skins to choose from. These skins not only look fantastic, but many seem tailored to amplify the playstyle and personality of their respective champions. With exhilarating ability animations and eye-catching models, skins like Firecracker Sejuani and Divine Heavenscale Lee Sin feel even more impactful and fluid to play. 

So whether you want to honor Asian traditions, light up the Rift with fireworks, or simply decorate a main in style, the Lunar New Year skins have you covered. These cosmetics are a true highlight each season.

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