Best Jungle Champions to Carry Games in Season 14 Meta

The jungle meta has seen a major shakeup in Season 14 of League of Legends due to extensive changes to the item system. With new build paths and effects becoming available, some champions have risen to the top of the ranks while others have fallen out of favor. In this article, we’ll explore the 5 strongest jungle picks in the current meta based on their kits, item synergies, and win rates

Coming in at number one is Lilia, whose speedy clear, and powerful teamfight ultimate has made her a popular and successful jungle choice. Right behind her is Jax, an auto-attack-based diver with tremendous scaling that allows him to take over games in the mid to late stages. At number three we have the new jungler Briar, whose versatile kit, mobility, and ability to avoid wards have earned her a spot as one of the better early-game gankers. 

Nocturne, an assassin who can quickly get to priority targets with his long-range ultimate, takes fourth place. And rounding out the top 5 is Master Yi, a hypercarry capable of melting entire teams if he’s able to get rolling and properly set up to succeed. Regardless of playstyle preferences, one of these champions is likely to be a strong choice for climbing the ranked ladder from the jungle position this season.

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Lillia, the Bashful Bloom

Lillia has emerged as one of the strongest jungle champions in League of Legends’ season 14 meta, boasting an impressive 53% win rate. A big part of her success stems from her unique passive, Dream-Laden Bough, which allows her to deal max health damage over time to enemies she hits with her abilities.

Her Q, Blooming Blows, is key to her powerful ganks and skirmishing. It grants Lillia stacking movement speed as she hits enemies, allowing her to zoom around team fights. The ability also deals area of effect damage and extra true damage on the edge, making it great for clearing camps and damaging clustered enemies.

Lillia’s W, Watch Out! Eep!, provides both damage and wave clear with its area of effect burst focused in the center. This allows her to quickly wipe out jungle camps and minion waves. Her E, Swirlseed, tosses out a slowing seed projectile, helping Lillia chase down targets or escape sticky situations.

Finally, her ultimate, Lilting Lullaby, can completely change team fights. It causes all affected enemies to become drowsy and then fall asleep, during which they take increased damage when awoken. A good Lillia ultimate can set up her team to demolish opponents.

With her excellent jungle clear speed, sustained damage, crowd control, and playmaking potential, it’s no wonder Lillia has claimed a top spot in the season 14 meta. A standard damage build prioritizing items like Liandry’s Torment, Zhonya’s Hourglass, and Rabadon’s Deathcap allows her to maximize her output and carry games through the mid to late game. For all these reasons, Lillia stands tall as one of the best jungle choices this season.

Jax, Grandmaster at Arms

Jax remains one of the strongest jungle picks in season 14, boasting a strong 52.7% win rate. His innate scaling and carry potential from the jungle make him a great choice to influence the outcome of solo queue games.

A major component of Jax’s strength lies in his passive, Relentless Assault, which grants him stacking attack speed whenever he basic attacks. This allows Jax to become an unstoppable force of DPS in the late game.

His Q, Leap Strike, gives him mobility and engagement potential, letting him jump onto priority targets in team fights. It also helps Jax stick to targets when ganking lanes and provides an auto attack reset to weave in more damage.

Jax’s W, Empower, acts as an auto attack enhancer, giving him extra burst damage on his next basic attack after casting it. This makes his ganks and jungle clear even stronger.

Counter-Strike, his E, enables Jax to avoid all incoming damage for a couple seconds while also stunning all nearby enemies after the effect ends. This gives him immense outplay and tower-diving potential.

With the right items like Trinity Force, Spear of Shojin, and Sundered Sky, Jax can annihilate squishy champions and even go toe to toe with tanks thanks to his mixed damage output. His versatility and scary late game mean he will continue to be a top jungle pick through season 14 and is more than deserving of his spot among the best.

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Briar, The Restrained Hunger

Briar has burst onto the scene as one of the top jungle picks in season 14, sporting a strong 52.4% win rate. Her unique high-sustain playstyle and ability to avoid wards make her a powerful solo queue menace.

A key component of Briar’s strength is her passive, Crimson Curse, which applies a stacking bleed on her attacks and abilities. This bleed heals Briar for a portion of the damage dealt, giving her deceptively good sustain in the jungle.

Briar’s Q, Head Rush, provides mobility and crowd control by letting her leap to enemies and stun them while shredding their armor. This amplifies her gank potential and pick potential considerably.

Her W, Blood Frenzy, sends Briar into a frenzied state where she relentlessly chases her target, gaining increased attack speed, movement, and AOE damage on her basic attacks. This is great for dueling, chasing, and shredding objectives. She can also reactivate it to take a massive executive bite out of low-health targets.

Briar’s E, Chilling Scream, channels a delayed AOE nuke around her that slows and damages enemies hit. It makes her quite tough to approach while charging up.

Finally, her ultimate, Certain Death, allows Briar to mark an enemy champion and relentlessly hunt them down no matter what, gaining major combat stats during it. This makes her an unstoppable threat to isolated priority targets.

Common item builds utilizing Youmuu’s, Death’s Dance, and Cleaver allow her to shred enemies apart with ease. With her sustain, elusiveness, pick potential, and scalings, Briar has rightfully claimed her spot as a top jungle pick this season. 

Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare

Nocturne’s spot as a top jungle pick in season 14 can be attributed to his strong ganking and pick potential, aided by his 52.4% win rate. With his powerful ultimate and ability to avoid wards, Nocturne is a force to be reckoned with.

His passive, Umbra Blades, gives Nocturne sustain in the jungle and makes him deceptively tough in duels with its AOE damage and healing.

Nocturne’s Q, Duskbringer, allows him to quickly navigate the map, leaving an empowering trail behind him. It aids his clear speed and lets him rapidly close gaps to priority targets.

Shroud of Darkness, his W, passively boosts his attack speed, while the active enables Nocturne to block enemy abilities – perfect for clutch spell shields.

Nocturne’s E, Unspeakable Horror, applies a delayed fear, making his ganks extremely potent. Few can escape once caught in his horrifying sights.

Paranoia, his infamous ultimate, blacks out the map for enemies while allowing Nocturne to swiftly dive onto far-away targets. It’s perfect for flanking fights and picking isolated carries.

With Nocturne’s lethal combination of damage, mobility, utility, and elusiveness, it’s no wonder he’s claimed a top jungle spot this season. Itemizing lethality with Experimental Hexplate, Eclipse, and Axiom Arc allows him to delete squishies with ease while staying deceptively tough with Death’s Dance. If left unchecked, Nocturne will turn solo queue into his own nightmare.

Master Yi, The Wuju Bladesman

With his lightning reflexes and mastery of Wuju arts, Master Yi stands in a tier of his own amongst League’s jungle roster in season 14. This champion living up to his title as the Wuju Bladesman, is capable of striking down entire teams in the blink of an eye.

Many fall victim to thinking Master Yi is just an auto-attack bot, but in truth he wields some of the most lethal abilities in the game. His Alpha Strike makes him untargetable while dealing damage in an untraceable blur. Meditate provides deceptive tankiness and pauses his ability durations. No basic attack hits harder than the raw damage of an empowered Wuju strike.

But what truly elevates Yi is his Highlander – a whirlwind of death unhindered by the limits of mortal speed and reflexes. Like a tornado tearing through a town, Master Yi cannot be slowed or stopped once Highlander is activated, leaving cleaved enemies and broken blades in his wake. Only the clash of the nexus falling signals the end of his windfall of carnage.

With the powers of Wuju at his command, Master Yi dominates the ranks of solo queue junglers, ever thirsty for new prey. No pinged target nor typed plea for assistance will save those who find themselves fixed in the merciless eyes of the Wuju Bladesman. In the jungle, Yi is a judge, jury, and executioner.

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The jungle meta is ever-changing, but some champions have risen above the rest to stake their claim as the best in season 14. Lillia, Jax, Briar, Nocturne, and Master Yi have proven themselves more than capable of carrying games and climbing the ranks with their strong ganking, scaling, mobility, and outplay potential. 

Though team synergy and smart macro play still reign supreme, having one of these dominant jungle picks on your side is sure to provide a key advantage over the competition. For those looking to jungle in season 14, you can’t go wrong mastering these exemplary champions.

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