Bot Lane Beginner Guide: 3 Tips To Get Better Instantly

Each role in League of Legends has its own learning curve and beginner players may struggle in getting started with a role and learning the ropes in a new lane. This is especially true with the bot lane since unlike other lanes this one has four players clashing against each other.

The Attack Damage Carry (ADC) or Marksman can be found in this lane along with the Support. This guide will be about the bot lane but will focus more on the ADCs and how you can become a great one and stand out.

ADCs are ticking time bombs that are silent in the early game where they don’t have that much damage and attack speed but get to the late game and they can single-handedly turn a teamfights around even with just their basic attacks. A marksman ain’t called a carry for nothing.

They have the most potent physical damage in the game and they can annihilate an entire team if played properly. But they are also squishy and they are the main targets during skirmishes. They are easy prey for assassins and they can be quite easy to kill.

An ADC user should be both aggressive and careful at the same time. That can be hard to grasp at first but don’t worry. We have curated this bot lane beginner guide to help new ADCs like you become great marksmen as soon as possible.

This Beginner Guides series was created to help beginners and even intermediate players level up their game and become better at their roles quickly. We also offer the safest script, MMR checking, and other useful tools in our blog that will help you dominate in League of Legends.

Types of Bot Lane Champions

Poke Marksmen

Marksmen are known for their long range but there are also different kinds of marksmen. Poke marksmen take advantage of their long basic attack range and skillshots to harass enemy champions from afar and chunk their health bars from a safe distance.

They have the best kiting ability, in other words, they are able to damage their enemy without getting touched in return. A good example of a poke marksman is Ezreal with his mobility and skillshots and Jhin with his insane range and traps to slow enemies down.

All-in Marksmen

All-in Marksmen are do or die ADCs. They rely on full combos to carry a teamfight or one-shot their opponents. They can deal instant or burst damage and delete entire teams in mere seconds. Just like Miss Fortune with her ultimate and Kindred with her invincible ultimate that allows them to turn teamfights around.

Hypercarry Marksmen

This type of marksman is a personal favorite as they have the most carrying potential. Hypercarries can literally 1v5 and even 1v9 at the right hands. Hypercarry ADCs are usually weak in the early game but once they get their items, they turn into monsters that can dish out endless damage. Their very high attack speed and survivability make them very strong in the late game. Twitch with his insane attack speed and damage from his poison and Vayne with her godlike Ultimate and outplay potential are great examples of Hypercarries.

How to Win in the Bot Lane as An ADC

Winning lane as a marksman or ADC means that you have a higher chance of carrying your team in the late game and out-damaging your opponents.

Play Safe And Farm

ADCs are usually not that strong in the early game. Though you have to be active and help your team secure objectives, make sure that you do not take unnecessary risks that will lead to your death. Instead, focus on farming minions and earning gold as much as possible. Place strategic wards with your support and coordinate ganks with your jungler.

Having more farm than your opponent and getting the items you need first would give you an advantage and make you more efficient for your team. More farm= more gold and XP= more damage.


This is the most important thing for ADCs, especially in teamfights. Proper positioning would allow you to deal as much damage as you can while staying alive and safe. Stay behind your teammates and let them protect you. A marksman shouldn’t be on the front taking hits. You should also be extra cautious with sneaky assassins as they can delete you instantly if you position yourself wrong.

A good ADC knows where he should be to be safe yet be able to deal damage at the same time. Far from the assassins and fighters and behind your tank and support. Unless your an insane Vayne user of course.


This is a powerful ability bestowed upon marksmen thanks to their long range. Kiting is basically damaging your enemy without taking hits in return. To be dominant in the bot lane and teamfights, you must learn to kite effectively. Simply hit your enemy with your basic attack or abilities and run away. Do this quickly and you will be kiting opponents to death.

Secret tip: Turn on “Attack Move on Cursor” in settings and use “A” to basic attack. You will be kiting better and more easily with these trick.


The bot lane can be scary yet very rewarding if you know what you’re doing. Follow these tips and tricks, put in the work, practice, and you’ll be a better marksman in no time.


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