Top Of The Top: Best Champions in Top Lane Patch 13.24

The top lane island is home to some of the strongest solo champions in League of Legends. With patch 13.24 now live, the top lane meta has shifted once again. Of all the formidable top laners, three champions stand out as the best picks to dominate the top lane in this patch. But so many players ask, what are the best champions in top lane to climb the ranks with?

Singed has risen to the top with his lethal mix of damage, crowd control, and tankiness. His ability to proxy farm and dive towers makes him a force that is difficult to stop once he gets rolling. Garen remains a top-tier top-lane bully with his potent trading, wave clear, and surprising burst damage. And Ornn anchors the list as a reliable and disruptive tank who provides excellent initiation and upgrades for his whole team.

In this article, we dive deep into why Singed, Garen, and Ornn are the three best top lane champions to play in patch 13.24. We analyze their abilities, item builds, and counter matchups. Whether you main top lane or just want to learn how to counter these dominant picks, read on for the definitive top lane tier list for patch 13.24!

Singed, The Mad Chemist

With a win rate of 52.9%, Singed has emerged as one of the best top lane champions to climb the ranks in patch 13.24. His kit makes him a potent lane bully and gives him excellent scaling into the late game.

Singed’s passive, Noxious Slipstream, allows him to speed past enemy minions and champions, enabling him to quickly trade or proxy farm waves. His Q, Poison Trail, deals consistent magic damage both in fights and for wave clear. Mega Adhesive (W) gives him grounding crowd control to control enemies, while Fling (E) displaces targets and combos with his adhesive. Finally, Insanity Potion (R) boosts his stats and applies grievous wounds to make him a nightmare for healing champions.

Common item builds on Singed include Rylai’s Crystal Scepter to add health and make his Q slow, Demonic Embrace for damage and tankiness, and Dead Man’s Plate for mobility. With these items, Singed becomes extremely hard to pin down while dishing out high poison and auto-attack damage. His ability to split push, dive towers, and wreak havoc in team fights make him a dominant top lane force in solo queue.

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Garen, The Might of Demacia

With his simple yet brutally effective kit, Garen remains one of the best top lane choices for climbing the ladders in patch 13.24, boasting a win rate of 52.7%.

Garen’s passive, Perseverance, allows him to stay healthy in lane with its constant regeneration. Decisive Strike (Q) smashes enemies with burst damage and silence to win trades. Courage (W) makes Garen deceptively tough to kill through its shields and resistance. Judgment (E) shreds waves and opponents with rapid spins. Finally, Demacian Justice (R) secures takedowns by executing damaged enemies.

Strong itemization like Stridebreaker for gap closing and slowing or Dead Man’s Plate for speed and tankiness makes Garen a split-pushing menace. Sterak’s Gage provides additional durability in duels. With these tools, few champions can go toe-to-toe with Garen in the side lanes. His straightforward trading patterns, wave clear speed, and dive potential under tower give him consistent dominance in the top lane. For those looking to climb ranked, Garen remains a go-to top lane pick for his simple yet crushingly effective playstyle.

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Ornn, The Fire Below the Mountain

Boasting a win rate of 52.4%, Ornn has established himself as a dominant force in the top lane meta. His versatile kit makes him a potent laner and teamfighter.

Ornn’s passive, Living Forge, gives him extra resistance and allows him to forge special items for himself and his allies. Volcanic Rupture (Q) harasses enemies with bursts of damage and crowd control. Bellows Breath (W) dishes out percent health damage while making foes Brittle for extra damage. Searing Charge (E) knocks up opponents after charging into walls. Finally, Call of the Forge God (R) sends a massive ram that knocks up and damages enemies.

With items like Sunfire Aegis for wave clear and tankiness, Abyssal Mask to boost his magic damage, and Warmog’s Armor for sustain, Ornn becomes an unkillable disruptor. His Crowd control and percent health damage let him bully lanes and disrupt team fights. Ornn’s tankiness, initiation, and unique item upgrades provide immense team fight value. For players valuing reliability and game impact, Ornn remains a dominant top lane pick in patch 13.24.

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Singed, Garen, and Ornn stand tall as the best top lane champions in League of Legends patch 13.24. With strong laning power, scaling, and team fight presence, these juggernauts remain the best picks for dominating the top lane meta. For those looking to claim victory from top, mastering one of these champions will give you an edge over the competition. Their damage, durability, and utility make them ideal solo queue carry picks to climb the ranks in season 13.

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