LoL AP Items: All You Need To Know About The New Ability Power Items

League of Legends has undergone exciting changes with the introduction of new items in Season 14. Among these additions are a variety of fresh Ability Power (AP) items, catering to the playstyles and needs of mage champions. These AP items offer unique effects, passive bonuses, and game-changing abilities, promising to shake up the way mages approach the game.

We will delve into the details of these new AP items, highlighting their effects, strengths, and potential synergies with specific mage champions. Whether you love bursting down opponents with a single spell or enjoy sustained damage output over a battle, these new AP items provide a diverse range of options to enhance your mage gameplay.

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Stormsurge is one of the newest items that gives burst mages like Orianna and Ryze even more upfront damage and allows them to reposition quickly after unleashing their full combos. The magic penetration also amplifies their damage output.

Total cost: 2900 Gold

Item recipe: Hextech Alternator + Aether Wisp
Stats: +90 ability power +10 magic penetration +5% movement speed


Unique – Stormraider: Dealing damage to an enemy champion equal to 35% of their maximum health within 2.5 seconds inflicts them with Squall and grants you 25% bonus movement speed for 2 seconds (30 (starts on application) second cooldown).

Unique – Squall: After 2 seconds of having applied Squall, strike the target with lightning, dealing (Melee role 100 − 200 / Ranged role 75 − 150) (based on level) (+ (Melee role 20% / Ranged role 15%) AP) magic damage to them. If the target dies before being struck, it emits an electric field instantly that shocks all enemy champions near them, dealing them the same damage and granting you 30 Gold 30.


Malignance is considered one of the best LoL AP items right now, It gives mages like Syndra and Orianna more frequent access to their impactful ultimates in team fights. The scorched zone also enhances their ultimate’s power by amplifying their magic damage. With its mix of raw damage and utility, Malignance allows mages to control team fights around objectives.

Total cost: 2800 Gold

Item recipe: Lost Chapter + Fiendish Codex
Stats: +80 ability power +20 ability haste +600 mana


Unique – Scorn: Gain 20 ultimate haste. 

Unique – Hatefog: Dealing ability damage to enemy champions with your ultimate ability creates a 250 − 550 (based on ultimate’s damage instance) radius scorched zone beneath them for 3 seconds, applying a Curse to enemies within that deals 15 (+ 1.5% AP) magic damage every 0.25 seconds and reduces their magic resistance by 6 − 12 (based on your level).

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Haunting Guise

Champions like Anivia and Singed who deal persistent damage with their abilities can get full value out of the Haunting Guise. Its added health also gives them some early durability. Haunting Guise enhances their damage output specifically in long engages in lane or around objectives. The Madness effect encourages them to continuously inflict damage rather than unloading all at once.

Total cost: 1300 Gold

Item recipe: Amplifying Tome + Ruby Crystal
Stats: +35 ability power +200 health


Madness: For each second in combat with enemy champions, deal 2% increased damage, stacking up to 3 times for a total of 6%.


Cryptbloom rewards finishing off low-health enemies with sustain to keep you going in extended team fights. Champions like Brand and Zyra who can burst down targets and then continue dishing out damage will get a lot of value from the healing. It allows them to reset after securing kills before moving on to the next target. With its mix of offense and defense, Cryptbloom enables mages to drive hard engagements around objectives.

Total cost: 2850 Gold

Item recipe: Blighting Jewel + Fiendish Codex
Stats: +70 ability power +15 ability haste +30% magic penetration


Unique – Life From Death: Scoring a Damage rating takedown against an enemy champion while alive and within 3 seconds of damaging them summons a nova that radiates from the location of their death over 1.75 seconds, Heal power icon healing you and allied champions hit for 50 (+ 50% AP) (60-second cooldown).

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Luden’s Companion

Luden’s Companion rewards spamming abilities in fights with added burst damage. Champions like Orianna and Syndra who rely on low cooldown spells can unleash massive nukes when their charges are fully loaded. It encourages them to aggressively use abilities to maximize their potential damage output. With the raw stats and passives, Luden’s Companion is ideal for artillery mages looking to blow up enemies.

Total cost: 3000 Gold

Item recipe: Lost Chapter + Hextech Alternator
Stats: +90 ability power +20 ability haste +600 mana


Unique – Load: Gain a Shot Charge stack every 3 seconds, up to a maximum of 6. 

Unique – Fire: Dealing ability damage to an enemy consumes all Shot Charges to deal 40 (+ 8% AP) bonus magic damage to them and an additional nearby enemy for each charge consumed. If there is an insufficient number of targets nearby, deal an additional 35% damage to the primary target for each remaining Shot Charge.


In short, Items like Stormsurge and Luden’s Companion offer stackable damage passives to reward aggressive spell casting. For controlling objectives and skirmishes, Malignance’s ultimate boost synergizes with big mage ultimates like Syndra’s. Sustained damage dealers like Singed and Anivia can get great value from Haunting Guise’s ramping damage stacks. Meanwhile, Cryptbloom enables mages to reset after takedowns and keep dishing out damage.

The increased diversity in effects and stats allows players to tailor their AP purchases each game for their champion’s needs and the state of the match. With more defined strengths and tradeoffs, the new items also open up more counterplay through intelligent itemization. Overall, the new LoL AP items in Season 14 update the mage arsenal with exciting modernized effects that will empower but also challenge LoL AP champions.

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