LoL New Items: All You Need To Know About The New Lethality Items

Welcome to the evolving landscape of League of Legends, where the winds of change have swept through the Summoner’s Rift with the advent of patch 14.1. In this dynamic environment, the introduction of lol new items has ignited a revolution in the meta, reshaping strategies and empowering champions in unforeseen ways. 

Join us as we delve into the heart of this transformative journey, exploring the impact and intricacies of the latest additions to the assassin’s arsenal. From shadowy assassins to deadly marksmen, the League is undergoing a metamorphosis, and understanding the nuances of these lethality items is the key to mastering the battlefield.

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Voltaic Cyclosword

The Voltaic Cyclosword is a formidable weapon in the League of Legends arsenal. Voltaic unique Passive – Energized feature ensures that movement and attacks generate an Energized Attack, with Dashes and Stealth accelerating the stacking process by 75%. The Passive – Firmament enhances this energized strike, applying 100 bonus physical damage and imposing a 99% Slow on enemies for 0.75 seconds (20% for ranged users). 

With a perfect blend of lethality and utility, the Voltaic Cyclosword electrifies the battlefield, offering players a potent weapon to unleash havoc on their foes.

Total Cost: 2900 gold 

Item Recipe: The Brutalizer + Kircheis Shard + 863 gold 

Stats: 55 Attack Damage | 18 Lethality | 15 Ability Haste 

Profane Hydra

The Profane Hydra, is a prized possession in the League of Legends armory. The Active – Heretical Slash unleashes devastation, dealing 80% total Attack Damage physical damage to nearby enemies, escalating to 120% against foes below 30% health. Its Passive – Cleave ensures attacks radiate power, dealing 40% AD (melee) / 20% AD (ranged) damage to units within 450 units of the struck target. 

Total Cost: 3400 gold

Item Recipe: Tiamat + The Brutalizer + 863 gold

Stats: 60 Attack Damage | 18 Lethality | 20 Ability Haste


Enter the realm of Hubris in League of Legends, hubris is a testament to the power wielded by those who dare to embrace it. 

The Passive – Ego awards champions with a touch of vanity, manifesting a statue of the victor upon slaying an enemy champion. Notably, if a statue already exists, it undergoes a glorious upgrade. 

The Passive – Eminence further fuels the champion’s prowess, granting 10 (+1 per rank of Statue) Attack Damage for 60 seconds upon the demise of a champion damaged within the last 3 seconds. Hubris, a symbol of unparalleled strength, ensures that the legacy of a champion not only lives on but flourishes in the wake of their conquests.

Total Cost: 3000 gold

Item Recipe: Serrated Dirk + Caulfield’s Warhammer + 900 gold

Stats: 60 Attack Damage | 18 Lethality | 15 Ability Haste


Embark on the path of Opportunity in League of Legends with this formidable. Opportunity is a force to be reckoned with, offering 55 Attack Damage, 18 Lethality, and a 5% Movement Speed boost. 

Total Cost: 2700 gold

Item Recipe: Serrated Dirk + Rectrix + 800 gold

Stats: 55 Attack Damage | 18 Lethality | 5% Movement Speed

Passive – Preparation: After being out of combat with Champions for 8 seconds gain 5-10 Lethality (based on level). This Lethality lasts for 3 seconds after dealing damage to champions.

Passive – Extraction: If a champion dies within 3 seconds of damaging them, gain 150 decaying movement speed for 1.5 seconds.


Introducing Rectrix, a cost-effective powerhouse in League of Legends. This budget-friendly item is designed to amplify your early-game potential, granting both offensive prowess and enhanced mobility. 

Whether you’re seeking to bolster your damage output or swiftly navigate the battlefield, Rectrix stands as a strategic choice for those looking to make a significant impact without breaking the bank. Embrace the power of Rectrix and pave your way to success on the Summoner’s Rift.

Total Cost: 900 gold

Item Recipe: Long Sword + 550 gold

Stats: 20 Attack Damage | 4% Movement Speed

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The Brutalizer

Behold The Brutalizer, this cost-effective choice caters to champions seeking an early-game advantage, providing a perfect balance of raw damage and cooldown reduction. 

With The Brutalizer in your arsenal, unleash devastating assaults on your foes and assert your dominance on the Summoner’s Rift. Affordable yet powerful, The Brutalizer stands as a testament to strategic itemization in the ever-evolving world of League of Legends.

Total Cost: 1337 gold

Item Recipe: Glowing Mote + Pickaxe + 212 gold

Stats: 25 Attack Damage |10 Ability Haste | 8 Lethality

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The introduction of new lethality items in League of Legends has significantly impacted the meta by empowering assassins and marksmen. Items like Voltaic Cyclosword provide lethal damage and utility while Profane Hydra unleashes devastating area-of-effect attacks. Other lethality items like Hubris and Opportunity offer unique effects to amplify damage and mobility. 

With these new tools, assassins and marksmen can assert dominance and leave a lasting impression on the rift. Players must adapt to the evolving itemization landscape to find success in season 14.

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