Purifying Light: A Close Look at Lucian, the Purifier

Wielding ancient relic pistols, Lucian is a ruthless purifier, relentlessly pursuing the undead spirits of the Shadow Isles. As a mobile attack damage carry, Lucian relies on his quickness and barrage of bullets to take down opponents swiftly. With the power of light, he looks to purify the world, starting with the Rift. In this guide, we’ll explore Lucian’s abilities, Item Builds, and Counter picks. By the end, you’ll have the knowledge to take on the shadows with Lucian and unleash dominating victories through precise movements and perfectly timed abilities.

Lucian’s Abilities

Lucian’s abilities allow him to be a highly mobile marksman. His passive, Lightslinger, empowers his next auto attack after using an ability, rewarding aggressive trading in lane. Piercing Light shoots a laser through minions, harassing opponents. Ardent Blaze grants a burst of speed, enabling Lucian to dash in for trades or quickly reposition in team fights.

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Passive: Lightslinger

Lucian’s passive Lightslinger is a core component of his kit, empowering his auto attacks after using abilities. After casting any ability, Lucian’s next basic attack will shoot two rapid shots instead of one. This allows him to burst down opponents with enhanced trades in lane. Additionally, when an ally heals or shields Lucian, or if a nearby enemy is immobilized, his next two attacks gain bonus magic damage.

Lightslinger rewards Lucian for aggressive, ability-augmented attacking. By chaining spells and movement between auto attacks, Lucian can unleash sustained damage. The magic damage proc helps counter tanky foes. Proper passive usage is key to mastery of Lucian. Maximizing Lightslinger double shots in trades and team fights allows Lucian to fully leverage his dual-wielding pistols to rapidly gun down mispositioned enemies.

Q: Piercing Light

Piercing Light allows Lucian to harass and farm from a distance. By activating the ability, Lucian will shoot out a laser in a target direction that damages the first enemy hit. The laser will pass through minions, allowing Lucian to shoot it down the lane to clear waves or damage the opposing champions behind the cover of minions. Piercing Light is on a relatively short cooldown, giving Lucian consistent ranged poke in lane trading and sieges. 

A key combo is to use Piercing Light then follow up with an enhanced Lightslinger attack for a quick trading burst. Piercing Light gives Lucian wave clear potential once he gets some damage items, allowing him to quickly shove outside lanes to group with his team. The range and minion-piercing capabilities of Piercing Light enable Lucian to reliably deal damage to his opponents even when they hide behind their minion wave.

W: Ardent Blaze

Ardent Blaze allows Lucian to burst with speed and mark targets. Upon activation, Lucian fires a missile in a target direction that explodes on the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage. Any enemies struck will be marked and briefly revealed. Lucian also gains a short burst of movement speed when moving towards marked enemies. This grants Lucian mobility in trades, allowing him to dash in, proc his Lightslinger passive shots, and then speed away.

It can also be used to chase down marked fleeing foes. Ardent Blaze provides useful utility as well by granting vision of targets struck and allowing Lucian’s allies to see them. The speed boost when moving towards marked enemies enables Lucian to aggressively reposition in team fights to quickly switch targets. Overall, Ardent Blaze gives Lucian added mobility for trading, chasing, and skirmishing.

E: Relentless Pursuit

Relentless Pursuit is Lucian’s mobility tool, allowing him to quickly reposition in fights. When activated, Lucian dashes a short distance in the target direction, cleansing any movement-impairing effects. Additionally, using Lightslinger attacks will reduce the cooldown of Relentless Pursuit. This provides Lucian with high uptime on his dash as long as he is aggressively attacking. Relentless Pursuit enables Lucian to dodge skill shots, escape dangerous situations, and chase down fleeing low-health enemies.

It can be used both offensively and defensively thanks to the cooldown reduction from Lightslinger. Skilled Lucian players can chain Relentless Pursuit with other abilities and auto attacks to endlessly dash around team fights, evading damage while dishing out his own. Overall, the high mobility of Relentless Pursuit allows Lucian to be an elusive and relentless threat, dancing around the battlefield and bombarding enemies from any angle.

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R: The Culling

The Culling is Lucian’s devastating team fight ultimate. Upon activating The Culling, Lucian begins channeling for 3 seconds, rapidly firing shots in the target direction for the duration. Each shot will deal physical damage to the first enemy it hits, with successive hits on the same target dealing reduced damage. The Culling is extremely strong when Lucian can channel the full duration against grouped-up enemies in a team fight. 

The barrage of bullets will shred through entire teams. It is also useful for sniping low-health fleeing enemies from long range. Since Lucian is immobile while channeling, using The Culling requires careful positioning either from a safe distance or behind the frontline. Enemies will look to interrupt Lucian or use crowd control effects to hinder the channel. Overall, The Culling provides Lucian massive AoE damage potential that can wipe teams when positioned and timed properly.

Lucian’s Build

The goal of Lucian’s build is to reach 30-40% CDR for spell rotation, high critical strike chance and damage for deadly double shots, and attack speed to unleash relentless Lightslinger procs in team fights. Proper itemization results in a late-game Lucian that can dash around demolishing enemies.

Early Game

  • Doran’s Blade – Gives AD and lifesteal for early trading power.
  • Essence Reaver – Solves mana problems and provides CDR and damage. Core item to rush first.

Mid Game

  • Berserker’s Greaves – Attack speed for faster Lightslinger procs.
  • Rapid Firecannon – Extends Lucian’s attack range for safer damage.
  • Statikk Shiv – Waveclear potential and energized attack burst.
  • Infinity Edge – Massive AD and converts crits into huge damage.

Late Game

  • Mortal Reminder – Armor penetration to cut through tanks.
  • Guardian Angel – Second life insurance in team fights.
  • Mercurial Scimitar – Cleanses deadly crowd control effects.

Counter Picks

Lucian struggles against champions that can outrange him or disrupt his mobility in team fights. Caitlyn is a strong counter pick, able to constantly harass Lucian in lane with her superior 650 attack range. Jinx also outscales Lucian into late-game team fights. Long-range mages like Xerath and Vel’Koz can poke Lucian down and prevent him from safely entering team fights. Hard-engaged champions like Nautilus, Leona, and Vi can lock Lucian down before he can reposition with his Relentless Pursuit. 

Almost any champion with hard crowd control can hinder Lucian’s mobility. Additionally, aggressive early-game champions like Draven and Kalista can bully Lucian in lane. Building armor also mitigates Lucian’s largely physical damage. Overall, champions that can outrange Lucian, stick to him with crowd-control effects, or snowball an early advantage fare best against the Purifier.

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In the realm of League of Legends, Lucian stands as a relentless force against the shadows, armed with dual relic pistols. Mastering his abilities, from the Lightslinger‘s aggressive trades to the devastating team-fight prowess of The Culling, empowers summoners to purify the Rift. Lucian’s build, mobility, utility, and damage output make him a formidable ADC. Navigate the battlefield with precision, chaining abilities for maximum impact, and turn the tide against the darkness.

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