How To Get LoL Skins For Free

Getting free skins in League of Legends is possible, but it takes some time and effort. While you can’t just click a button and get skins for free, there are several legit ways to earn them without spending money. With a bit of patience and by following the right steps, you can slowly build up a collection of cool skins for your favorite champions.


One of the best ways to earn free skins in League of Legends is by playing the Clash tournament mode. Clash is a weekend-only rotating game mode where teams of five battle it out against others for rewards and glory. When you enter a Clash tournament and play all your games, you’ll earn Clash Orbs based on your final placement. The higher you place, the better Orbs you get! These Orbs contain random skin shards when opened.

If your team finishes with a (2 W | 1 L), you’ll likely get 975 RP skin shards. But if you manage to fight your way to the top and win the whole tournament, you could score super valuable 1350 RP skin shards!

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Seasonal Pass

Another great way to get free skins is by grinding through the Seasonal Event Passes that Riot releases a few times per year. These passes allow you to earn rewards just by playing the game. Each pass has a huge list of free rewards that you unlock by gaining experience and completing challenges. As you level up the pass, you’ll earn all sorts of goodies like emotes, icons, chromas, and most importantly – Event Orbs!

These Event Orbs contain random skin shards when opened. If you make it all the way to the end of a Seasonal Pass, you can earn up to 2 Event Orbs total (for the free pass). It’s a nice slow burn method of building up skin shards without having to go too far out of your way. Plus, the passes have plenty of other cool free loot to collect along the way too.

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Ranked Rewards

If you’re a fan of the competitive grind, you’ll definitely want to pay attention to the free loot from Ranked Rewards. For each split (roughly every 2-3 months), Riot Games hooks up players with some great rewards just for playing ranked games. No matter where you end up placing on the ranked ladder, you’ll earn at least a couple Hextech Chests as long as you play a minimum number of ranked games that split. Hextech Chests contain random loot when opened, including skin shards!

For the current split, Riot is giving out 2 Hextech Chests minimum, plus 1 bonus Masterwork Chest if you achieve the required Split Points. That’s 3 free roll opportunities at epic skins just for grinding your ranked games!

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Mastery Milestones

Riot Games recently overhauled the way players earn Mastery rewards for their champions. The new system makes it much easier to unlock free Hextech Chests and grab some bonus skin shards. In the past, you needed to earn an extremely tough S-rank score to get a chest for a champ. But now, the requirements are way more achievable for the average player.

To earn your first Hextech Chest for a specific champion, you just need 1 game with a B- grade or higher, plus 4 games at C- or above. That’s it! Once you knock out those initial requirements, you’ll get a free Hextech Chest containing random loot like skin shards.

The milestones don’t stop there though. To earn a 2nd chest for that same champion, you’ll need 1 game with an S- or higher, plus 4 more games at C- minimum. While S-ranks are still tough, it’s much more reasonable to hit that goal for a bonus 2nd chest compared to the previous system.


Getting free skins in League of Legends requires patience and dedication, but Riot Games provides multiple avenues to earn them without spending money. From competing in Clash tournaments and Ranked modes to grinding Seasonal Passes and Mastery milestones, there are always opportunities to unlock random skin shards. While it takes time, staying active and achieving goals can slowly build up an epic collection of skins for your favorite champions – all for free! 

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