The 5 Best LoL Champions of 2024 So Far!

The competitive landscape of League of Legends is constantly shifting, with the metagame evolving from patch to patch. As we reach the 2024 season, a few champions have risen to the top of their respective roles, dominating the Rift with their unique strengths and strategies. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five best champions of 2024 so far, one for each position on the map.

Each of these champions has a unique playstyle and core item build that has propelled them to the top of the meta. In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into what makes each of these champions so dominant, as well as the key items that have enabled their success.

Yorick, The Shepherd of Souls

Yoric has emerged as the undisputed king of the top lane in 2024, boasting an impressive 52.73% win rate across all ranks. This menacing gravedigger’s dominance can be attributed to his unique ability to summon and command a relentless horde of ghouls, making him a formidable force in lane and a nightmare for opponents in team fights.

At the heart of Yoric’s power lies his passive, Shepherd of Souls, which allows him to continuously spawn Mist Walkers to swarm and attack nearby enemies. These ghouls provide Yoric with additional damage output, tanking potential, and even healing through his Q ability, Last Rites. By strategically managing his ghoul army, Yoric can easily overwhelm opponents, forcing them to constantly reposition or face the wrath of his ever-growing undead legion.

Yoric’s W, Dark Procession, further amplifies his oppressive laning presence by allowing him to summon destructible walls that can block enemy movement. This ability grants Yoric unparalleled zoning power, enabling him to control the flow of the lane and make it extremely difficult for his opponents to approach the wave or escape his clutches.

His E, Mourning Mist, adds insult to injury by dealing damage, slowing, and marking enemies, making it even harder for them to disengage or retaliate against Yoric’s relentless onslaught. And when Yoric finally activates his ultimate, Eulogy of the Isles, he summons the Maiden of the Mist, a powerful ally that further amplifies his damage output and automatically raises even more Walkers from fallen enemies.

Yorick Item Build

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Brand, The Burning Vengeance 

Brand has ignited the jungle meta in 2024, torching his way to a scorching 52.13% win rate as the premier jungler of the season. This pyromancer’s success can be attributed to his unique combination of crowd control, burst damage, and ability to control objectives through sheer force.

At the core of Brand’s dominance is his passive, Blaze, which sets his targets ablaze with each spell cast, stacking up to three times before detonating in a massive area-of-effect explosion. This mechanic not only provides Brand with sustained damage over time but also allows him to regain mana with each enemy killed while ablaze, ensuring he has the resources to continue his onslaught.

Brand’s Q, Sear, is a potent ganking tool, as it stuns targets that are already ablaze, allowing him to lock down enemies for his team to follow up. His W, Pillar of Flame, creates a delayed area-of-effect around which Brand can orchestrate his engages, dealing bonus damage to any targets already afflicted by Blaze.

When combined with his E, Conflagration, which spreads its damage to nearby enemies if the primary target is ablaze, Brand can effortlessly melt through entire enemy teams with his devastating area-of-effect damage. And if that weren’t enough, Brand’s ultimate, Pyroclasm, unleashes a torrent of fire that bounces between targets, prioritizing champions who are already ablaze for maximum carnage.

Brand Item Build

Swain, The Noxian Grand General 

Swain has ascended to dominate the mid-lane in 2024, boasting an intimidating 53.35% win rate. This ruthless demonic leader’s success can be attributed to his unmatched sustain, area-of-effect damage, and ability to control team fights through fear and oppression.

At the heart of Swain’s power is his passive, Ravenous Flock, which allows him to collect Soul Fragments that not only heal him but also permanently increase his maximum health. This mechanic makes Swain incredibly difficult to whittle down, as he continuously replenishes his health bar while scaling his tankiness indefinitely.

Swain’s Q, Death’s Hand, is a punishing ability that unleashes multiple bolts of eldritch power, piercing through enemies and dealing increased damage with each subsequent bolt that strikes a target. This potent damage output, combined with the sustain from his passive, allows Swain to easily shrug off harassment and continuously pressure the opposition.

His W, Vision of Empire, provides Swain with potent area-of-effect damage and slows, while also revealing any enemy champions caught in its demonic gaze. Furthermore, it grants Swain precious Soul Fragments, accelerating his scaling and sustain in the process.

Swain’s crowd control prowess truly shines with his E, Nevermove, which launches a wave of demonic power that not only roots enemies in its path but also allows Swain to pull any rooted targets towards him, positioning them perfectly for his deadly follow-up abilities.

And when Swain finally activates his ultimate, Demonic Ascension, he transforms into a demon, draining health from nearby enemies and unleashing a devastating nova of soulfire with his Demonflare ability. As long as Swain can continue to drain enemy champions, this demonic form is indefinite, making him an unstoppable force in extended team fights.

Swain Item Build

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Nilah, The Joy Unbound

Nilah has danced her way to the top of the bot lane in 2024, posting an exuberant 53.96% win rate as the premier ADC of the season. This joyful marksman’s success can be attributed to her unique playstyle, unparalleled sustain, and ability to kite and reposition with graceful ease.

At the core of Nilah’s prowess is her passive, Joy Unending, which not only grants her increased experience from last-hitting minions but also allows her to enhance and share any healing or shielding received from her allies. This mechanic ensures Nilah can continuously scale while also providing her with unmatched sustain, making her incredibly difficult to whittle down in lane.

Nilah’s Q, Formless Blade, is a potent harassment tool that deals damage in a straight line while temporarily extending her attack range, allowing her to poke and trade with impunity. Her W, Jubilant Veil, encases Nilah in a protective mist that increases her movement speed and grants her the ability to gracefully dodge all incoming attacks, making her a master of kiting and repositioning. Any allies she touches during this effect will also gain these benefits, empowering her team’s ability to evade and outmaneuver their opponents.

Nilah’s E, Slipstream, is a devastating gap-closer that allows her to enthusiastically dash towards her target, dealing damage to any enemies she passes through along the way. This ability not only provides Nilah with potent engage and disengage tools but also synergizes perfectly with her ultimate, Apotheosis.

When activated, Apotheosis has Nilah twirling her whip-blade in a joyful exuberance, dealing damage to enemies around her before pulling them closer with her weapon. This effect allows Nilah to both initiate and follow up, dealing massive bursts of damage while also applying potent crowd control to secure kills for her team.

Nilah Item Build

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Maokai, The Twisted Treant 

Maokai has rooted himself as the dominant support pick of 2024, sprouting an impressive 53.81% win rate. This towering treant’s success can be attributed to his unmatched engage potential, disruptive crowd control, and ability to initiate and soak up massive amounts of damage for his allies.

At the heart of Maokai’s power is his passive, Sap Magic, which heals him and deals additional damage with his basic attacks on a moderate cooldown. This cooldown is reduced every time Maokai casts a spell or is struck by an enemy ability, ensuring he can continuously trade and sustain in lane while disincentivizing the opposition from harassing him.

Maokai’s bread and butter engagement tool is his Q, Bramble Smash, which knocks back nearby enemies with a shockwave, dealing damage and slowing any targets caught in its path. This ability is perfect for setting up kills for his marksman or disrupting the enemy’s positioning.

His W, Twisted Advance, truly showcases Maokai’s disruptive power. Upon activation, Maokai contorts into an untargetable mass of moving roots, dashing towards his target before rooting them upon arrival. This powerful crowd control effect makes it nearly impossible for enemies to escape Maokai’s clutches once he’s engaged.

Maokai’s E, Sapling Toss, flings a roving sapling to patrol the target area, making it more effective when placed in brush. These saplings act as highly mobile wards, providing valuable vision control while also deterring enemies from faceChecking unwarded areas.

And when Maokai finally summons his ultimate, Nature’s Grasp, he unleashes a colossal wall of brambles and thorns that slowly advances forward, damaging and rooting any enemies foolish enough to stand in its path. This ability makes Maokai an unparalleled engager and frontline presence, capable of locking down entire teams while soaking up massive amounts of damage for his carries.

Maokai Item Build


As we reach a new patch in 2024, the League of Legends metagame has settled into a distinct shape, with a few champions emerging as dominant forces in their respective roles. Yoric’s ability to create and command an endless undead horde has made him the undisputed king of the top lane. Brand’s combination of crowd control, burst damage, and objective control have allowed him to torch his way to the top of the jungle meta. Swain’s 

unmatched sustain, area-of-effect damage, and demonic power have made him a nightmare for mid laners to handle. Nilah’s unique sustain, high mobility, and high damage output have propelled her to the top of the bot lane. And Maokai’s unparalleled engage potential, disruptive crowd control, and tanky frontline presence have cemented his status as the premier support pick.

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