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Video Tutorial

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Text Tutorial (Video recommended)

1. Disable antivirus and UAC

1.1 Disable antivirus and especially Windows Defender

1.2 Disable UAC

Tips and tricks:
If SpaceSharp does not start, disable antivirus and Windows Defender.
If your mouse does not move in-game, disable UAC.

Using Google Chrome, you have to disable safe-browsing in order to download our software.

That is due to protection against stealing and our program will in no way harm your computer.

2. Install .NET Framework 4.8

Download and install .NET Framework here. This is required to run SpaceSharp.

Tips and tricks:
.NET Framework is required for SpaceSharp to run. 

If you encounter any kind of crashes, make sure you have .NET Framework 4.8 installed.

3. Request and set your license

When you buy our software there is no refund.
So ask us for a trial, you can test the software 24 hours for free.
You can do so by visiting our Discord server.
Navigate to the “create-ticket” channel and react to the message with the letter icon as shown in the screenshot below. A separate room will be created automatically, there you can type “1” in chat and our bot will automatically provide a license.


Our support team tries to work as fast as possible.
However, we are only human and therefore not always online around the clock.
If you have received a test license, the beginning “TEST-” is also part of the license key.

4. Download and unzip

1. You´ll find the download-button on the navigationsbar on top of every page. Save it on your desktop.

2. Extract your SpaceSharp on your desktop.
Rightclick on the downloaded file.
Extract to SpaceSharp\ will create a folder named SpaceSharp on your desktop and extract it´s data to this folder.

You can also use Extract Here, but this extract every single file to your desktop. Make sure all these files are in the same folder and not anywhere on desktop!


Make sure you have a folder on your DESKTOP which contains all files of If Lib.exe is missing, you have to disable your anti virus or whitelist this program.

Tips and tricks:

1. Never start out of zip archive! Otherwise you will face multiple issues!
2. Make sure you have a folder on your DEKSTOP which contains all files of the

3. Make sure your anti virus not removed some files cause of false positive
4. Disable all your anti virus programs, or at least try to whitelist SpaceSharp

4. Launch SpaceSharp

After extracting, double-click “SpaceSharp.exe”.

You will be asked to enter your license key and confirm it by clicking on “Check License”

Tips and tricks:

If nothing happens when you press “Check License”, then there are 2 known solutions:
1. Disable any antivirus

2. Update windows

3. Install .NET Framework 4.8

5. Launch a practice game in League of Legends

It is recommended that you test everything in the League of Legends practice tool, where you can give yourself gold and save yourself a lot of time.

Start the game like the screenshot. Choose a champion (Ashe, Kog’maw, Twitch, Tristana). It’s best to take Lethal Tempo with you, so that you can test the behaviour in the high attack speed range.

Tips and tricks:

Our recommendation is to choose Twitch with Lethal Tempo.
Ingame then buy 6 Wits End.
If you use the Q from twitch you will get additional attack speed.
So you get your attack speed to over 4.X.

This is really fun 🙂

6. Configure the League of Legends Script

6.1. We recommend setting the League of legends client to English. Other languages will work, but we have not tested every single language.

Make sure to set all hotkeys exactly like shown, otherwise it will not work.

6.2. In the League of Legends Video settings, you must set the window mode to Borderless.

Full screen mode will also work, but you will not be able to see our overlay.

Also, activate Colorblind Mode.

Make sure you have “Bind auto attack move to left-click disabled.


The hotkeys must match, if not, the kiting will not work. In League of Legends, try pressing the hotkeys that are set, if they match, then the Spaceglider will work!


“Player Attack Move Click” is responsible for the attack.

“Show Advanced Player Stats” is responsible for the range indicator.


We recommend to activate the setting “Attack move on cursor”. This allows SpaceSharp to easily switch between lane clear and champion targeting mode.

6.6. In the League of Legends Hotkey -> Camera Control Settings, make sure to match your “Attack Target Only” Hotkey in SpaceSharp with your “Center Camera On Champion” Hotkey.

Tips and tricks:

Setting these hotkeys is necessary for SpaceSharp to function. 

Not setting the hotkeys correctly causes the following problems:
1. Champion walks but does not kite

2. Calibration never finishes

7. Test the SpaceSharp

Choose your HeroFile for your champion.

If you have a wrong HeroFile inside, it will cause problems. Auto attacks will be aborted or you will waste too much time. Always make sure that you have chosen the right one.

We do not save this setting in the Configs!

Now increase your gold in League of Legends and buy 6 Wits End. Raise your level to 18. 

This should definitely get you up to 2.5 attack speed.

Now only one opponent is missing, so place an enemy training dummy and start SpaceSharp using F6!

Afterwards, walk outside the fountain and press F7 to calibrate the range.

Now all you have to do is press the spacebar and you kite like a god!

Tips and tricks:

Since we are fully external, calibrating is our way of calculating your attack range.

Calibrating makes using SpaceSharp possible on every resolution, every gamemode and every camera position.

The best position to calibrate is between the first 2 towers on lane.

If the circle is far off, try setting scaling in Windows display settings to 100%.

8. Test the Custom User Scripts (Not in trial)

Choose your Scripts. For testing, please start the practice tool with Cassiopeia and select the following scripts and click “LOAD”:

1. Advanced_BOTRK.sss

2. Cassio_Auto_E_Advanced.sss


Now, make sure that abilities are bound to QWER and have quick-cast enabled.

As you already did before, increase your gold in League of Legends and buy 5 Wits End and 1 BOTRK. Raise your level to 18 and level up all spells.

Walk outside the fountain and press F7 to calibrate the range.

Afterwards, place a dummy.

Now all you have to do is press the spacebar and SpaceSharp will cast Cassiopeias Spells and use BOTRK for you.


Tips and tricks:

Userscripts are made and maintaned by users. We do not support nor update any scripts. 

If you have suggestions for a specific script, kindly ask the creator to improve it

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