DevilScript Tutorial

How to install our League of Legends Script

1. Install the required runtimes

Download and install first Visual C++. *click here*

Download .Net 4.8 Runtime. *click here*

2. Download and unzip Devilscript

Please download DevilScript from here

Start the exe and extract it to desktop like in the Screenshot below:

DevilScript - Unzip

From here on if you follow the instructions from the tool everything should work, actually plug & play.

For the sake of completeness, I explain the complete path below.

3. Start league of legends

Start League of Legends, but stay in the lobby and don’t start a game yet!

Like in the Screenshot below:

League of Legends Lobby

4. Start devilscript

Go to the folder you unzipped before. And execute the Start.bat contained in it.

As in the screenshot below:

5. Enter your license

Insert your trial or purchased license and press “Check License”.

After that, everything is prepared for you. Images are downloaded, the software updates itself, etc.

(A trial license you get for 5€ from here)

6. setup the startup of devilscript

When you start the software you have to choose your Elo. (Required)

Decide if you want to participate in the data collection for our artificial intelligence.

As in the screenshot below:

DevilScript - AI Accept

7. Automated Hotkey setup (Recommended)

We set the hotkeys automatically. This always works normally.

Make sure you are not ingame and the lol lobby is open.

Then confirm the dialog with OK. As in the screenshot below.
(If you don’t find the dialog just have a look in the taskbar)

DevilScript Auto-Settings Dialog 1

Then another dialog will appear, you have to confirm it with OK as well. As in the screenshot below.

8. (Skipable) Manual Hotkey (Not needed mostly!!!)

You can skip this normally, because the hotkeys are set automatically by us!

Press ESC ingame so that the LoL settings window appears.

Now set the following things:

  • Under Video -> Window Mode -> Borderless
  • Under Game -> Attack move on Cursor -> ON
  • Under Game -> Treat ‘Target Champions Only’ as a toggle -> OFF
  • Under Hotkeys -> Player Movement -> Player Move Click -> Set 2 -> F5
  • Under Hotkeys -> Player Movement -> Player Attack Move Click -> Set 2 -> F6
  • Under Hotkeys -> Menus -> Show Advanced Player Stats -> Set 1 -> C

Here some pictures:

League of Legends Borderless Setting
League of Legends Show Advanced Player Stats
League of Legends Attack Move on Cursor
League of Legends Player Attack Move Click Setting

9. Start a game and happy scripting 🙂

Done, this window will be displayed:

Now you can start a game (practice game)

It’s best to choose an ADC like KogMaw, Twitch, Jinx, Ashe, KaiSa.

First of all, it is recommended to take the rune Lethal Tempo with you.

DevilScript Settings GUI
Wait a second 🎁
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