Top 9 Most Popular League of Legends Champions

The League of Legends literally shines with various heroes with their characteristics, appearance, lore, and mechanics. From 2009 to the present day, the number of characters is 163, including the recently released Briar. Despite such diversity, all heroes should be equal to some extent. But there are 10 characters whose popularity stands above others.

1. Kai’Sa

The list opens with the beautiful Kai’Sa, with its tragic and, at the same time, harsh lore part. No less tough, the hero is the most popular among all ranks, including the pro stage. During competitive events between professional teams, when Kai’Sa appears at its peak, lol betting gains momentum. Some are sure that the hero is incomparable, while others are sure that this is FF 15. In any case, Kai’Sa is the most popular for its multifunctionality and variety.

2. Ezreal

Another universal and no less variable hero. Unlike Kai’Sa, Ezreal is the most stable hero for matchmaking. The meta has changed hundreds of times, new patches have been released, and heroes have become popular or faded from patch to patch, but all this does not concern the Ezreal boy. Although this hero is quite complex in macro and micro terms, Riot appreciated his popularity, releasing the most skins for him.

3. Briar

Briar was released just a couple of days ago, and, like any other newly released character, it is taking the lead in popularity. Visually, the character turned out much better than Naafiri, so she received a boost for picks and bans. Briar’s win rate is not quite what was expected from an anime berserker girl, but still, the hero is new, which means players won’t forget about her.

4. Lux

No list of characters is probably complete without the League of Legends fashion queen. Lux is one of the first free characters (previously), and many appreciated her simple gameplay and damage. As a result, along with Ezreal, Lux owns the largest number of skins, so Riot receives a good boost in profits.

5. Yasuo and Yone

The Yasuo and Yone have repeatedly been the target of memes, disputes about balance and lore. In short, Yone as a hero should not have existed, and his presence would only be as an alter-ego (reflection) of Yasuo. But something went wrong. Gamers like the samurai theme and characters with katanas so much that at some point, Yasuo shone brighter than Lux’s ultimate in a skin for 1800 RP. So Yone’s release was destined by fate, as was their popularity.

6. Viego

Viego is not just an emo guy but also the first pick in most LoL tournaments some time ago. The hero was also popular in the first days of release. His story was sad, and the gameplay was one of the most driving, which added even more pace to the ranked and pro-scene. At the World Championship 2022, Viego was in the top 5 in picks, behind only the more aggressive Sujuani, 2000 years game design Aphelios and the pro-game designed Azir.

7. Zed

Definitely the best assassin in Season 12. Item reworks have strengthened Shadow Master Zed and a nerf to the tank meta. He is a thunderstorm at low ranks, rarely getting out of bans, and the easiest tool for getting LP at higher ranks. Sometimes, he comes out as a jungler, but like Talon, the mid-lane suits him much better. The appearance of a character is also an essential element of his popularity. Even without skins, the character model is very high quality, unlike another ninja named Lee Sin.

8. Miss Fortune

No ADC has been as variable in builds as Miss Fortune. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the AP Miss Fortune meta has passed, and now the pirate queen can be both an assassin and a stable ADC. The update to her lethality items greatly boosted her already intense burst and damage, and the hero himself is easy to learn. Of course, the popularity was also influenced by the large number of skins and the professional work of the voice actor.

9. Jinx

Last but not least, the main face of League of Legends since its launch. Crazy Jinx is crazy both in the game and in the masterpiece Arcane. Although Aurelion Sol is the creator of the League of Legends universe, Jinx is the gold mine that produces a new audience for the game. Many newcomers received exactly what they saw in Arcane from Jinx: fast, frantic and explosive gameplay, scaling and the main threat to opponents.

Now, Jinx is inferior in popularity, and somewhere on the same level as Aphelios, they close the list of popular ADCs. But it’s impossible to miss that this hero appeals to Riot.


There are a lot of heroes in the league, and while some, like Sinjed and Skarner, are awaiting their reworks and buffs, characters like Kai’Sa, Lux and Ezreal regularly deserve the attention of developers. As a result, they are always at the top. Whether this is good or bad is difficult to say. There will always be heroes who have already survived their meta, and there will always be those who create it.


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